Why oh "Y" Is the Cure Infectious

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Terri woke to the cool morning air on her face, sunlight trickling through the thin curtains draped over the windows. Getting up, she followed her easy morning routine: Tidy the bed, brew a pot of coffee, and see her husband James off to work. He took a cup of coffee and headed down the driveway to his car. As James left, Terri sat down on the sofa with a cup of coffee and grabbed the journal she kept from under the couch cushion, deciding it was a good time to write a new entry.

Another day, just like it is always. I’m beginning to grow tired of the same old schedule, same cleaning, and the days don’t differentiate as much….

Terri. August 14 1953

She sighed, knowing that no matter what efforts she made, it was either this or go hungry. Terri didn’t know much, so it was hard to get a job, although she did have a definite liking towards science. She liked to inquire about science, but it was hard to get a job in it. Specifically, she was interested in medical science. How the body works, reacts to things, and antibiotics that can cure disease. Her sister had also been in the same field, and Terri got most of her information from the things Alice did, as James did not want Terri to be doing this. Alice had managed to get a job in a lab and she frequently focused on curing disease, and occasionally just experimented around with genes and how they reacted to other genes.

Currently, there were many things going on inside the lab, little to Terri’s small knowledge of the world around her. Alice had not told her anything that was going on inside the world of the scientists, and honestly didn’t plan to unless she got asked directly. There was no need for someone like her poor little sister to have this knowledge, just to spread it around like a rumor in high school. Through Terri’s eyes, this kind of thing was meant to be spread around to the general public, to be known by all people, but she didn’t know that advertising this was possibly the worst thing that one could do.

As soon as people get a glimpse of what they were doing, the world would go crazy over it. What once was something that was impossible would be now obtainable by mankind, and available for all to use, just as everyone would want it to be. Genetic development could get so big that the demand would make it impossible to get, even for those who actually did need something through it. Things like this worried the few that were working in the lab with Alice.

Terri got up to call her sister. She didn’t really know why she had had this urge, but James had left, so they might as well go out for lunch for no apparent reason at the time. She grabbed a five dollar bill off the counter and shoved it into the pocket of her dress. She grabbed the receiver off the phone and spun the rotary correctly for Alice’s phone number. Her sister responded and said, “Hello Terri, Nice day, isn’t it? How are you?” a silence prevailed for a second as Terri gathered her thoughts. Maybe she might ask about the research going on within the science community. “I’m alright, but I was wondering if you would want to go to the Crystal Cafe diner with me in an hour. How about it?” “Oh! That sounds wonderful. Meet you there. That is the one that is about a five minute walk, correct?” Terri grinned as she realized that her plan would work just as planned. “Yeah!” she exclaimed, a bit too excitedly for the context of the phone call. “Okay, see you there, Ter. Bye!”

She ended the call and placed the phone back where it belongs. She could not wait to get to the cafe and have a discussion with her older sister. Terri decided to get a quick shower so she could fix her messy hair with the curlers and hair dryer. She carefully selected a blouse and skirt to wear to the diner, making sure it was comfortable enough to walk in. She walked across the house to go into the bathroom with her clothing. She hopped in the shower and managed to be out within five minutes. She threw the outfit she has previously chosen on and got out of the bathroom with her wet hair. She went to the living area of the house and grabbed her rollers off of the coffee table. She knew that she did not have much time, so instead of air drying it like the traditional way, Terri decided that it would be better to just dry them the fastest way, unnaturally. When she had finished drying her hair, she pinned her locks in place and hairsprayed them so they would stay. She put on a pair of flat shoes and grabbed the money out of the pocket of her other dress to head out the door.

Terri then carefully closed the door and started down to the diner. When she realized that she was going to be late, she started to sprint. After all, it would only be five minutes maximum, right? Turns out, she was wrong. Her skirt got snagged on a rose bush that was just a little too close to the sidewalk. She stopped and attempted to untangle herself from the little thorns that the roses had all over them. She managed to get out with only a little damage to the garment. A rose had come off of the bush, so she picked it up to bring with her. She then continued to run down the sidewalk, a bit further away from the side the plants were on.

