The Adventure of Fred: A Horse fly tale

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A Story of a frog going out of his way after he finds out that the horse fly he raises is gifted from the flower he dealt with back in the day. And so Newt, Fred and friends try to escape the bad bugs Fred the horse fly, Newt the frog, Clock the cockroach, Steven the snail, Flynn the flea, DJ the worm and Chase the praying mantis go out LA to make sure they have a voice to.

Zach Unferth
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April 12th of 2015, 8:45PM: Newt the small one inch and a ½, yellow frog who has black spots, who gets back from a fight with a lizard a little bit bigger than him, and is tired from the night of violence and seeing friends go down. Walks slowly under the fence that separate the two back yards and he has a limp from fighting a creature he put down. Newt sees Bethany a horse fly who is really injured by scratches and bite marks from the same lizard. Newt slides down to her side and holds her arm up looking at the blood and orange coming out of her. Newt is crying and sees that she’ll die before morning and that he is all alone without his loved one and some of his friends

Newt: Bethany stay with me, you’re too young. . . Please.

Bethany: I need you to be strong, raise my children make them who they are meant to do.

Newt: I don’t know if I can raise kids.

Bethany: Don’t coward out, you can.

(Newt looks for the maggots and only fines one laying in the dirt, wiggling and it makes baby noises)

Newt: Their only one here Bethany.

Bethany: Oh, well raise him and make sure he makes a difference, show me that you can raise my little maggot into a star through my eyes.

Newt: I’ll be his bigger brother, his father figure his best friend.

Bethany: That’s nice, don’t get weird I am coughing up blood I don’t want to die right away.

Newt: Okay, but what about a name, he needs a name!!

Bethany: I actually have to think about this?

Newt: Well, you kind of do or I’ll name him.

Bethany: Oh, Oh I know what about Fred, just like his half Mexican brother Federico.

Newt: Seriously, you really want that route?

Bethany: It’s my child my choice, and its Fred, Fred Freesin, even though his father isn’t the best role model who became more machine than a father, I kind resist and not use his last name. (cries)

(Newt puts Fred down on the ground and he picks up Bethany’s head plus her flowing hair and has his hand on her shirt and jacket feeling the blood go through his fingers)

Newt: Their, their it will be okay, it will be all okay, I can raise him to be who he wants to be, let him become the horse fly you where, strong, fun, a friend, a smart. . . (Bethany slowly slips away and tries to speak)

Newt: No, stay with me, I really need you right now, everyone left. (sniffles)

Bethany: Don’t let him be afraid, let him know what’s right, tell him I love. . . (Bethany dies in Newt’s arms and Newt cries and then he puts her down and looks around and then looks at Steve Twet’s house for a little bit, then around him and he can’t not wonder why him.)

(Newt picks up Fred and brings it to Bugville a place that has boulders, a lot of grass, a man made water fall, brushes, dirt, a tree and it runs along the fence in the back of Steve Twet’s backyard.)

(Newt looks at his personal friends including Clock the cockroach and Steven the snail, and he closes his eyes and he doesn’t know what to do about the mess they brought to Bugville)

(Newt looks at Fred playing and he then realizes, he isn’t that bad, the days go by and Newt sees him acting different and always walking, Newt doesn’t see at first but Fred has the same thing like Bethany and has the trade off ability factor)

(age 7 Fred, who sees Newt walk away to go sit on the deck and look into the distance, Fred goes to his boulder and has a pebble and he looks around and doesn’t see what is wrong with him)

(Fred aggressively looks at the pebble and looks at the pool): What is wrong with me!!

(Fred looks with grunting his teeth and throwing his pebble and almost hitting Newt in the back)

(Awakening from the pebble hitting the pool water) Newt: What is wrong with you, that is to dangerous, I could of slipped Fred!! GOD!!

(Fred walks away and throws another pebble he picks up over his head and he is depress): I hate this, what is wrong with me. . . I am so confused.

(6 days old) Freda who walks out of her log near the tree and gets nailed by the pebble in her forehead, she flips out and she runs to where she sees Fred on the boulder)

(Fred looks and sees Freda in her pink pretty skirt, purple tank top, her pretty angry face and her brown flowing hair. He tries to hold back the spit dripping out of his mouth and he looks for a comb and combs his little hair)

Freda (is angry): You crazy?

