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Someone has power, and that someone is me. Who are these people? What is a rune? How can I do this? I just wanted to go to work, finish school and live my life. I don't need demons after me! Now what?

Action / Fantasy
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Bright Light

One of the employees ran into the fitting room. I didn’t think anything of it because this never happens unless someone is playing around, which does get annoying. Especially when you are trying to do your job. But there was nothing funny about this when a man comes in after her and tries to attack the employee that I work with.

I try to get the man away from the employee. I kick him in his lower back (well I use my knee) and try to hold his arms behind him but I get hit in the face instead. Now I start to get annoyed and instinct kicks in. I grab his arms and yank them back until I have him in a position where he cannot move. I guess the other people I work with saw what was happening on the surveillance cameras and they finally came down to help me.

I told the girl that came into the fitting room to run. She was scarred, and I understood, but if this guy was after her, she needed to get out of here.

“Run!” I screamed at her, and she finally did.

My co-workers and I finally get him into the apprehension room in the store and no one can calm him down. So, we handcuff him to the bench in the office and everyone guards the door outside. Only another employee, my head manager and me are in the room. We slowly try to exit the room, except for the manager, but the guy finally speaks. And he is talking to me.

His face would change to people that I knew. One was of an old friend that was in the Navy now, another was a red face with very large and pointy teeth. The final face change was one where he had no face and black holes for eyes. That was, I think, the worse one. Everyone is scarred of some type of face, but the one where there is no face and the only place you can look is the depths of someone’s holes in their face for eyes, that is just frightening.

The man eventually came back to the normal face he had. I knew my manager saw the faces because he was trying to push me out of the room, but I wouldn’t let him.

“What a wonderful way to meet again, Jessica,” the creepy guy said.

“How do you know….well better yet, who are you?” I ask.

“You should know who I am. We have met many decades ago. You probably do not remember.”

I was so confused as to what he was saying, but I truly didn’t know who he was.

“Maybe in a different life, but not this one.”

The guy started to go crazy and was talking about how he wanted me to join him and destroy everyone in this building.

“You can be the Princess. We have a Queen and she was the one that said we need to have you join us,” he kept going on and on and eventually shut up.

I only knew one way to get rid of him and to make sure that he doesn’t kill anyone here.

“Close the door and don’t open it til I say so.” I am speaking to my manager. He doesn’t seem to understand until I find a knife in the office. I guess one of them forgot to put it away or whatever the case is.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“No matter what happens,” I finished and looked him in the eye. He does what I say but stays in the room with me.

I cut a rune into the palm of my hand. I don’t remember where I have seen it before or what it does, but I know that it is something that I have to do.

“It’s faith,” the man handcuffed to the chair says to me.

“I don’t believe in faith all the time,” I reply and finished with the rune on my hand.

“You don’t believe in anything anymore. You are always questioning yourself.” His voice began to sound like he was coming from the depths of Hell.

I don’t reply to him. When I face my palm towards the man, everything starts to become very bright and I am screaming. I do not know if it is because I am trying to get rid of him, or if it is from the pain I am feeling going through my body to have him disappear.

Every part of my body starts to get bigger and I never truly realize it. I am towering over the man that is in here and he is burning so bright and can’t take the pain anymore. He is screaming along with me but he is the one that explodes into white dust. Then all of it disappears. The only ones in the room are my manager and me.

I am back to my normal size and the door is still closed to the room. When I turn all the way around, I pass out and my manager catches me before I fall to the floor.

I open my eyes and see that someone has opened the door and tries to get me out of the office. When they do, no one can leave the area around the office. It is like an invisible force field around us now.

They start arguing and wondering why they can’t leave or what is going on.

I drift my eyes open and realize what has just happened. That man that I have discarded of is only one of them. There is something else that is keeping us all trapped in here, and he was part of the same group.

“What happened to her eyes?” asked one of my co-workers.

My eyes are now gold and I try to sit up on my own. My body seems to be back to normal, except for the color of my eyes. How it happened or why I do not know. Maybe from all of that power that I have given off.

“I have to be awake or they will come after all of us,” I said to no one in particular.

Everyone started talking amongst themselves again.

One of the co-workers that I am close with comes by to see how I am. I guess he isn’t scarred of what has happened to me.

My manager asked though about the man and what he was talking about.

I just have one simple answer, because that is all I can give.

“It was me he was after.”

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