After not too long, she managed to get to the cafe and find the spot where Alice was sitting. She sat down and sighed, and gave her sister the rose. “So, What’s your story, Ter?”, she said snickering quietly. “Gosh, Alice. Always straight to the point. Anyway, I had an encounter with some flow-” Alice cut her off there. “Oh really now? Taking ‘Stop and smell the roses’ to a whole new level now, eh?” Terri sighed, trying not to crack up at her sister’s sarcastic nature. “So can I see any of your research? I’d love to see how you’ve been doing!”, she implored to change the subject.

The waitress then realized that they were there and approached the table as quickly as she could go. “Hello, welcome to the Crystal Cafe. what can I get you ladies to drink?” They each ordered a coffee, and the waitress returned in an instant with the coffee they ordered, along with a pitcher of cream and a small dish with sugar in it. “Enjoy!” the waitress shouted, huffing slightly from the amount of times she had ran through the building.

The women both thanked the waitress, but she was gone before any words had escaped from their lips. Alice turned to her sister, and let out a lengthy sigh in slight annoyance. “Terri, I don’t just bring it with me everywhere I go, there’s just no reason to. If you actually wanted me to bring anything with me, you should have said something earlier when we were on the phone. Terri frowned. She had hoped that her sister could just know that she’d bring the papers with her, whether this was a realistic thing to wish for or not.

“I’m not sure what exactly what you’d like me to do, I didn’t get any prior advance to bring it.” Alice said, trying not to let her irritation show through her words. Her attempt was futile and she didn’t exactly come off as a pleasant person to be around at the moment. “Sorry. I expected you to read minds or something, oh smarter sister.” Terri said dryly, emphasizing the word ‘smarter’ to add to the displeasure she already had from the tone of voice she had gotten from Alice.

Alice took a moment, and then laughed at Terri. “You thought I could read minds??” she said cracking up at the hilarity of the seriousness her sister had expressed. Terri smiled at the ground and realized that what she said definitely had been stupid to say. “Yeah, I genuinely believed that you could read minds when we were kids. It started that one time when you told me I’d get a cookie in a minute as I was about to get up for a cookie.” The connection between the two seemed just a bit stronger than it had been in quite a while.

Alice got up from where she was sitting and downed the rest of the coffee. “Alright, I’ll be back in about ten or fifteen minutes. I’ve had my fun playing with you so I am going to go and grab the research you asked for, I suppose.” She walked quickly back to her house and took all the papers off her walls, which she looked at just about every day to get her mind started on thinking about how to continue on the project she was working on. She put them in a bag and prepared for the questions that Terri would probably ask. Really, there was no escaping from her sister’s trap of questions.

Alice began to walk back to the cafe that they were seated at, the bag bouncing on her shoulder slightly. She inhaled deeply and let herself drift into a state of thought, only piloted by the subconscious process of walking and seeing where she was even going. When she arrived, she could easily find the table as her sister was speaking loudly to one of the ladies that worked there. As she sat down, she realized that she had a new coffee sitting there for her, despite not really wanting any. Oh well, she thought as she sipped at the new one.

She pulled out the research papers and presented them to Terri as they were. No need to even think about it anymore, her hands went to work arranging them all in a way that would have them make sense to just about anyone that wanted to think about them. “Okay, so what does this mean?” Terri asked, thinking about what it could possibly be. Looks like Alice was wrong. “Well, we’ve been working on some things in the lab. This is for genetic modification, how to do it. The process to say the least. This has never really been done before so it will take a while before it’s even a possibility for us to do anything extraordinary with it.”

Terri looked back down at the extensive notes in awe and felt somewhat proud, even if the discovery wasn’t even her own. Honestly, she just wanted to be of any help to society rather than some kind of “Man’s rag-doll” that could possibly be thrown around like she was nothing. They sat there and drank their coffees, and Alice paid the bill, despite Terri insisting that she paid for the both of them.

