Crow Feathers

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Not all things are what they seem to be. Lies, Deception, Corruption, and murder have been polluting the streets of New York. Crime after crime, the entire state is growing more and more dangerous by the second with innocent people being caught in the middle. The only hope for New York City is in the hands of one civilian who has enough with the pollution, chaos, and corruption growing in New York. And that individual has all but one name... Crow

Action / Thriller
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Everything is so dark inside here, when i awoke from my rest i get up from the ground and look around the area of darkness in the building i am at and i see nothing. In about three seconds later i look at my left side and i see something laying there near me and has a red thick liquid on the same yellow shirt as my yellow jacket.

I instantly get up from the ground and sees more people dead with blood all over them and the walls, i found an AK-47 on the ground and i quickly picked it up, my hands we're shaking fast, i was having a hard time breathing, despite my fear...and weak my legs i began to move slow. Every turn i see and every corner i turn to is piles of dead bodies riddled with bullet holes, blood is sprayed all over the floor, the walls, Jesus Christ it's everywhere around the building.

I go around the stairwell pointing the AK-47 at the stairwell to make sure no one is there, oh how my stupid ass is wrong, two bodies are shown at the stairs with blood all over the stairs, this shit is starting to look like something out of the godfather...Yeah this shit is that bad, i wish i could say i walked upstairs with bravery but hell nah, but can't you blame me...i mean look at this shit!

With the bodies and blood being more active with each each steeps i take i reached towards the 22nd floor. When i got up and still pointing out the AK-47 after three seconds of looking around me i took a couple of steps and heard some noises coming from behind me, i quickly jumped and shot some bullets behind me...not smart i get it! But don't blame me man i'm scared as a motherfucker! I finally stopped shooting the goddamn gun and managed to take a few breaths and noticed that there was nothing there.

But shit i'm not gonna risk it, i kept my goddamn gun in point as i kept walking down the hallway, the creaking noise was back and it was coming from in front of me, my heart was pumping like crazy i was beginning to hyperventilate and something came out of a room in the near end of the hallway i am at, with fear in my mind i didn't think of anything but just shooting at whoever's at the hallway corridor as i was screaming. The AK was then out of bullets as i emptied out the clip, i looked walked to whoever i shot and looked down and he turned out to be one of the guys i know with the same yellow jacket as me.

'Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!' i keep thinking in my mind, i was losing my cool i was breathing really, really hard as i was trying to calm myself down which to be honest, is not working!

Then i'm hearing footsteps coming from behind me again...I quickly looked behind me and point the gun out, The gun along my with my arm was swung wide and a hand that feels like leather and rough was at my throat choking me so hard i was running out of breath, i was lifted in the air, and was slammed down the ground back first. A rough boot was pushed down my chest leaving down at the ground.

I pointed the AK at whoever this motherfucker is and started shooting at him with it, realizing it was shooting blanks from inside it this motherfucker here grabbed the AK from his right hand and threw it away from him, my heart was pumping and sweat was running down my face in a faster rate, this masked motherfucker pinning me down pulled something out a piece out of his Jacket and pointed at my face.

'Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die! I'm fucking die!' Those thoughts kept ringing in my head as the piece was still at my eyesight causing me to breath hard as my heart feels like it's about to leave out of my chest.

"N-n, w-wait no! W-wai--"

The last thing i heard from my ears was a single gunshot sound...

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