Warrior of carnage (second draft.)

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An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, the fires of the abyss will claim all evil. What better than a demon to defeat a corrupt empire The realm of sleiria is a kingdom full of corruption. Once ruled by the noble King Titianious in its capital, this once peaceful kingdom is now ruled by the corrupt King Deighton and his old “friend”, his advisor Esther. The capital is where all young villagers dream of going. Of living a life of luxury by making their fortunes. Most villagers end up dead in the first week those who don't suffer a much worse fate. But there are some individuals who fight to stop this. The revolutionary army led by a commander called James Hayes. In order to help with the revolution the commander created a special task force. A group of mercenaries who deal with the corruption in their own turf. The night reapers. After his hometown is destroyed Kaiden is rescued by one of these assassins. Now using the powers he has kept hidden for so long he will kill the king and anyone who stands in his way. But as he uses his powers kaiden's humanity slowly fades. Will he become as corrupt and twisted as those he kills

Action / Fantasy
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They say all life on Earth has a purpose. A role in a so-called gods plan. That we should all follow the rules our so-called god has given. Those who go against god’s rule, who are tainted by the demons and corruption, will be destroyed by gods light. But there are some evils that can not be destroyed. The evil which gods light cannot shine upon. Those evils must be dealt in the darkness by another evil. By us.

The planet Horizon is divided into four major kingdoms, Sleiria, Orion, Talandra and Nillia, there is also the small cluster of islands known as Mia Handra.

Nillia is home to the Agios knights, these are Oathbound warriors whose only purpose is to eradicate all traces of the Dark artes. Most cities in Nillia are small apart from the capital Vannok and the secondary capital Gunder. Some of the buildings in Vannok can be seen from miles away, However the most noticeable is the Agios Knight HQ, which houses all knight recruits and the kingdom’s Queen.

Orion is home to the Ogre’s and Vorga. Ogre’s looked mostly human, however, their average height was at least six feet and often had grand horns protruding from their foreheads.

Vorga were hideous beasts and tremendous fighters. Rough scales covered every inch of their hairless bodies. Long thin necks supported outstretched faces which housed three eyes. Their mouths contained two rows of barbed teeth on the top and bottom of their mouths. A long pointed tongue rattled when they talked.

Both the Vorga and Ogre’s didn’t care for world affairs. They loved a challenging fight and would often fight among each other rather than in any wars.

Talandra’s mountains and caves were home to the majority of the Dwarven population. Like the Ogre’s and Vorga, they refrained from fighting and instead, were interested in researching old and new technology as well as expanding their cozy homes.

The vast ocean of forest is home to the Elven rangers, as deadly with a bow as a Vorga is with a sword. The Elven cities are a part of the forest. Their houses are built in treetops or in the trees themselves.

Mia Handra is a small island nation, housing few warriors, a part of it is protected by the Agios Knights. They house small traders more than anything else, so they try to remain neutral in conflicts.

The realm of Sleiria is a kingdom overflowing with corruption. Once ruled by the noble King Titanious in its capital, this once peaceful kingdom is now ruled by the corrupt King Deighton and his old “friend”, his advisor Esther. The capital is where all young villagers dream of going. Of living a life of luxury by making their fortunes. Most villagers end up dead in the first week those who don’t suffer a much worse fate. But there are some individuals who fight to stop this. The revolutionary army led by a commander called James Hayes. In order to help with the revolution, the commander created a special task force. A group of mercenaries who deal with the corruption in their own turf. The night reapers

Our story begins in a small village of Rochdale, which lies on the outskirts of Sleiria. The date of the imperial calendar is 2100. The village of Rochdale was built on a snowy tundra. The village looks plain to any travelers, with it’s splintered wooden rooftops, cracked stone walls, and plain skies. The village has a very ghostly atmosphere which is due to its low population. Most of the villages have either been forced out of their Homes to be sold as slaves or have left to try and find their fortune. Despite this, the villagers still manage to live their lives all except one house.

