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One Way To Survive

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Can a 'reader' survive the apocalpyse? Is it even considered 'apocalpyse' at this rate?

Action / Mystery
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Before Every

"Oneday, I will be a hero."

That was my response whenever my mother asked me what I wanted to be, and the little tongue of my younger self version would repeat these foolish words.

Stupid 'Hero' me.

Who should I be one for?

Personally, I require it.

I literally need someone to save me from

this terrible world.

"I had no idea you liked doing the same thing twice." A gentle voice that was sharp enough to jolt me out of my reverie.

My coworker in this department, Leona, was standing in front of me, complaining about

how I should be working harder on the files she had placed on my desk.

"You know, being here isn't easy, nor is

staying in this line of work."

She took a seat in front of me and began

giving me advice that I hadn't asked for.

I'm not sure where I should put it to make it more understandable; I hate it but still love


Of course, there is a reason.

I despise being lectured at the end of my

workday...like who wouldn't?

In another way, I like it oddly because she is the one giving the 'lecture' by 'care' meaning, even if

that isn't the reason.

To put it simply.

'Leona is the woman any man would want,

including me.'

She is beautiful, intelligent, and the daughter of a wealthy family.

She got everything.

Wealth, beauty, and wit.

I'm not sure why someone like her would

work here of all places, despite the fact that

she can attract the richest men.

"Ellie, are you here?"

I was again lost in my thoughts in seconds. She gave me a sigh before giving up on me and walking away with these words "You sure are exhausted enough to fall into your thoughts while I'm being thoughtfully advicing you".

"I didn't ask for it anyway," I grumbled as I

took the files and packed my belongings to


She can also be annoying . Forgot to add this line.

I doubt she heard me but that's okay.

I usually ride the subway metro to work and back; it's also more affordable than taking a taxi.

Wondering now, as I was carrying more work papers home, 'Can't I relax in my own house?'

The answer was obvious, and it was in my


I took a seat and began scrolling through my phone notifications.

I'm not expecting anyone to message me, as if there is anyone.

But I was a big fan of fiction stories.

Perhaps that was my comfort zone.

I dimmed my screen light and resumed

reading my novel.

"Just Stay Alive" was the title I clicked on.

Chapter 2023.

Yes, you read that correctly: 2023 chapters.

There are more than 2000 parts, and I'm in

chapter one just like this year.

Anyway, I clicked on it only to be interrupted by someone asking, "Is the spot next to you occupied?"

My gaze was drawn upward to the only

person I could see at work.


I stupidly just said her name, and it appears

that I forgot to answer something.

"The seat?" she asked, with a slight smile on her face.

"Uh, No..not at all!"

Silly me, she was waiting for the response. I backed up a bit to give her some room, and she thanked me.

It was odd and the first time I had ever seen her ride the subway.

What happened to her car? She usually use it..

"Ellie, I kind of noticed you reading. Are you

fond of it?" She asked while tucking a few

hairs behind her ear.

I returned the smile and said, "Eh..yes, sorta," flipping my phone over the bag I was holding in my lap.

"Cool! what do you read?" Was she enjoying the conservation because she instantly

blushed pink all over her cheeks?

"What specifically interests you, if you don't mind my asking? science-based or

mythological? perhaps tales from fiction? ...."

I realized what I had been thinking at the time: she was now genuinely interested in the subject.

Simply put, happy.

"Leona! Slow down, I'm not going anywhere until this metro reaches the next station " I

raised my hands to calm her down.

I'd never seen this side of her before.

"oh,yes.. I did overreact, but finding

someone who likes reading is much more difficult "

She spoke while averting her eyes.

-"Yeah,you're definitely right plus the new generation find this kind of hobby boring and nerdy".

"Same point, it's crazy how this generation believes that books are pointless to own and to benefit from."With a small grin on her face, she

shrugged her shoulders.

The atmosphere between us seems to have improved.

"You haven't told me what kinds of books

you like yet?" She was clearly into it.


"umm...not it's a popular one, but I'm..." I can't tell her I'm reading a full fiction story

with over 2000 chapters that is nothing but


"What?" she questioned as I tried to think of a way to get away from her.

The best method to push away a particular topic is to bring up another one.

"Ellie?" She called me once more, but this time I had to avoid the serious question of "Why do you always call me by this nickname?." I had the chance to pose this question specifically.

She was caught off guard and uttered, "ah..it's because.." with a surprised look on her face.

"I mean, my name is neither difficult to recall nor too long to spell.I'd been thinking about it for a while." Was she purposely averting my eye contact now? I didn't intend it, but I believe I have a good for nothing talent in my social skills.

"If it's uncomfortable, I'll stop it," she said as her eyes fell to the floor.

She didn't sum anything up as she took her phone out to check it.

Wow, I really irritated her. I should have been honored for striking up a conservation with me and attempting to be close, but watch what I did...

I breathed out heavily; I really do lack social skills.

My phone just vibrated in my hand but I weren't expecting anyone, so it was strange to discover this comment in the last chapter uploaded.

[This tale is coming to an end in three months; special thanks for your ongoing support throughout the story]

__from: NTW_001

I rubbed my eyes as I read the note; it was from the author himself!

I was delighted! Why was I this way? I'm not sure, it's not like he addressed me, but I've been the last viewer for months, so it must be for me.

Furthermore, I'll finish this tale.

"Did you really forget you suggested this?" It was then that I realized Leona was shattering the ice I'd created between us.

"I did?"Like when?" But I don't recall when I suggested it.

Leona looked up at me, her hands clenched over her phone, "when I had the stalker problem at work two years ago, I asked you to pretend to be my boyfriend for days to shove him away without trouble, you accepted and moreover..."

She took a deep breath, as if the recollection was bothering her, as if she had problems even though she never showed it.

She took a deep breath, as if the recollection was bothering her, as if she had problems even though she never showed it.

"Moreover, you suggest me the nicknames things to look more like we were into each other," she concluded, a slight blush covering her cheeks.

I accomplished that?...why can't I remember? I mean, it seems like a big deal, but I can't recall...

"Since that time, I used the nickname and you didn't seem bothered,never brought this topic again, I think I crossed my line with you in this matter".

I felt worse about myself.

"But I don't really recall such a crucial detail—not that I'm accusing you of lying or anything" She is definitely not lying; she was never that person, but how?

I can feel the heat on my cheeks...

"You don't?..I thought you never brought this up because you were..generously respecting my situation maybe?" She had no idea I didn't recall...

Cool..I made the atmosphere so awful that she mistook me for an alzahmier patient.

"Did you hit your brain or something?"Perhaps the alzahmier signs are cracking up?"...She did, in fact, read my mind.

The metro began to slow down, but we hadn't yet to reach the next stop.

I frowned as I heard the following remark over the speaker: "We apologize for our unexpected stop by, but we are experiencing some mechanical issues here."

'Yeah, such a day must end horribly'.

"Is that normal?" Leona asked me , but I shook my head in disapproval.

People start making a greater disturbance and mess.

That's when we felt another disturbance beneath us... an earthquake?

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