The Heartpiece

By AntMinnKo All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Fantasy


Anna's first 10 days at work start off the way an average employee's workflow would - but from the 2nd day, everything is corrupted when signs of burnt down buildings in downtown Chicago are seen. Will Anna ever make Chicago as it was when she graduated from the official university of the city? Or will work go wild for U.S. citizens? Terrors start midway through the investigation by the FBI...

Anna's New Job

When it rains, look for rainbows. And when it's dark, look for stars. For farmers, it's still as normal as ever. But, for some other country citizens, like Anna, it's strange when rainbows don't come when it rains. Or, when clouds cover the stars at night.

One day, when Anna was on her way to work, she saw a note on one of the tables at the Starbucks that was the nearest to her. The note said: "Anna's new workplace - Level 29, Willis Tower, 233 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606".

"So I should walk for another 2 minutes until I reach my office," Anna said.

When she entered the Willis Tower lobby, she was greeted by the receptionist with the words hello, how are you, etc. Then she entered one of the lifts, and pressed the number 29.

The lift was travelling like a space rocket at the moment; Anna didn't dare to move - until the lift came to a complete stop on the 29th floor of the Willis Tower. Then Anna took a look back on her workplace key - it had 'Suite 2911' written on it.

It didn't take her long to walk to Suite 2911, as the lift was just 60 centimeters away from the workplace suite. Then, finally, she took a look on the signboard, on which 'Bling Bling - Budget Talent Agency' was written.

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