In a small cabin away from the other houses lived a young man of 16 named Kaiden Aeron who lived with his 6-year-old sister Angelina. Black spiky hair where only a few strands cover a face full of anger and sadness. Dark red eyes sit comfortably in their sockets which delve deep into his skull. His short-sleeved fur jacket covers him to his waist, the sleeves of his jacket are wide and reach down to just above his elbow. The jacket has a deep v-neck which reveals part of a plain shirt worn below which is worn with a leather belt, his brown pants are simple and loose and reach down to his furred shoes which are made from a very common fur. His sister has short black hair with a simple pink headband and bright blue eyes. She wore a blue dress with a white collar.

The reason Kaiden lived away from the rest of the village was simply because they feared him. Kaiden possessed, what many people would now call ‘magical powers.’ Many of the villagers came up with endless amounts of conspiracies.

Some depicted him as a warrior from ancient times, a survivor from the war between heaven and hell, a guardian. However, the most common theory was that Kaiden was an Akama. Akama were demons who used to be human, however, they sold their soul to one of the demon gods. This gave them a never-ending life as a slave to destruction, depravity

Kaiden made his living by hunting. He would hunt in the nearby forest and up the mountains for any possible food sources. The meat of the animal would provide the food and the skins could be made into clothes or decorations for his house. The forest was also a common hideout or meeting point for bandits, and thanks to his unique powers, Kaiden could easily defeat them and loot the treasures for himself.

One day Kaiden was sitting at his desk, he was drawing whatever came into his head simply to pass the time.He heard a sudden “Hmph.” Kaiden turned his head to see Angelina with her mouth on his elbow, she was blowing air onto him with bursts of playful giggles.

“Angelina, what are you doing?” He asked

Angelina responded with another playful giggle.

Another figure came giggling through the door, another young girl who long silver hair which reached her waist, and bright purple eyes filled with joy. This was crystka a close friend of Angelina and referred to Kaiden as “Uncle”

“Alright, you two?” Kaiden asked

“I’m fine uncle” crystka replied

“We just came to check on you big brother” Angelina added

“Come on, how many times have I told you, you don’t need to worry about me” Kaiden replied, rummaging his hand through his sister’s hair playfully.

“Have you prepared dinner for us big brother?” Angelina asked politely.

“Nah, I’m on my way now to find some, you two go play I’ll be back in a sec,” he responded.

The two girls smiled at him before racing out. Kaiden smiled as they ran out of sight. He then gave a short, heavy sigh.

Kaiden swiftly made his way into the forest. The emerald green scene was completely different to the landscape of Rochdale, despite them being very close to each other. Kaiden crouched down behind some bushes and conjured up a throwing knife. This was one of Kaiden’s abilities, to create items using his mana supply. However the more powerful the weapon the more mana it took to create and wield.

Kaiden heard the slight crunch of leaves ahead of him. Kaiden peaked over the bush to see a fairly large rabbit a few metres in front of him. Kaiden prepared to throw as the rabbit remained still unaware of the imminent danger. Kaiden threw his knife with precision. The knife penetrated the rabbit’s skull perfectly and it quickly fell to the floor.

Kaiden crept up to his kill and collected the knife, before picking it up he turned around to see a bright, armoured figure standing a fair distance away from him. Despite the distance, Kaiden could sense the killing intent from the armoured figure. The armour was white and seemed to be made from extremely strong plate metal. The helmet concealed the entire face and resembled the head of a dragon.

“Good morning or evening” Kaiden greeted waving his hand ever so slightly “I don’t really care which one it is.”

“I know what you are” the figure spoke in a deep voice the armour clearly had a built-in voice modifier.

“So you’re an Agios knight I take it?” Kaiden questioned.

“No, I’m a night reaper.” He answered. Kaiden pulled a confused face and looked up at the sky. The late afternoon Sun still shined brightly.