They each said their goodbyes to each other and Terri began her journey back home. There was no need to run if James would be quite a while. He worked most of the time, while Terri felt as if she was his slave, staying at home and tending to everything around there, even if he was the one that dirtied the majority of the things in there. She would leave as soon as she got enough money to leave, but now the best she had was the five dollars she grabbed earlier to eat out.

As she got back, she quickly tidied up around the house and cleaned some of the other things more deeply to satisfy her husband that was making all of the money. The house really wasn’t that big, so it did not take too long to get it back in order just like usual. She sat down on the couch and remembered Alice’s research. She grabbed the journal she had been writing in earlier and decided to make a new entry into it.

Alice has some amazing news today!

The development of genetic modification is underway, and I’m honestly super excited to see the powers that it may hold for the future of humanity. The future people must be so lucky…

Terri. August 14, 1953

Just then, she heard the car pull into the driveway. She greeted her husband at the door and imagined seeing someone like him being genetically modified to be even better. Luckily for her, nothing like that has happened to James so no side effects from any type of horrible modification can devastate them. “How was your day, sweetheart?”, she asked him kindly. His gruff voice responded, “Work was terrible, some idiot co-workers….”. At that point, Terri had stopped listening because her own thoughts intruded. What if James wasn’t even here..? What if..? What- “Are you even listening to me!?”, He shouted. Terri was startled by the sudden bellow from in front of her. “S-sorry…”, she said slightly embarrassed.

Terri barely scraped by out of the situation. The house had been filled with yelling for just oven an hour, and both parties were quite miserable as the effect. Nobody was there to help her out, nor would there ever be. The only thing she could think about was that she had to leave and that the living conditions were not anything like what she had imagined when she was a child.

Her nicest nightgown was sitting on the bed for her already, James smirking at her as she picked it up. At this point there was no turning back. She changed into the gown and was back into the bedroom in just a couple of minutes, James ogling her. It almost seemed like his eyes would pop right out of the sockets at any moment. She thought to herself that it would be worthwhile to see if eyes really did pop out like that. Maybe another day though.

Drifting off to sleep, she realized that James was completely out. Asleep to the point of no return. Waking herself up quickly, she decided to get up and put her slippers on, and proceeded to walk out into the living room. She was still thinking about the possibility and the greatness that the modification of human beings could bring for everyone in the long run. Maybe it would be possible for certain diseases to be cured, maybe people would never have to worry about genetic disease again. She went back to lay down back next to James and tried to stop her thoughts to to back to sleep.

She woke the next morning, finding a note from her husband was left for her. He had already gone to work, but he must have a good reason for leaving a note since he doesn’t usually do so.

Hey Ter.

I’ve already gone off to work. I’m not really sure how to write letters to someone like this, but I just wanted to ask why you seemed so distant lately. It’s probably nothing important to me, or even to you, but I feel as if husband and wife should be connected more than we are. Sorry if this bothers you, but I am concerned. Need I say more?

The letter ended there without even a signature from him. She could admit that she had been distancing herself from him, but really it wasn’t something she planned on discussing. He probably already knew the reason that Terri was doing this, it was because of him. Even if she didn’t want to say anything to him, it was definitely time for her to speak up and tell him some fake story he could believe.

Terri didn’t exactly do anything that day, just thought about the fake story she needed to tell later. Really, there was no need to even try. Terri was a master at this kind of thing, lying came easy and was practically an escape from her dreadful reality. Maybe by doing this she could share her own reality, something better, with the others around her. Without even realizing it, she had no plan to actually make up a story, she’d just improvise until James was satisfied with whatever answers she made up.

Almost exactly like some kind of movie, Terri thought as James came home. He had came home at four, exactly. A surge of anxiety rushed over Terri as she realised that in her day of not doing anything, she really had done absolutely nothing. The house had to be cleaned, and she had not even started on it. At this point, there was nothing she could do. She could be kicked out of the house if she wasn’t careful in her word choice, her actions. Everything was on the line. She decided to get a move on, she has about two minutes before he walks through the door. She shot into the bathroom as quickly as she could and made it up. Artificial lemon scent flooded the area, but she didn’t care. Bathroom clean enough. She darted a different direction. Abort mission, ABORT MISSION! James walked through the doorway and she skidded to a screeching halt.