Fred: No, I am pretty sure your crazy cute of some stuff I want to know where you get it at.

Freda (with sass): I am not joking around!! Why did you throw stuff where ever you please?!!

Fred: I am dealing with inner problems, so don’t yell at me for my problems!!

Freda ( with attitude): I have a problem with my bruised eye, now answer my question?!!

Fred: Well let’s just talk normally and talk slowly and not like where mean and girls.

Freda (with sass): I am a girl, don’t act like a small one!!

Fred (who backs up and has hands up): I just want to say hi I am Fred nice to meet you, um I am sorry I guess for personal issues, and sorry for your face I hope it looks okay after a few days of stress free no yelling and hanging out like normal bugs.

Freda: Oh, you actually admitted to say sorry, you’re not so bad, you want to take a walk Fred?

Fred: Sure, but who are you?

Freda: Freda, with a ah not duh, you want to go left or right?

Fred: Um okay, let’s go where ever you want to go.

(Freda pulls Fred’s hand and then his jacket that is gray and she looks at his red shirt and his brown pants and shoes and she smiles and talks and they go to downtown Bugville and there are crowd of bugs going to other places just like New York. Freda is talking and smiling and Fred is zoned out looking at her like she is an expensive car and he is wide eyed and he bites his lip. (14 days old) Bob the beetle’s friends who are beetles see the two and they know Bob likes Freda. Bob is warned and he goes)

Bob (walking towards them): So you have the nerve to hang with her, you better just be friends?!!

Logan the older brother of Bob: the horse fly is totally a thing with her, look at him holding her hand.

Freda: Leave me alone, he is my new friend and he’ll hurt you really good!!

(the 5 beetles following Logan and Bob laugh, then they laugh and the crowd looks and Fred is frowning and he is thinking “I can’t do a thing to help her” He stands in front of Freda and he tries to act tall but he is shorter than all the beetles)

Fred: let you and me do something to have her hand, and it can’t be something with fist or kicking.

Freda: Like I am going to agree to this, Fred I don’t want the bet.

(Bob laughs and smiles and he looks at his beetle friends and then back at Fred)

Bob: What do you have in mind Fred? Dancing, running I am not in shape but I can do that if you want to.

(Logan laughs and then the crowd looks and then go back to walking to their destinations)

Fred: Um, ah, agh, I think we should do something off a boulder like doing tricks off the boulder, and whoever wins gets to talk to her and be hers.

Bob: I agree, can’t wait to see you splash in the water.

(the beetles shake their heads and laugh, Fred shakes his hand and puts it out for Bob, he puts it out and they shake hands and Freda is nervous and Fred smiles)

(They walk towards the boulder and Fred looks down and sees the blue water)

(Bob looks at Freda standing by a crowd who wanted to watch, Fred see Bob come by him and smiles when he puts his arm around him)

Bob: So you’re going to do this or not, little bud?

Fred: I really think you should get off me before I make you eat my flips.

Bob: Oh, so you think really think I’m going to fail, it’s okay to back off from this challenge.

(Bob is pushed way from Freda who comes out of the crowd that gets closer to the boulder and she ks upset with Bob)

(Fred walks towards the top of the boulder, looks to the distance of the pool and passed it to the house and he closes his eyes, and has a day dream of him and Freda walking away from all this. He opens his eyes and looks back at Freda and smiles and closes his eyes again)

Bob: Any time now bud, we want to see you do the impossible.

Freda: Leave him alone, he isn’t ready. . . can you see that!!

Bob: I can see him not seeing the boulder when he rides it down, face first.