“Little early for a night reaper to be out,” Kaiden remarked

The figure grew bored of the conversation and launched at Kaiden preparing for a punch. Kaiden remained still and caught the man’s fist in his hand. Kaiden smiled as he slowly began twisting and crushing the hand. The man managed to kick Kaiden in the gut and break free of his grasp. The man’s hand began dripping crimson onto the dirt floor.

“Damn bastard” he cursed.

“Now that was a little uncalled for wasn’t it?” Kaiden questioned with a childish grin on his face.

The man charged at Kaiden again. Kaiden closed his eyes and felt a faint trickle of liquid travel through his vein. Kaiden opened his eyes and, what can only be described as, wings made from black smoke appeared on Kaiden’s back. They stretched over his shoulders and, if they had eyes they would definitely be staring at their pray. As the man approached the wings rattled and flew at him faster than his eyes could see. The wings brutally impaled the man, completely penetrating his armour, skin, and flesh. The smoke returned to Kaiden’s back and vanished from view.

The man’s body fell hard to the floor. Kaiden starred at him for a few moments before crouching down beside him. The armour vanished from his body leaving behind a man whose entire body was shrouded in blood. Kaiden spotted that the gauntlets on the man’s hand didn’t vanish like the rest of the armour. Kaiden hastily removed the gauntlets and examined them.

They were the same colour and material as the full body armour the man was wearing. Kaiden placed them on his arms to find they were a little big on him. But then. In front of his eyes, the gauntlets changed size to perfectly fit Kaiden’s arm. Kaiden shrugged before returning to the rabbit he had killed.

Behind him, Kaiden could hear the sound of armour clattering and, he could feel the vibrations on the ground. Kaiden smiled before turning around to see his close friend Holly running towards him, Holly was also crystka’s older sister. Holly was a young beautiful girl, golden hair flew elegantly down to her hips, two bangs of hair flew from the sides of her head and hung just above her breast a dark orange ribbon tied in a flower shape was shown on her right side of her hair. Friendly gracious crystal blue eyes sat perfectly in their sockets. Holly was also a member of the Agios knights and so was wearing the typical heavy armour they wore to battle.

“Kaiden are you alright?” She asked

“Yeah, something up?” Kaiden questioned

“A detected traces of dark energy so I came over.” She answered as she caught her breath.

“Think I’ve already taken care of it” Kaiden responded tilting his head to the fallen man behind him.

“That would explain the disappearance a few seconds ago” she stated she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him tightly. “I’m glad you’re safe.”

Kaiden smiled and returned the embrace.

“Seriously though Kaiden, I think there is a spot for you with the Agios knights.” Holly offered.

“Nah, I prefer to avoid fighting as much as possible.” He answered.

Holly rolled her eyes before returning to the village. When Holly disappeared from sight, Kaiden sighed.

“That was close.” He whispered before following after her.

The Agios knights was an organisation dedicated to protecting Horizon from being invaded by the demon lords. Naturally, this involved ridding the world of monsters, dangerous spirits, and Akama. They were trained to kill without a second thought. If Holly discovered Kaiden’s secret, then her duty would call for her to put him down.

Whenever Kaiden used one of his Akama powers, a faint trace of corrupted mana would enter the human world. The trace only remained for a few seconds before completely disappearing, but it was more than enough time for a nearby knight to locate the Akama. Luckily Kaiden was safe to use his recreation abilities as he possessed these before becoming an Akama.

Of course, not all Akama are evil after all those who were once human still possess evil emotions and they could easily help the Knights. The Agios Knights just decided it was safer to kill all Akama on the spot rather than, have an Akama help them, only to be betrayed by the Akama. And of course, many ‘normal’ people feared those with magical capabilities.

Kaiden returned to his house to be greeted by the three girls. After exchanging greetings Kaiden got to work on preparing dinner for the three of them. They chatted empty words before Holly and Crystka said their fair wells for the night.

A few hours past before there was a loud, abrupt knock on the door. Kaiden answered to see a town guard.

