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The Harbringer

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Undead vampire zombies are attacking, bent on capturing one of three god-class magicians. Her power could end the world, the Goddess of Chaos could help, unfortunately she has no intention of doing so The Saints are an elite group of magic users skilled in taking down the wraith. outlawed by the Hunter organisation they face war on all fronts. as criminal as they mey be they are the best and when the Hunters come to them for help they know things must be serious. Maeko is a god-class magician, one of only three in existence. so great is her power that it could change the very fabric of reality. the wraith want that power for themselves and the Saints will do anything to stop them. Unfortunatey the Goddess of Chaos has other plans. she sees the Saints as nothing more than pawns in her game against Order. when faced with the death of everything they hold dear will the Saints accept help from Chaos and risk everything to keep their world safe? or will Chaos conquer all and plunge the world into darkness.

Action / Fantasy
Naomi Smith
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Ok so introductions, I’m Mikken, a member of the seven Saints, a group of powerful people who rebelled against the established order of things and as such we have been branded traitors and criminals and everyone wants us dead.

If you’re reading this because you want to see what happens when a god interferes with human lives just because she can then read on and enjoy. But if you’re reading this because you want an adventure story about super powered people obliterating a whole bunch of undead zombies then I have to tell you-the wraith are much MUCH worse than zombies.

If zombies had really sharp teeth and small daggers as fingernails on each hand, all coated in poison I might add, then yes I would say that the wraith are like zombies. But as it is even that’s not true. The wraith are like ghosts wrapped in magic that has been tainted and twisted by dark evilness until it clings to them like cobwebs. Add to that the fact that the wraith are made from dead bodies and you get zombie ghosts wrapped in tainted magic with poisoned teeth and nails that are really hard to kill.

And though I say really hard to kill there was an incident many years ago when I attempted to whisk one to death. I don’t recommend it, very messy. So basically this is what happens when a god interfears in normal human lives just because she can and a bunch of super powered people run from the organisation they abandoned and constantly fight the wraith. Oh and there’s also a god class magician the organisation assigned us to protect because despite all their power they were not skilled enough to protect her. And that’s where this all starts, with the Hunter association assigning god class magician Maeko to the protection of the Saints.

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