The cleaner and sponge was still in her left hand as she politely greeted him. “Hello, James!” she said, breathing heavily through her words. James’ face went deathly pale when it dawned upon him that the house wasn’t done as he got home. His face shriveled into a confused look as he turned his head to see what hadn’t been done. “What did you do all day, Terri? The house isn’t cleaned today. What is wrong with you?” He said, glaring at his wife and seemingly seething with anger. One wrong move and she could tip him over just a bit too far, and the anger could come bubbling over like a boiling pot of water. “I was thinking about you, sweetheart. Your chiseled face, lovely hair, and perfect body is just too nice to not think about, don’t you think?” She said sweetly. It was all false, of course, but she needed to lower the tension before anything else happened. He seemed to like this, as he lightly smiled. “Okay, okay, fine. Make sure you don’t spend all day tomorrow thinking about your handsome husband and do some work around here, alright?

That was impressive. The fact that she had managed to get off the hook was one thing, but without being yelled at was another. Luckily, Terri had a narcissistic husband and it was easy to butter him up. No need to even try that hard anymore, she knew how to do this by now.

The phone rang with a horrid noise. Terri ran to answer it as quickly as she could, just to hear Alice’s voice on the other end. “Terri. You finally picked up!” She was practically shouting into the phone in excitement. “We have more updates! Can you come over tomorrow?? Pleeeeease?” Ugh, not the plead from Alice, it’s irresistible. Nobody can get by when she’s done it. “Fine. I have to clean up first though. What is it that you need to show me?” “Hemophilia.” Alice hung up, leaving Terri standing there.

That was her only response. Just hemophilia. Terri’s interest peaked at just one simple word, and she made plans to go over the next day. Terri just wanted to know what she meant, so much so that she ended up staying up all night trying to compile all of the possibilities.

The next day, she managed to clean the entire house to be spotless within about two hours after starting. She was exhausted. All she could think about was the fact that she had no answers, no sleep, and it felt like she had no time. It was like out of all the days that consistently repeated, today was the only one that was different from the countless others. Terri took a moment to look out the window and see the oak trees gently swaying in the cool breeze. She wished that she could be one of the trees, with nothing to worry about except finding water and sunlight to survive. Maybe if she could just get reborn as a tree she could do this, and she could please the people around her instead of causing more distress for herself and others. She shook her head and cleared the thoughts to her head. She had to get to Alice’s house for answers.

She walked all the way to her sister’s house, trudging her feet. Terri was so lost in her own self hatred. It wasn’t her fault that James was angry at her all the time, it was his. But she didn’t believe this. It was her fault that James was upset, her fault that she couldn’t even get a job. Heck, she could barely keep herself from getting into a place where she couldn’t cope.

A hand knocked loudly on Alice’s door. Something about it was melancholy, despite still being loud and clear. It could have been the fact that it was initially loud, but trailed off into nothing, it could have just been the nature of it. She couldn’t really be sure. Alice opened the door and found her sister standing there, puffy eyed from where tears had streaked down her face. She was confused, as she didn’t do anything to make Terri upset. “What’s wrong, Ter?” Terri didn’t say anything, just stepped inside without a word.

Alice closed the door and led her sister to what she wanted to show her. New development was in the region of genetic disease and such. The team in the lab was working on seeing if they could come up with a cure to hemophilia, just to test the limits of the power they now have. The papers had been posted back up onto Alice’s wall and additional ones were there as well.

“So how does this work really? What are we even trying to do here?” Terri asked. “I’ll tell you as soon as you tell me what’s wrong with you.” Alice responded, trying to get anything out of Terri. It didn’t really look like it would work, as Terri just went silent again and walked out the door. Another day would be better to show her anything apparently.

Days went by and they hadn’t talked since the incident. Nothing had really happened between, but Terri was in a bad spot herself. She had came to realize that her problem wasn’t with her, it was with her husband. She wanted to kill him. There was an overwhelming urge to just murder him and get it over with as she cleaned the house once more.