“Prince Seraph and general Bask are at the village outskirts.” The guard quickly informed.

Kaiden nodded before the guard ran away. Kaiden gripped Angelina’s hand tightly before sprinting to the large gathering of people.

Through the small gaps in the crowd, Kaiden could see multiple dozens of men behind Prince Seraph and General Bask. Seraph was a tall and dignified young man with golden hair standing up like a blazing flame handsome with an elegant face, and his eyes, crimson like blood, were visibly not those of a human and gave off a mysterious radiance that made people wither. He wore thick golden metal armour, giving the impression of a broad build.

Bask was a giant to most men and his muscle width matched his towering height. He was bold and had multiple scars across his face including one over his missing right eye.

Kaiden tried to remain hidden and hid him and his sister in a nearby shed. It was dark in the cramped building. Kaiden could barely see through the small cracks in the wall. From there, in silence, they witnessed the atrocity that changed them.

The village leader and his son were brought before Seraph. The leader was forced to his knees while the son was thrown to the floor with a sword pointing at the back of his head. Seraph crouched down so he was level with the leader.

“I’m going to ask you this once.” Seraph stated, “where is the demon?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The leader answered.

Seraph turned to face Bask and nodded. Bask then made a small but deep cut into the son.

“Let’s try this again mongrel.” Seraph growled grabbing the leader by his neck “where is the demon.”

Even from the distance, Kaiden could hear the cries of the son. He gritted his teeth and turned to Angelina.

“Wait here,” he told her before conjuring a sword.

With his free hand, Kaiden punched through the shed grabbing a nearby soldier who he threw at another who was nearby.

“Here I am!” Kaiden shouted and he stabbed and sliced the soldiers who ran at him.

“All of you get out of here!” He shouted, “Run!”

Kaiden charged at bask and tackled him to the ground. Bask was quick to flip Kaiden off of him. Kaiden landed perfectly on his feet. Bask charged at Kaiden who, punched Bask hard in the temple, Bask staggered before quickly regaining his posture. Bask grabbed his sword and swung at Kaiden. Kaiden dodged with ease and impaled his sword into Bask’s shoulder. Kaiden grabbed Bask and threw him through another nearby building. Bask landed hard on his back and smashed his head against the fountain.

Before Kaiden could finish off his prey, he was thrown to the floor and had his head forced repeatability against the floor. Kaiden was kicked over and he saw Seraph standing over him laughing arrogantly. Bask returned to his feet as Seraph laid Kaiden against the fountain. Bask grabbed his sword again and went to impale Kaiden.

Kaiden held out his hand and the sword shattered upon touching it. Before Kaiden could do anything else, a sword appeared behind Seraph and flew towards Kaiden like a bullet. The sword impaled not only Kaiden but the fountain as well. Blood mixed with the water from the fountain and stained it crimson.

“Worthless mongrel, forcing me to waste one of my treasures” Seraph growled

“Why don’t you just retrieve it like you always do?” Bask asked

“It is now stained with that mongrel’s blood, it’s no longer a treasure” Seraph replied turning away “however since I’m generous I’ll allow you to have these few moments to regret your life before the blood loss consumes you. Which life you choose to regret is up to you.”

The two of them quickly left, leaving Kaiden to choke on his blood. Kaiden gazed at the village. Fierce fires consumed the buildings around him. Kaiden could hear the meaningless cries for help and mercy. The cries were endless, like countless hands scratching on a chalkboard, the cries pierced his ears and gnarled into his heart. Kaiden found himself crying a few tears as he watched the small fragile girl crying and running towards him.

“Big brother!” She screamed. Although she knelt in front of him, Kaiden couldn’t comprehend the simple words that escaped her mouth. Kaiden had no energy to talk or move. He was forced to sit there and do nothing other than listen to her cries. It felt like centuries had passed before the darkness claimed his vision and the sea of forbidden and forgotten memories drowned it.

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