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The newspaper had the story buried in page 8, man jumps in front of train and is decapitated. John Ransom read it thoroughly and cut it out.

Santos Vargas
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The newspaper had the story buried in page 8, man jumps in front of train and is decapitated. John Ransom read it thoroughly and cut it out. He added that one to an extensive list of newspaper clippings. His fascination with death and tragedy had become an obsession. He scoured every newspaper, every online outlet trying to understand and assimilate those deaths. Woman kills her husband, husband kills daughter and himself, child found dead in the woods and so on. He was intent on finding a connection as to how these things occurred and why.

John lived alone. He never married, no children and had no one in his life that mattered. He loved being a loner. He kept to himself and his hobby/obsessive compulsion. He felt there were other entities involved in the corruption and mental stability of those perpetrators, murderers if you will or victims of something evil than themselves. He spent his nights thinking and researching, brainstorming and seeking answers he knew were out there.

With the morning’s routine over and done with, he packed up his lunch, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich one apple and two healthy snack bars he set out to work. His one bedroom apartment on 82th streets and first Ave. was in a quiet neighborhood. Not much happened there. The rent was expensive but it was a small price to pay for privacy and animosity.

He walked to 77thstreet and Lexington to catch the number six train. The walk was always leisurely and pleasant, especially during the warm months. His job as doorman afforded him the time to study people and their mannerisms.

John arrived on time as always, punctuality was one of his stronger suits. Mr. Ottenberger was just getting of the elevator and heading for the door “Mr. Ransom how are you this fine morning?” John smiled “Good Morning Mr. Ottenberger. It’s a beautiful day I hope you enjoy your day sir.” Mr. Ottenberger nodded his head “I intend to my boy and thank you.” Mr. Ottenberger was driven away by his awaiting chauffer and John went back to his position. His smile and jovial mannerism never changed as his tenants began their daily comings and goings.

John was eager for the day to be over. His vacation starts after this shift and he needed to get things ready. He had plans. The day wore on and though it felt like it would go on forever, obviously, it didn’t. He received tons of well wishes and enjoy your vacation and you will be missed thoughts, but he wasn’t really interested or listening. He had things to set into motion as soon as his vacation started and he only had two weeks to do it. John clocked out for the day at 6pm and promptly went home. His vacation had officially started. John had compiled a list of local area tragedies and events and his plan was to interview family members and find out why a crime was committed.

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