(Fred turns to look at bob and Freda and then goes back to looking out to the distance, he breaths and he shakes off the nerves and coughs and spits, he flicks his wings but they don’t move as much as he thought. He looks at the pool once more then he jumps and he sees that it’s too late to catch himself when his shoe lace is untied and he trips up and falls down and barrel rolls down the boulder then flops right and left and his left wing cracks. He pops into the thin air and he flops with his arms and legs going like a flappy bird. He screams and Bob laughs and then the crowd gasps. Fred goes head first into the water of the pool and he struggles to get himself up correctly to float and he is stinking once more)

(Fred shouts Newt, and she runs away from the beetles and Bob is on the floor dying of laughter. Newt who is sleeping on a rock becomes wide awake and looks at Freda coming his way. He flops off the rock and looks forward at Freda and realizes Fred is in trouble. He flops with his legs that where sleepy, and he runs like a chicken with no head and he knocks some of the crowds bugs and he breast strokes kicks into the air off the boulder and dives in with arms in streamline and he hits the water and breast strokes through the water looking for floppy Fred. He finds him getting pulled in by the gutter and he swims through the bubbles and grabs Fred’s chest with one arm and pulls him to the surface. And he climbs out and he gets to the deck)

(Newt works his way up and gets to his feet, he looks around at Freda who is embarrass for Fred and Bob smiles. Freda has a ugh look on herself and walks away from him but the beetles follow her but she runs and Bob calls it off. He goes off the boulder for no reason because he already knew he won, and does flips and flies almost higher than the tree drops off an flies in circles backwards and then runs down and does a landing barrel roll on the boulder and spits at the ground and walks off with the crowd cheering. Bob walks away and laughs when seeing Fred struggle to cough up the water)

(Newt shakes off the water and helps up Fred and looks around with closed fist) Newt: How can you fat turd look down on a helpless maggot like that? Do you have any respect at all?

(Bob looks back and peace outs Newt and walks away with his beetle brothers)

(Fred looks up sad and disbelieved of Newt’s words and he cries and runs off into the long grass)

Newt: Fred, I didn’t mean that I am still trying to figure out my emotions from all of this, don’t run away! (waving of his arms in frustration) Fred it’s personal please understand!!

(Fred turns around and he sniffs and he wipes off his face where it is drippy and disgusting. He grunts and throws a pebble with the worst athleticism and misses Newt by a long shot then tries again and again and then hits a bystander then runs away)

Fred: You better figure it out then!!

Newt: Stop be so loud its really. . . um immature okay Fred. . . so stop it and come back so we can check out that wing of yours.

(Newt watches Fred walk away and he looks around and waves his arms around in frustration)

(Newt walks away into the grass and looks for Fred and he blows out air then sucks in dirt in the air and he kind of chokes and he waves his hands with flicks of his wrist and then he kicks the grass in frustration. Then he looks around where he hears a voice singing You had a bad day, He bats down the grass when running through the grass and looks to see Fred singing on a rock and Newt has a flash back of Bethany and the flower peddle and he comes back to now and he smiles)

Newt talks to himself with his hands and walking around: Fred can sing then that means a chance to leave this awful place and escape this lie of laws and rules and be free like We Once was!!

Fred: I can see you and hear you whisper like a rock hitting a puddle, your loud and you have noticeable spots.

Newt: So even though, you can sing like Fergie on her good days you can hear me out on this, I wasn’t expecting you to hear me.

Fred: Why are you looking at me like your expecting me to agree with you? I won’t agree to anything or even ever talk to you ever again!!

Newt: I know I was a jerk on steroids, but I need you to try to listen to me, I have a theory why you sing like angel with a bottle of Beyonce, your gifted and you need to listen! We can escape this place and you’re the idea that can help me help you help everyone.

Fred: Why are you trying to get me to listen flops?

Newt walks over to Fred explaining with his arms waving: I gave you the image of you Fred, your amazing, outstanding, shutting of the doors good, please hear me out!!

Fred: I am not interested in nice comments of my awesome angel voice.

Newt: I know, I know, I know just please stop acting up and listen!! I want us to leave Bugville just as much as you, I want us to assemble a group and leave!! Is that to much to ask, you have to like that right? I know you hate me in all, but look I promised your mother you’ll live as much as you should of than what your forced too.

Fred: You’re trying to butter me up or something? And I think you think I am not happy. I really hear nonsense from you.

Newt: I am not going to make it easy Fred, you have to leave this place stop acting like you don’t care. I want you to realize that I am trying to get you to realize your singing is good enough to get us out of here, do you want that? Do you want to be famous?

Fred: So you want me to get this from all of your mumbling, that I should come with you to go on a adventure of me, get away from Bugville, sing a lot and be famous for it and do something with that right?