As she finally got over it, she called up Alice again to finally go to see what she had to show her. Alice told her that there was development in coming up with a cure to hemophilia and that she wanted Terri to be the first one that wasn’t a scientist to see it. The whole thing was fascinating to Terri. The fact that there was a cure being worked on for something small was confusing, but it would make sense that they choose something small to test with a bit.

Terri went over the next day, around eight in the morning. She barged into Alice’s house without even knocking, luckily the door was unlocked for her. “So much for knocking these days, I suppose.” Alice said chuckling under her breath. There were many more notes and pages scattered throughout the house than the last time she had been in there.

“COUNTER VIRUS?”, “Hemophilia.”, and “Genetic Diseases” were the first ones she read. The one that said counter virus really had her attention, though. “What does it mean by counter virus?” Terri asked. “Well, we’ve been quite literally been designing a virus that can counter the effects of hemophilia. We have also added some effects to it so it can make the human body stronger, faster, smarter, and some other benefits like that. The plan is to make it so it can only be activated in the presence of a Y chromosome, so that it can’t even be used by women.” Alice caught her breath and continued. “I know it’s not really ideal, but I’ve got to keep my cover with the men in the terrible world we live in at this point.”

Terri just stood there in awe that something like this was possible, and being done by humans right now. Designing such a thing would be absolutely perfect for the advancement of mankind in medicine and technology. Future generations of people could enjoy this valuable information without having to work for it since their “ancestors” had figured it out instead.

“Activation in the Y chromosome? That’s unheard of!” Terri exclaimed. “Something like that could take years to finish!” Alice finally decided to speak up. “That’s where you’re wrong, Terri. It’s projected to take about half that time, at only five or maybe even six months. The hard part is getting some rats to test on. They have to be male and they have to have hemophilia, or this can’t be ever released into a public.” all the questions had been answered and it really looked to both that this would actually work properly.

Neither of the women could sleep that night. Alice was thinking about how she’d pull this off, while Terri was thinking about how the counter virus would work. Activating in the Y chromosome and curing the genetic disease could actually be successful. She woke again the next morning slightly confused.

She called her sister again. “Hello Alice. I just wanted to ask: How would this ‘cure’ even work? I know that it activates under certain conditions, but be honest. What’s the process?” Alice sighed from the other end. “Okay Terri. You know what, come over tomorrow morning. I doubt James will mind if you come over on a Saturday to spend quality time with your sister. By the way, We finally found our rats. My lab friends told me.” She hung up and did not say another word.

The next morning at about seven, She woke james to tell him that she was going out to see her sister. She did not even bother to get herself ready, just grabbed the car keys and began to drive off to her sister’s house. In about nine minutes, she arrived and happily skipped to the doorstep to knock on the door. She was invited inside and Alice had already set up for what she needed to say.

The research was all set up like it was at her house last time, but this time it was not just key parts, it was all of it. The dining room tables and walls had papers and diagrams all over them and it seemed like it was just a bottomless pit of everything her sister had managed to achieve. Terri did not even realize that she was gaping at it all until Alice said, “Shut your mouth or you’ll catch flies.” There were so many different types or notes and pages ripped out of a book that it just seemed totally impossible.

Alice began to point to the various different items scattered all over the place. “This shows what this new virus supposedly looks like, this one shows how we expect it to react to the human body, and this shows the different functions it’s supposed to have….”, She started with. She kept going, explaining the process of all this, how and why it works, and many other things that were about this single virus. It seemed like absolutely nothing could possibly go wrong when it has all been thought out so carefully and precisely by a team of such brilliant people.

The next day, Alice managed to inject the virus into a hemophiliac rat at the lab. So far, the scientists see nothing, and the rat seems to doing perfectly fine, as well as the 4 other test subject rats they had. They checked them once an hour, and nothing had happened to them for the entire day. They continued to check for any signs of failure in the rat. Nothing. The rat had stayed perfectly healthy throughout the day, and the counter virus seemed to be carrying out its purpose so smoothly that the scientists were absolutely stunned. Actually, it seemed as if the rat was being healed from things even this virus wasn’t programmed to do. There’s no possible way for this to happen.

