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Falsehoods surrounding Jane Fonda’s visit to North Vietnam in July, 1972 provided the genesis for this work -- according to the mythology surrounding her visit with Prisoners of War held in Hanoi, names were divulged, secreted notes surrendered and beatings implied, but it didn’t happen like that. Propagated by the Internet, the named POWs have grown tired of questions and the SPAM arriving in their e-mail inboxes.

Fact forced my creative animosity down a different tract. Despite these juxtapositions between truth, legend and its amalgamations, the truth regarding Fonda and the Weathermen are egregious in and of themselves. On Fonda, a legend discredited changes nothing. It changes nothing at all. JF’s blog muddies the truth with plausible excuses taken at face value by her uninitiated followers. The truth is in video footage, photographs, propaganda broadcasts, speeches and activities following her return. One must compare her explanation against her deeds documented in film and her words--then consider the burden of those who serve and imagine bearing insults leveled at them by what was supposed to have been America’s darling.

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