(Newt scratches his head then looks confused then looks into the distance for another idea of his about Fred becoming famous, then he sees the house)

Newt: We can get you to get a little human help then, Fred!! You can get Steve Twet to take you to, wait for it Hollywood its perfect for you, what do you think?

Fred: What are you saying? You want me to break many rules so I can be selfish enough to go on something impossible and so stupid and so suicidal, why do you want me to kill myself?

Newt: Yes I want you to go on a crazy stupid adventure and break many made up rules but I don’t want you to kill yourself, I want you to see the bright side of becoming the first bug to do a dream come true.

(Fred thinks and gets up and looks at the house and through the living room rectangular glass, he walks away from Newt and gets back to his boulder and sees Steve for a glimpse in the living rom upset and looking out the living room glass. He sees that he is depressed and needs something to get his self back, then Fred realizes he could live without making it up with Freda or a normal life of a horse fly that is 180 days to a month. Then he sees who Newt was talking about a group and sees Steven, Clock, DJ and Flynn helping him achieve this impossible adventure of him):

(Newt runs to Fred and stumbles and flops on his back and he hits the ground and gets back up and looks at Fred’s back he realizes Fred is going to do his crazy idea)

Newt: Fred so what are you thinking?

Fred: let’s do this Newt, and when we make it, I’ll forgive you when you fix your mistakes.

Newt: I am so happy right now, I feel like I made a bad scene becoming a sunny side of a mountain, you won’t regret this Fred, I am going to make you forget all of your hate for what happen to you and become happy again.

Fred: Stop talking and go get Clock and the others, and we need to have a place to hide and talk about how we’ll work our way to getting to the house of Mr.Twet.

Newt: we can figure it out later, but first lets go get the other bugs.

Fred: You mean you right I am going to go to bed and rest from all this craziness.

(Fred goes to his home where is grass and rocks surrounding it and he goes to sleep thinking he still doesn’t know his flying mystery and why Freda was sad and so emotional. He thinks back to when he was three when he was running away from a spider and he was trying to fly but it wasn’t working and then realize Newt mention a flower once or twice but then he shakes his head and goes to sleep. Newt runs through Landon Molin a beetle who teaches survival skills and athleticism skills, like pebble throwing correctly, weapon works, camping skills, food and finding it, and not joking with the things hunting you. He dodges the pebbles from dodge pebble game and he Odell Beckdams a pebble but forward and chucks it at a fat junbug and he does it twice with the same pebble. He slides pass Clock who stands away from the field of the game and gets Clock’s attention and gets him to follow him to the grass forest so they can talk. Steven follows and he moves his neck to get from the pebbles)

(Newt pulls Clock and Steven’s eye antenna and gets them away from the field of the game and he catches his breath and he tries to talk but is tired)

Steven The snail: Are you struggling with your thirst do you need water there are some not that far from here.

Clock The cockroach: Don’t drink the water Steven just to mention, it’s the pool and that has chemicals that can hurt you sooner or later.

Newt: Stop I have something. . . to say, I am tired in all, but off the point lets focus on this, Fred agreed to sing for a chance to become famous and he will go to Steve’s house and try to get him to take him to Hollywood.

Steven The snail: Oh, oh really! Why did he agree to that that sounds like work and he is handicap.

Clock The cockroach: So rude, why would you pick on the little guy he can’t help what happened before and will not be mentioned to him until he is much order, and handicap is mean I say soft filled is correctly better.

Newt: Hey!! Fred wants to do it are you guys excited we can get out of here for good!! Can you please stop being random Steven and Clock, stop being such’a prick and leave it alone we need to focus on Fred and becoming a group again on an Adventure of Fred.

(Steven and Clock shut up and they agree to do Newt’s idea of the ride with Fred to escape Bugville and go to Steve’s house, try to talk to him, try to go to Hollywood, try to change the rules, try to get answers and make Fred so famous, it points out reasons to humans to make better decisions to see the little things and make a difference)

(Steven mentions to Newt to mention it to Newt, so he does in fact invite them along for no reason but for entertainment, and Clock figures out the facts and math to how it might work. Newt has the group to come to Fred’s sleeping place and to disgust where they’ll talk in peace. They find out a place that is a nacho cup flipped over towards dirt and they think it’s a better place than talking out in public for all eyes to see.)