Alice had slept on the idea and made the decision to tell her co-workers that it had worked perfectly or even better, and they all agreed to continue testing further to see if the effects strengthen with more time. The rats were in a position to lift their bowls, open their cages, and other things that they previously could not do. Since everything was going so well, human testing is actually an option for them in the long run.

They all decided to also test on chimpanzees to see if they reacted the same way as the rats had. The week went by quickly and nothing had happened to the chimps. Really, it was quite impressive that nothing had gone drastically wrong yet. Soon they would be able to release the “cure” to the public for use in people that really needed it.

Humans. Humans were now an option for testing. They all agreed that because things went the way they did, there was no real need for animal testing any further than they already had done. The likelihood of something drastically terrible happening is very low with about twenty rats and close to ten monkeys all having the same results, and the way it worked was very simple.

The following week, Terri got a call from Alice saying that the counter virus was a huge success and that they would be launching it as an actually functional treatment for what they were attempting to accomplish. They plan to have it in doctor’s offices in the form of a tablet for the people diagnosed with hemophilia to take first. The launch was to be in two weeks, but until then, people will be hyped to see that science has gotten to the point of where even the “incurable disease” was now curable and for the general public.

The many families waited until the product came out patiently so that the people affected would be able to have what they need to get over the genetic disease. When the day finally came, people flocked to get tested and make sure that they did not have anything, and if they did, they got prescribed with the new “cure” as soon as possible.

Weeks past by, and the men began to get smarter, stronger, and faster just as the rats had shown in the testing stage. The few people that had taken it seemed to be passing the affects to the other people around them as well, just as a normal virus would. The women were left in the dust, with nothing, and the society around them began to change and morph into something of an even further strengthened male dominated vicinity.

Slowly, all of the men and boys in the population had been “infected” with what was once the cure. They began to sell it as a supplement just for the other benefits it provided, not for what it was actually intended to be used for. The tablet had been abused to the point of no return, and there was no avoiding the spread among other people as well. The women could not even join in, even if they wanted to, just because they made it so that only men could use the product anyway; seeing that the people who get the disease are all male anyway.

Alice began to realize that she had doomed most of humanity’s population. The rats that had been injected with it had their peak and then began to rapidly decrease in everything that was previously boosted. Their reflex time dropped, they were too dumb to remember how to move properly, and they began to do everything in their power to escape. All of the men Alice knew were also going to come to this same demise. The worst part about this whole situation was that fixing this would take too long for her to guarantee anything.

The human (and apparently rat) brains were unable to handle the extra skill that arrived so quickly. The brain was trying to process the new information too quickly, and eventually began to “Overheat” in a sense. Although the boosts were temporary, the falldown was long-lasting. Quite possibly even life long.

Alice heard a loud clang from behind her. The rats were driving themselves to insanity and began to cannibalize each other. She hoped that humans would be able to come to their senses and not quite literally eat each other. There’s no saying what may happen if this did happen. An apocalypse? The end of human existence? Really, nobody had thought this far ahead. She quickly left the lab to inform Terri about the reality of the situation, running down the empty sidewalks as quickly as she could.

Terri saw Alice bust through the door to her home. “Terri! Bad news. James will turn into a practical zombie. Nothing you can do now. We may have to kill him, actually. Basically the cure spread like a normal virus and is causing brain damage, leading to-” Terri cut her sister off, “Seriously?! I never even dreamed something like this even could happen, I thought it was all just some science fiction. A comic book filler.” “Sadly, no. this has became our reality and now it’s our jobs to be the heroes.”

There was a moment while Terri left the room and came back with the chainsaw James liked to use. “Well, if we have to kill some zombies, might as well do it the classic way, right?” A grin swept over her face. Terri began to realize that she would finally able to get rid of the stress that was in her life permanently, and this time it wouldn’t be illegal. Alice sighed. “I know you like murder, sister, but just remember that these are real people that honestly didn’t ask for this.” She brought Terri back to reality and got her to think about her actions, but even that wasn’t enough. All Ter could think about was the revenge she could bring to the infected men, and that nobody could even do anything to stop her.

