Hyena: Bohemian Rhapsody

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Freed from enduring a life of slavery, only to be captured and tortured till he transforms into the most vile and disgusting anti-hero in a newly formed group of anti-heroes that everyone hates.

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Chapter 1

A ragged clothed man was shoved and fell inside a dungeon setting room as a muscular, robed, masked man walked up behind him and said angrily, “You are a frickin embarrassment!Trying to slip a note begging to escape looks bad in my business!” The man made a low laugh as he got up to his knees and turned his head to face the other man to reveal the hair on the left side of his head is black while the right is light blond over his almost narrow face and chin as he smiled and said, “I wasn’t trying to escape.I just want to see who is the most tasty rat of them all.” And he started to laugh when the man kicked him back down on the ground.The man looked frustrated and said aloud, “You should be thanking me for allowing my men to rescue you!If it wasn’t for me you would still be in cryo-sleep in your ship forever as your ship would have drifted off into the Untraveled Zone where no one will find you!” The other man started getting up and was about to speak till the other man cut him off, “And if you think Raphael that your brother Michael is going to save you, your wrong!As I said before, while you were sleeping, Lord Serenity has already taken care of him and your other brother Gabriel has been dead or turned tail back to your home without an invasion fleet to lead!So don’t even think....” Raphael finished as he smiled, “That my brother’s going to save me, I know.I was just going to ask how many asses have you kicked today as that last one was so weak.” The man cringed in anger and was about to kick him again when suddenly there was a rumbling sound and the ground shook causing dust and small pebbles to drop around them.

They both looked up perplexed, even though Raphael gave a sarcastic curious expression, when following the rumbling sound they heard (what appears to be) blaster/laser fire and muffled screaming and yells from above. The man looked down at Raphael, grabbed his arm and pulled him up and said, “We are leaving.” Just as he approached the metal door there was a loud explosion just outside and Raphael and the man fell back as more dust and small debris fell as the room shook. A female voice yelled, “Squad one left side! Squad two right! Breach troopers man up!” They heard the sound of boot falls and dull thuds as the man scrambled up to the left and behind the door, drawing out a dagger. Raphael smirked at him but the man looked back at Raphael, pointed the dagger at him and said (angrily but quietly), “Not a word or die!” There is a loud bang on the door and immediately there was a dent in it as someone began ramming the door and the man on the side immediately had his dagger to his side as he stood ready. There was another bang and the door began peeling inwards as a loud female on the other side commanded, “Again!” A female grunted behind and suddenly the metal door flew open and fell, clattering onto the stone floor to reveal a grey, metal armored soldier wearing a grayish mask grill over its face with the exception of goggles and yellow lenses over its eyes and a silver stahlhelm helmet over its head as the soldier fell on top of the fallen door with a female grunt. Suddenly more soldiers began pouring in wearing white (plastic looking) armor, with the exception of their shoulders and upper legs as they are black, over a grey body suit carrying hand-held rifle like blasters with white grills over their faces with the exception of black lensed goggles and a white stahlhelm helmet over their heads. The fallen breacher trooper yelled, “Three o’clock!” They turned only the man with the dagger screamed and drove his dagger onto the nearest soldier’s right shoulder and she yelped in pain only for that soldier to immediately draw a taser from her belt with her left hand and immediately tassed the man in the stomach, sending him crumpling onto the stone floor as his body jerked uncontrollably.

The wounded female’s soldiers came to her aide and moved her to the side while the breacher trooper got up and the other soldiers surrounded the man with their blasters trained on him till there was a sound of feet snapping to attention and the soldiers (over the tazed man) moved away while one grabbed the man by the feet and dragged him away from the door till a tall, black caped and metal armored figure stood by the doorway and entered. The lights in the room suddenly dimmed as a tall, muscular figure, wearing a black cape over its black metallic like body armor and body suit and gloves with and eagle insignia branded on its left breast metal plating. Raphael looked in awe as he looked up at the figure’s face and noticed it had what appears to be a single, black breathing hose leading and connected to its mouth and nose, with what appears to be black goggles but had solid, bright red lenses where its eyes are, and a perfectly shaped reinforced black metal helmet that surrounded its head. The large male, dark figure spoke (in a deep, mechanized, emotionless voice), “You haven’t changed a day, brother.” Silence.

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