(5 days of planning out) class with Mrs. Soup in her soup can for literature and story time:

(Fred was talking to the class of bugs about his experience of falling off the boulder and feeling pain from all of it. Mrs. Soup hates Fred for his storytelling and seats him down)

Fred who rolls his eyes and whispers: She must have some personal issues with a butt plug, you ugly maggot.

Steven: She looks like she is stoned like a Medusa came in and stared her down.

DJ the worm: You switched that around, she is Medusa and where all stoned.

Flynn the flea: I feel petrified, right about now.

(Fred chuckles and sits on his rock chair next to Newt and Clock and then Mrs. Soup gets from her rock desk and walks to the front row. The row backs up and she breaths out)

Mrs. Soup a pointy nosed, eyes popped out, and hunched back Horse fly with teach dress with pock a dots, and a voice of a smoker kind of: Am I hysterical?

Steven: Yes, wait was I suppose to say no or lie?

Clock: Can you stop before you start.

(Class is quiet then they whisper)

Mrs. Soup: Can I talk!!

Steven: Inside voices please, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, (looks at Clock) to soon?

Mrs. Soup: Why do I try, none of you know anything you’re all going to fail and be dirt that I kick.

Fred looks concern: Was that a put down because I feel so lifted from that, ha-ha.

Mrs. Soup: You think I want to talk to you, You didn’t raise your hands so shut up before something worst comes to you than my stoning stare. (looking at Steven)

Steven: I didn’t realize her ears still toon in to everything I said.

Mrs. Soup: How old do you think I am Steven? 15, 30, 50!!

Steven: Old enough, from your wicked witch of the west mask you put on every day.

Mrs. Soup: I want you to know I am only a month old, I just aged terribly.

Steven: 2 months or more right, stop kidding yourself.

Flynn: Probably 5 months considering that she has a husband that works with the wasp, and has monthly dues on her schedule.

(Mrs. Soup loses it and tries to throw a rock table but falls and cracks her back, the class roars and Fred looks outside the can hole and sees emo looking bugs causing a scene outside and then Mrs. Soup looks and is frightened)

Mrs. Soup: Everyone can leave now, um now would be good.

(The class runs outside and watches the 3 emo dressed beetles be the crap out of another beetle, then Fred recognizes that the three are Logan, Bob and another guy)

(Fred sees that Mrs. Soup’s husband flies down and takes out the 3 emo beetles, Fred sees that it was all put together. Mrs. Soup runs to the wasp that drop down and they make sure the class gets away and so Fred and his group walk away before they get spotted. Feisty a wasp that is one of the main council leaders takes the 3 emo stuff off and throws it down. Bob and Logan laugh, feisty sniffs and slaps them)

Feisty the wasp: Can you get a grip, don’t be stupid and do this filth.

Logan: Come on we had to stop the beetle from crying, he wouldn’t stop.

Feisty the wasp: Who is the beetle?

Bob: Landon Molin, he was broken from his girlfriend of breaking up with him this morning.

Feisty the wasp: Why does despair have to ruin a class Landon?

Landon: I know you wouldn’t hit a guy on the ground would you?

(Landon smirk a laugh and then Feisty slaps him and has his fist ready for another hit)

Feisty the wasp: Be careful and nobody needs to see someone drown in the pool.

(Feisty looks around and he has his hand ready for Bob and Logan then he flicks his wings and takes off back to the wasp nest with the other wasp. Mrs. Soup makes out with her husband and Steven grunts and almost throws up. Fred looks at Logan and Bob and he walks towards his nacho cup hiding spot with his group. Landon gets up and waves his hands at Feisty and smiles and then he feels his face and then walks towards his class grounds and cries a little more)

(Fred takes out the grass and dead flowers that cover the nacho cup and he slides down in, then Newt and the others)

(Fred lights a match and sticks into the ground and he set up the table of wood and has a leaf roll out with marks of plans that draw out the backyard and the group surrounds the table)

Fred: So guys are we ready for the plans for tonight?

Steven: Tonight with you, where and what host?

Clock: This isn’t a show it is the party we are going to talk about and blind the wasp so we can sneak off.

Steven: That sounds like a boring show.