The thought of the people she knew, how the simple situation can cause so much damage to the future of the human population. The fact that the power was in her hands was much more than she could ever ask for, but she knew that if she didn’t use it, many more people could be harmed.

James came back home to the two sisters sitting on the couch. He had came home quite earlier than the usual timing. He had a look on his face that made him seem quite dead. “How are you two doing today?” he questioned the women. Terri glared at him and snapped a sarcastic “We’re fine.” It was quite obvious that she didn’t want anything more than to just have him go brain dead to kill. “So, why is there a chainsaw on the ground?” James said, a strange look sweeping over his face. The sisters looked at each other with a look that practically said “Should we tell him?” The room was filled with a tense silence that was only broken by Terri’s laugh.

She stood up and brought the chainsaw back to the garage and then proceeded to sit back down just as if nothing had happened. “Alice can explain the situation and then I can tell you the reason I had it.” A grim look washed over Alice’s face as she prepared herself to tell it all to one of the people who could die very soon. “I’ll make it simple. Basically that hemophilia counter virus spread like a normal disease and infected all the men. It activates in the Y chromosome so it doesn’t do anything to the women. The brain can’t handle the new virus, and you will be brain dead within a couple weeks.” She sighed and waited for his reaction. “My turn, I suppose.”, Terri said to interrupt the even further silence. “I had the chainsaw because this would basically zombify you, so since there is no reason to cause harm to any more people than it already has, I was going to kill you old style. And before you-” James had gotten up again and was headed toward the door to leave. The women both got up to block his path, but his sheer force and speed knocked them both out of the way. He was determined to get as far away from them as possible.

Getting away from the “psychopaths” was probably not the best move James had made. After a good while of running, he realized that not only was he in another town, but he didn’t have any food or water, or even a shelter to stay for that matter. He sat down to catch his breath and realized he couldn’t think properly. He could only think about going back home, so that’s exactly what he did.

Terri and Alice collected their items for a long trip. They grabbed weapons and put on their sunday best for murder. No use in having fancy gowns and heels if you don’t use them, right? Because the apocalypse was so near, there wasn’t much more they could do than to stop it as soon as possible, and come up with some kind of cure.

When they went outside, they found a couple zombie men awaiting their arrival, all lead back to their home by James. Garbled speech was thrown between them, and each of them seemed to understand what it said. The speech process had been practically destroyed, and they were nothing but walking, (talking?) Lumps of human flesh. They were only shells of their former selves, and nothing else was really human about them. This was an arguable subject, but there was no real argument that could even be held at this point.

Terri took a step forward and drew the chainsaw up so she could use it to do some dirty work. In her eyes, the people that had practically dominated the world and even her could just die off and she’d be okay with that. The horrid conditions they had forced upon so many women was absolutely revolting to Terri. She swung the chainsaw toward the head of one of them and the grass around them soon looked like a horrible movie murder scene, complete with the dull thud of the head hitting the ground. Alice stood in shock and horror as she saw what her formerly-perceived-as-innocent sister had done to this man. Nothing would be able to cleanse her mind from the image that was gruesomely produced and permanently implanted into her head.

Terri bent over to grab the head off the ground. She picked it up and turned to her sister. “One down, How many to go?” She asked inquisitively. Alice didn’t say anything, just gaped at her sister in awe, trying to figure out whether to run or help her. She decided it was better to stay on her good side so that she wouldn’t meet the same fate as the poor man on the ground. “We have a lot more to to, I suppose. Not a good idea to kill them all though, or there can’t be any cure testing for this.” Terri didn’t care though, she just wanted to make her point across that she didn’t like what had been done to her.

