Vengeance of the Lost

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'There is a thin line difference between Revenge and Vengeance "Revenge" is more spiteful, more punitive, injurious. "Vengeance" is more retribution for the sake of restoring justice.' What happens when one day you wake up and find that the nightmare you had was not just a nightmare. Well, the same happened with Alex when her life decided to take a pretty sharp turn to something she never thought of. She started questioning her whole existence. But when she gets betrayed by one she thought she loved what will happen?

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

Alex’s POV:

“Bye mom” I shouted as I got ready to leave for my school along with Kelly. Kelly is my best friend who just happens to be the daughter of my father’s secretary Mrs. Alvin (her full name is Martha Alvin). Their family is very close to ours, so we usually live together. Mrs. Alvin stood next to my mom as I waved goodbye to my family. All except for my father, since he had already left for some of his work ‘as usual’. He is a busy person, you see.

Oh did I tell you, I am the daughter of the ex-cabinet secretary Mr. Henry Moore. He is running for president this time, well he has a huge chance of winning as he is already a big businessman and also his work has been appreciated before by people as a secretary.

My mother Lena Moore is also a busy person, not as much as my father but she still stays busy most of the time. She is a well-known fashion designer. My mother had green eyes and my father brown. And so I got a mixture of both, strange right?I am pretty sure that by now you must have come to know that I am a millionaire’s daughter, but we don’t like to show off our financial status, especially me. My family can very well be described as angels in this world full of devils.

From childhood, my parents had taught me never to hurt anyone and to be good to others no matter how bad they were to you. Believe it or not, earlier they had time for me, a little less nowadays though. Although I followed what they said, but I always had a sense of rebellion, which I always buried in my heart. I never opposed my parents, as they believed in a good code of conduct. Only God knows where I got that rebellious nature from. But I loved my parents more than anything and so always adhered to this rule and believe of theirs.

I stared out the window of my car, trees swaying by as Kelly drove through the streets. Little houses and beautifully maintained gardens surrounding my view. We lived in a quite peaceful place, and though this view in front of my eyes was regular, I was always intrigued by it. The car came to a halt after some time as we had arrived school. Getting out of the car a familiar sight was seen- Students, a lot of students scurrying their way into the school.

“Hey Kelly “Jackson said appearing from nowhere and started talking to Kelly ignoring me.

“Hello? I guess I am standing here too” I said rolling my eyes giving a ‘duh’ look. I mean how can you ignore a person who is standing just in front of you.

“Oh hey, I didn’t see you there.” Jackson replied and I mentally scoffed, It was pretty obvious that he liked Kelly but that’s not how you treat your crush’s friend.

The bell rang, signaling us to reach the class, sadly my first period was calculus, and I was alone because I did not have Kelly with me! I was going to be a lost puppy in a secluded region and between other giants.

Luckily I reached class on time because you would not want to be late in Mrs. Green’s class. She is a handle-with-care-teacher. Once a student got late in her class and then talked rudely to her and guess what he got as punishment- Detention for one week and cleaning of cafeterias after school. I chose the last seat, though I was a straight ‘A’ student and liked studies I just didn’t want the attention.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Bethany, our typical school queen bee. With blonde hair, skimpy clothes and eyes piercing and shiny as a cat hunting for a little meek mouse on a dark night. I believe the girl has issues and major ones, but she is always a bitch no wonder why she has not yet found the person she can share her troubles with.

“Hey nerd, what are you doing? “She said in an obnoxiously high pitched voice. Not everyone who does not shout for attention is a nerd. Not liking her presence I said

“Trying to avoid you and your Oompa Loompas” as she took a seat next to me.

“Oh! You are just jealous” she exclaimed. Jealous? Seriously of what, her getting all the bad grades.

“Huh... If that makes you feel better than sure” I retorted and changed my seat getting rid of her luckily on time because seconds after the conversation Mrs. Green graced us with her presence.

The class was going on and on and on. The clock was ticking and so was my pen. I was staring out the window at the birds flapping their way through the air. Absorbing and observing nature had always been my thing. The class was boring and no matter how much I loved sitting here looking out the window I wanted it to get over, but it seemed as if the clock only ticked and not moved. The class finally got over and so did the school. I was excited as today Me and Kelly were going to have a sleepover with my 1-year-old brother Matthew, because as usual, my parents had to go to a meeting, and unfortunately the nanny had fallen sick so yeah it was me who had to take care of him.

″Such a disgusting sight, No, never ever. At least not until I am living.″ Kelly exclaimed when I asked her to help me clean the mess my little brother had made. Yes, this is my brother we are talking about and you might be thinking why my brother has a mention during my sleepover. Well, it all started like this...

2 hours back.

Ding Dong.

“Here she comes” I thought as I ran for the door coming face to face with an excited Kelly “Look who is beaming like a ball of sunshine, anyways, mom, dad, and Martha are gone. Matthews is over there. We have movies, shows, popcorn, pop tarts and loads of other food.” I continued as Kelly got in and propped herself on the sofa.

“American Civil War is what we are going to watch today baby” She exclaimed

“As you say, Miss. Marvel” I answered. Kelly was a huge fan of Marvel, me too, but not that much. We started watching the movie in our room alongside Matthew when our nose met a foul smell from Matthew’s direction.

“Oh come on Matthew, not now, ” I said as I saw him puking. I paused the movie and took the cleaning cloth in hand.

“Come on, help me clean this mess” I pleaded Kelly

″Such a disgusting sight, No, never ever. At least not until I am living. Come on Alex do it yourself I promise I won’t watch the movie without you. ″ She said.

“Well, if you don’t remember you were also beside me saying yes, nodding your head when my parents gave ‘us’ the responsibility to take care of my little brother here” I reminded her with my hands on my hips

“Okay, fine, I am coming, ” she said sickeningly and helped me clean the mess while my brother laughed at us. I am really waiting for him to grow up, then I could talk to him and punish him as well. Well, I love my brother very much even though he gets annoying at times. Who doesn’t?

The mess was cleaned up. My brother was now sleeping peacefully. We played the movie and gobbled down everything edible. We had watched the movie a million times, but still, we watched it again all because of Miss Marvel- Kelly. Kelly and I are best friends more like sisters since childhood. We trusted each other blindly, even though we were poles apart. Looks like opposites do attract. I was a conserved, fun girl and she was outgoing and crazy. When I always tried to hide my anger and feelings she was always ready for a fight. We also had similarities, we loved the same people and had mostly same favorites.

The climax and a song by Kelly pulled me out of my thoughts. The movie was over and it was 12:30 at night.

“I wonder why it’s taking our parents so much time to come back.” Kelly said.

“They said they would come back before 11” I replied.

“God knows, maybe they are a little busy? ”

“I think you are right, we should go sleep now”

We had not slept for long when we were again woken up by my brother who was crying. But after various attempts of making him sleep again, he finally did sleep and we too slept on the floor on top of each other. What a wonderful life!

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