Fred: Oh my god, we went over this, spreading of the party, some bug that we know to help us out, get past king Ant, ride into the sliding window doors on the toy car that speeds up, then we find Steve Twet isn’t that hard Steven?

Steven: Yes it could be hard not reminding someone.

Clock: You’re useless, we can’t bring you along if you’re going to be like this every time.

Steven: I am just trying to get everything in slowly, that’s all.

Clock: You’re unbelievable.

Steven: Well, well um you smell like a plugged toilet full of crap.

Fred: Guys! Can we please focus, we still need all the details on who we need for the bug to trust.

Newt: Can we trust anyone?

Clock: How, (walks to the wall to look for some bright idea) they’ll be more of a downfall like Steven’s listening skills.

Steven: I don’t have ears thank you very much.

Flynn: Stupid!

DJ: Dumb cheeks

Fred: Okay that’s enough, that’s enough let’s not get carried away okay, we still have to deal with our plans.

Newt: We can’t honestly believe we’ll get someone Fred, it’s a hopeless idea to our plan.

Clock: We should just leave before we get caught Fred, I don’t want wasp coming upon us like Landon’s cry.

DJ: What do you mean? A couple of guys in a dark room isn’t bad enough, it’s kind of a gleeful plot twist.

Fred: ha-ha ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha No be serious guys, we still on a dilemma here.

Steven: Your serious we are better off running off.

Flynn: Your feetless stupid you couldn’t run even if you tried, maybe your big whole mouth you got.

Fred: Oh my god, who could we trust for the party plan, guys come on!

Newt: We should just go Fred this is a pointless meeting guys lets go before someone catches us.

Fred: We should of done that I don’t know 5 minutes ago!

Newt: Okay guys, lets dismiss ourselves before we get in trouble.

Steven: Yeah this was pointless.

Flynn: like you are.

Clock: Clearly we walked into this laziness of a meeting.

(Fred and Newt watch the four leave slowly out the meeting and they look out the main hole of the nacho cup and notice someone watching)

(Fred and Newt rush out to check it out and they go through the rocks and they see Landon hiding and crying about his late girlfriend who dumb him earlier. They follow the crying and they look down on him sobbing)

Fred: Mr. Molin?

Landon: I am not crying its sweat.

Fred: I didn’t ask.

Landon: Oh, Well I am still upbeat this morning.

Newt: It’s almost the afternoon.

Landon: So, still teared up.

Newt: Like a shower hench.

Fred: Stop being a tear jerk and leave his emotions to himself.

Newt: Fine, But you know what they say love is a dog it’s a *****. (walks towards the dodge rock field)

Fred: I almost forgot we have class with you Mr. Molin, are you going?

Landon: Maybe, I’ll think about it.

Newt: I think you should I always like drilling the dust in the face, ha-ha.

Fred: Landon, I mean Mr. Molin, let’s go, it get your mind off her.

(Landon wipes off the tears and followers Fred)

Fred: You feel better?

Landon: Maybe I’ll think about it.

(Fred looks at Landon walk into the field whistles with his fingers and directs everyone’s attention to him and Newt and the other group members are with the other bugs and he starts speaking)

Landon: This is gym class without the guy with the annoying whistle, just kidding let’s battle.

Newt: Finally, I can’t stand relationships it drags everyone down.

Steven: He isn’t still on that girl who was taken from him by. . .

(Clock hits him): We don’t disgust him he isn’t for talk Steven.

(Steven looks at Clock and then at Newt and then at Landon giving demand on where everyone is suppose to go. Fred gets an idea about who should be in their plan, he walks to Newt after the free for all dodge rock comes to play and Fred dodges and tries to get to Newt who likes this game)

Fred: Newt I have an idea!

(Newt is dodging a pebble and he gives Fred the hand to talk too and he runs away from a beetle and he runs up a rock back flips and lands on top of the beetle and throws a fist and the beetle throws the pebble and Newt grabs it and chucks it at the beetle. He then dodges five coming from all around him and he does ninja moves and he does one foot out and he bends his leg and kicks the pebble at the other beetle in the gut. Newt break dances and catches and releases the pebbles at the one who thrown it and he flips over Fred and catches a pebble and throws it at a bugs ankle and the bug flips)

Newt: That was such a scrimmage, everyone I am taking a five, Fred what do you want again?

