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The Gift/The Curse

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“Duck down boy!” I hear my infantry commander call out. With no fear of death, I proceed and stand to my feet and run across the blazing bullet ridden battlefield towards the opponent.

Action / Adventure
R.W. Wells
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“Why doth life torment me so by dangling that which I cannot have in front of me and depriving me of that which I long for? With each time she is reborn to me, I am inspired to live and embrace the thing which I have denied as being anything other than a curse. When her life ceases to be, I am forced to relive the pain of losing her and the agony of not being able to taste that which I can bring to others, death. Love is the tool for which I am bound to this existence, the love for her that is unquenchable and unfulfilled. Do I dare to believe that God Himself has damned me to live among those that cannot embrace that gift they have, to live and love? A brief life with her is better than an eternity without her by my side. Some think me a monster, some think of me as their deliverer or their savior. I have no purpose other than to be with her, no matter how long it takes and who I must battle to have her. Eternity is empty without the one you love in it.” - Marcusio

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