Terri slashed through the rest of the others like no problem, and left their corpses for the next person to find them just laying there. As she got to her husband, she paused. She had a grim look on her face. “Sorry for this, it’s for the better.” she whispered into his ear. The fire lit back up in her eyes after she had her moment, but she lowered the chainsaw and proceeded, leaving James there as if he was innocent amongst the crowd of guilty criminals.

Alice gave her sister a questioning look, but Terri just brushed it off and smiled. “So, How about we go and find more of the zombie men to kill so we can to and get this over with?” She asked as she began to walk down the road to get out of the neighborhood

The ladies encountered many more of them and killed them in whichever way they decided to do so. The corpses on the ground began to build up, creating a horribly gruesome horror scene. To get away from the fantasy that Alice believed she was hallucinating, she looked up at the salmon sunset above them. The world around them would soon be dark with the stars overhead. Alice closed her eyes and tried to imagine a different world, one where she wasn’t one to help destroy the people that lived there, the humanity that had succeeded for so long. She sighed and opened her eyes again, to find Terri staring at her. “Sorry, sorry.” Alice said in apology to her confused sister.

They continued on their journey throughout the town, leaving a train of disgruntled bodies and buckets of blood behind them. After this was over with, there was no way the human population would be able to bounce back from this. There would be no men to reproduce any more people if this situation kept going the way it was. They would have to stop killing everyone in their apocalyptic world and just leave them to harm more people, or they could permanently damage human society by killing all of the infected people.

It was a hard choice to make in just an hour or less. If she didn’t stop her, Terri would end up killing them all in a line without a second thought. The fact that she had became a vicious killing machine in the matter of a few hours, and was getting stronger with each kill she racked up was terrifying.

The whirring of the chainsaw was deafening. It had been going on for hours on end and didn’t look like it was going to end a day time soon. Terri was bloodthirsty at this point and stopping her would be impossible. She was practically an assassin to all the men.

Suddenly as she cut through the skull of another man, the chain broke off of the weapon and slapped her in the forehead, causing prominent brain damage immediately. If that didn’t kill her, she’d bleed to death anyway. It had happened so quickly that nobody would have fast enough reflexes the ever be able to react to something like that.

She fell to the ground covered in blood with a dull thud. Alice had just watched her sister die in front of her, and there was nothing that she could even do about it at this point. Terri was dead. Alice fell to her knees and began sobbing profusely, lifting Terri’s head up off the ground. She placed the remains of the chainsaw next to the corpse and took the chain of it off of her dead sister’s head. Her hands were now covered in Terri’s blood, but she didn’t care that it looked like she was the one that killed all of them including her sister, she just wanted to grieve her death in peace.

It was all over now. Alice left Terri on the grass where she had died. She stood up and looked at the blue dress she was wearing. It looked extravagant, as if she had put on her sunday best to go and murder the people that hurt her. Alice had to chuckle at this. Terri really just wanted her own revenge on them, for reasons that nobody would ever know, and she wanted to do it as some kind of role model to the many women that may be watching.

Alice went back to her house and locked herself in, not letting anyone in. She went into her bathroom and grabbed the cleaners from under the sink. She opened the bottle of Glass Wax. She smelled the contents inside of it. She then remembered the knife she had kept with her when she was helping Terri kill those innocent men. Lifting the bottle to her lips she downed the liquid quickly, ignoring the burns she felt in her throat. The taste of blood flooded her mouth just as quickly as she chugged the cleaner. Alice was sitting on the floor and puking copious amounts of blood. She was dying too slowly for her liking, so she took the knife and rose it up to her chest. Using the knowledge she gained from being in the lab, she positioned the knife to where she could stab herself in the heart.

She thought about why she was doing this, but the answer was obvious. She was the one who doomed humanity. It was her fault that her sister died trying to save it. If she was responsible for all of this, she would end up causing more pain to the few people she knew that were still alive. The things she had caused for mankind were irreversible and could never be undone, so she needed to end the progression of Alice for both herself and the people around her.

She pushed the knife directly into her heart and punctured it. The thud of her heart stopped then. Both sisters had died. There is no hope for any people left on the earth. Zombie men would just have to take over, or even just die off. Nothing could be done any longer.

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