Fred: Well, um I have a idea on who we can use for the party idea.

Newt: Who? (Newt dodges a rock thrown behind and he walks with Fred to out of bounds and Fred looks at Landon sitting on a rock away from the field and Newt laughs)

Newt: You want the teacher? Ha-Ha-Ha that is so funny I am bleeding from the inside for laughter.

Fred: Be serious who else do we have? Do you want us to just say hey we got this awesome party, oh that would go so swell with the wasp and Bob and the beetles who make fun of everyone who walks and breaths.

(Newt sits down on a rock and he looks around and stops laughing and he looks at the other group members who are getting drilled except Flynn who jumps all over everyone and whips them with a pebble before they can even try)

Newt: Are you going to explain it to him or do I?

Fred: I am not going to do it by myself, let’s go he’ll feel better if we both go.

Newt: Alright, if he cries I’ll hit him so hard he’ll flop from all his tears. (get’s up and walks towards Landon and Fred follows and they stop and see Landon with another episode)

(Landon looks at Newt and Fred approach him and He whips his tears and he looks again and gets up and tries to act serious)

Landon: What are you going to do to me? Make me feel better with something Fred? I am not in the mood for a lecture about how much this sucks.

Newt: For being dump on the spot in front of all those bugs, because that feels great I bet. (last part is sarcastic and Fred is mad and looks at Newt and then Newt stops with his smirk)

Fred: Look Landon, we have this plan for me, Newt, Clock, Steven, Flynn and DJ to ride on a leaf across the pool, run through the forest of King Ant, and ride on the car that is in the forest as well and ride it through a crack in the sliding door, find our way through the house find Steve Twet and talk to him about making me famous, what do you think? And that you make a announcement about a pool party and we disappear after that. . .

(Landon looks surprise falls over and Newt and Fred help him up and they hear him breathing hard and thinking about the whole thing)

Newt: Oh gees

Fred: Their, their just breath

Newt: That’s comforting.

Landon: That is your idea?!!! What the . . . are you thinking?!!

Fred: It’s a lot to take in but just imagine we can help everyone out when we are the voice of the bugs and we free everyone.

Newt: Mostly the idea I had, He wasn’t for it until he came his senses came to him.

Fred: So what do you think? And please don’t tell on us, we don’t want to get in trouble with the wasp.

Landon: Why would I tell, I will have to sit down and think about it.

Newt: Well can you speed the sitting and thinking we need an answer before its dark because we are doing it . . . today.

Fred: So . . . Please consider it, I really want you to be part of this.

(Landon thinks for a minute and he thinks): Well maybe you should do something for me.

Fred: Anything, we are up for the switch oh do deal right Newt (looks at him)

Newt: Yeah, totally if it doesn’t have to do with a girl sure.

(awkward look from Landon and Newt rolls his eyes and Fred looks and thinks who)

Newt: It’s a girl, a course it’s a girl, why I don’t know what’s with you bugs, so soft on the opposite sex it’s annoying.

Landon: You had someone before right Newt?

Newt: Not in conversation, let’s ah just get the name of the Chick and get her to fall for you.

Landon: It’s Brooke, she is the one who lives near the log in the hut, you seen her before right?

Fred: Sure we have, um why her?

Newt: I always thought she was the one who had an B of an itch, but that’s just me.

Landon: I want you to know she is a really cool chick, and I will express her and if you have a problem I’ll just have to get up and show you 5 plus a fist to get straight with you.

Newt: Whatever, I would flop you like no bodies business but because Fred likes you I’ll help out with getting the chick.

Fred: Thank you Newt, We’ll do it and your still on the plan of ours?

Landon: Only if I get a date with her.

Newt: This is so out of my agenda of things to do to be nice.

Fred: Let it go and let’s go talk to her.

(Fred and Newt walk from the field and to the log and they find Brooke’s hut near some grass and rocks and they knock on the hut)

Newt: It appear nobodies home, can we go Fred?

Fred: Don’t be silly we need to do this?

Newt: I don’t have to do anything but eat, sleep, poop, pee and die I really can careless for this b witch.

Fred: You’re going to talk to her.

