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Lunar Eclipse

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Ruined by his brother, Taehili goes on a vendetta to find his brother and get revenge. Follow his journey to find him.

Action / Adventure
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Prologue- The family plains-wide plains outside Italy

I wake to a look out at the lands my family and tribe live in, yet when I turn around to see the opposite of what I expected. The tents we live in an covered in flames of crimson. “Aaaaahhh!” I scream in terror of what I have to see as I cannot move my arms they feel tied together then I remember something. My brother says “goodbye kidnappers” as he leaves, me on my knees with many injuries and with him and his men walking into their crazy flying tin cans.

I get up and look around for my mother and walk into my tent where me and my family lived. I walk in to find an body burned to crisp, it’s almost black but more brown the shape of a human. It’s wearing the family necklace that my mother wears with the moon symbol burned heavily, I turn, crouch and pick it up. After I’m done I finally realize the person I see,this person is none other than my mother, I begin to cry.

Minutes later I finish crying, the body looks as if the clothing was scared before burning and the head’s mouth open. My mother screamed in terror as she burned. I decide to walk into the other tents yet as I walk I feel the many injuries I have. The tent I’m head to next is the apothecaries. I grab a knife and cut myself loose, next with herbs I heal my wounds on my leg with a severe cut and the marks from rope, “I-it hurts” I mumble to myself. I get up and stumble into the tent sheet, the tent falls down and begins to cover me like a blanket I lay there and sleep. Some time later I wake to find myself surrounded by four wolves.

As I get up the wolves charge I barrel roll and kick a wolf. I get up and run for home tent and come out with a stick and swung the stick, it took out a wolf. Three wolves left, charged one after the last at me scaring me, with the stick I had I swung and took them all out. I grab more herbs and make my way to my neighbors the ninjas of Italy I don’t know their real location but west is where they are, most likely closer than most other locations.

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