Newt: Why me? I will ruin it and probably crack more than my knuckles.

Fred: You’re being highly un-realistic, just do it I’ll wait over by this rock and your attitude needs some work.

Newt: Kiss off I don’t need changing.

(Fred walk away where to the rock and watches Newt knock again)

Newt: Come on Brooke don’t make me wait, I have a restriction on my temper scale and it’s going to be not rainbows and sprinkles.

(Brooke opens the door and looks at the short frog and has a mad face and she steps forward and Newt looks up at her)

(Brooke is a Moth with black hair and is light gray skinned and is the definition of a coin good and pretty but stubborn and not easy)

Brooke: Look what we got here a short stubby, cold hearted, know it all smart ass, who thinks he can talk to me and show up here thinking I’ll talk back.

Newt: Good to see that there is a size for your tightness of a…

Fred: Okay that’s enough Newt what are you thinking talking to someone like that, awful just off, I am sorry Brooke my friend was going to ask you if you are interested in e of our friends.

Brooke: Who is this you tell me has a thing for me?

Newt: Should we honestly tell her she’ll break his heart.

Brooke: I only break what I don’t like spotty cheese.

Fred: Um, well he is Landon and he is a very nice, tough guy who is a beetle so you know all the good quality.

Newt: he’ll bring a waterfall.

Fred: Stop it, he isn’t like that, he is heart-warming and tough skinned, and a leader.

Newt: What about the Soup Opera he brings to the table when he cries.

Brooke: Sounds like he is weak and breakable.

Newt: I bet you’re already broken in you…

Fred: Go wait by the rock (points at the rock and Newt walks and complains)

Fred: Sorry about that, He isn’t found of you.

Brooke: I guessed that when he hit me randomly when we were on the same team in dodge rock.

Fred: What happen?

Brooke: I must have made him jealous, when it was free for all and I drilled him in his armpit.

Fred: Okay, so it’s somewhere in between the relationship you have with him in contact sports.

Brooke: It goes from class to just from when I met him; he is a tempered drama girl.

Fred: Well anyway I really need your answer, so what is it Brooke?

Brooke: Is he worth it?

Fred: If I was into guys sure, please you’ll make his day.

Brooke: Fine, I’ll do it.

Fred: Great, I will get the lucky guy.

Brooke: You couldn’t handle this.

Fred: I guess, I have my eye on someone.

Brooke: I bet she is really pretty.

Fred: Um I am going to go.

Brooke: Okay.

Fred: Newt let’s go to get Landon.

(Fred walks away awkwardly and he gets Newt and they go to Landon)

(Fred and Newt walk pass the log and they see Freda walking with her friends and Newt pulls Fred and they go to Landon)

Landon: So is she going on a date with me?

Newt: She’ll go on any date she is a hook that keeps getting them fishes.

Fred: She is at her hut go and then make the speech okay.

Newt: About what how mean she is yeah she should be known about everyone to keep away from that.

Fred: Can you stop.

Newt: I am just saying, just saying.

Landon: I am so excited, Thank you two and the party will happen just get me a few hours, I have to make this worthwhile.

(Fred and Newt walk to where Steven, Clock, DJ and Flynn waiting for them by a rock near the field)

Fred: Clock we have the guy for the plan as well.

Clock: Is he trust worthy?

Fred: Yes totally, I will get word when he gets away from his date.

Steven: Nice you got him a present.

Flynn: Is it a skinny chick or a free Willy kind?

Fred: It’s Brooke and the guy is Landon.

Steven: The gym dude, why a teacher that’s smooth we’ll get caught right away.

Clock: Fred, I thought it was going to be a good logical bug worth trusting not a bug who works for the wasp.

Fred: He is worthy, I promise, we should get ready with the leaf.

Clock: I’ll do that; we don’t need any accidents or fatal drownings.

Steven: You fixing our ride are like a baby driving.

Clock: Your humor isn’t needed Steven, We can be intelligent and not use stupid dumb joke.

Steven: You know you love my lines of fun.

Clock: I am going; DJ and Flynn take care of a stick of some sort for a paddle, and Steven don’t touch anything and look at something and don’t say anything that would sound stupid.

Steven: Your so typical “lame”! I am going to check out this fungus rock over here see you guys later.

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