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Kiss or Kill

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"You've been a very bad boy sweetheart. Do you know what happens to bad boys?" I question my victim. A Cheshire cat grin came across my face as I aimed the pistol at his head and pulled the trigger. Avanelle Day is one of many girls whose heart has been broken multiple times. When she witnesses her long term boyfriend's infidelity, she is at her breaking point. An agency that specializes in capturing and erasing the lives of men who are a menace to society, recruits her and molds her into a killing machine. Being an assassin with major trust issues and a heart of stone, she has no interest in having a significant other. What will happen when Zane Anderson, the complete opposite of the assassin, gets caught up in the raging fire of her life?

Action / Romance
Tianna Joelle
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Chapter 1-Beginning

Two Years Ago

“Do you really think he’s going to propose tonight?” I implored my best mate, Ryan.

He sat facing me on my bed texting on his phone.

Ryan ogled at me with an annoyed countenance. “If you ask me one more time, I swear I’m leaving.”

I leered at him, batting my lashes. “Sorry.”

Ryan sighed aloud and settled his phone next to the lamp before facing me.

“Ava, you’ve been with Jason for how long now?” Ryan inquired. “Four years.”
I gave a lifeless nod.

“Besides, both of you are 21. Lots of people get married at that age.” He further commented.

I sighed and grabbed my pillow, letting out a scream of frustration.

“It’s about time he proposed. It’s Valentine’s Day for crying out loud and also your anniversary.” Ryan squeezed my arm as if to reassure me.

“Okay it’s not like I’ll have a problem if he didn’t propose to me tonight. It’s just that he’s been giving me this vibe since last week. He told me that he was going to the jewelry store but he refused to tell me what he was going to buy. Then this morning he called me saying that he’s taking me out tonight and I should wear a dress.” I sighed again before stuffing my face with the pillow once more.

“Okay listen, I’ll help you choose something to wear and you just go on ahead with him and see what’s up. If he proposes, you say yes of course. If not, dose him with a glass of wine in his face, yeah?” He replied, confidently.

I chuckled and he joined in. “Okay sir.”

Ryan and I have been best mates since we were four. His parents migrated from Australia and became our new neighbor. My mum and his mum became good friends and so did we. We were inseparable ever since.
Most people say that a girl and a boy can’t just be friends but they’re perverse. Okay, to be honest, I’ve been attracted to him. He has ashy blonde hair and hazel colored eyes. He’s also the perfect height for me. He is five foot ten inches tall whereas I am five foot five inches tall. Girls at college would slobber over him but I never found myself drooling. Maybe because I grew up with him and I’ve seen him before he got this hot.
You’re probably wondering why I didn’t hit that. Well, probably because he runs for the other team. He doesn’t look like the stereotypical gay so you wouldn’t even know he’s gay by just gazing at him.

“Hey what time did Jason say he’s going to pick you up?” Ryan asked, from across the room. I didn’t even see him get up.

“Umm...” I trailed off. “Seven o’clock I think.”

Ryan peered at his phone, probably checking the time. I swear, he carried his phone everywhere with him. Who doesn’t though.

“Get your butt up, it’s six o clock!” He belted.

“Oh shit.” I muttered, jumping up. I had a shower already so all I need to do is hair and makeup.

“Ryan look in my closet for a dress I could wear.” I instructed.

“Yes ma’am.” He obeyed.

I sat at my vanity table and looked at the mess I had to deal with. My hair didn’t look that frizzy and my face was pimple free so I guess there wasn’t much of a mess to deal with.
I pulled out my concealer pallet and began applying only to be disturbed by Ryan.

“What about this?” He questioned, referring to the red dress he had in his hand.

“Uh no.” I replied, returning my attention to my reflection.

An hour later I was through with my face and hair. I decided to go with a smokey look to make my blue eyes pop, curled my bang to perfection and made the remnants of my dark brown hair fall effortlessly on my shoulders.

Ryan had been running back and forth from the closet with different kinds of dresses with various shades of colors. I didn’t even know I had that much. Simplicity is what I like.

“Hey what are you going to do tonight?” I questioned loud enough so he could hear me. “Any plans?”

“Uh well I had plan on going to this singles party.... ” he hollered back.

“But nothing Ryan. You should go. Maybe you’ll meet someone.” I shouted back.

“Perfect” I heard him mutter.

I bent my neck to see what he was doing. “No not that one.” I whined when I saw the red dress he was holding. He had bought it for me last Christmas but I tucked it away far away in the closet because it was way too short for my taste.

He came out with it sporting a grin. “This is the one.”

“No Ry. It’s too short.” I whined.

“Put it on.” He ordered, tossing the dress at me.

I glared at him but when I realized he wasn’t backing down I sighed. “Fine.”

“Good.” He grinned, triumphantly.

“So bossy.” I muttered, taking off my sweatpants and tank top that I had on.

“I heard that.” He called, his head in his phone. “You have curves Ava, it’s about time you show them.” He urged.

I slipped into the red strapless, deep cut, short dress and it clung onto my body like it was made for me.

Ryan whistled, gazing at me from head to toe. “Hot damn.”

I rolled my eyes and chuckled at his comment. Looking at my reflection, a smile crept its way up my face. What can I say, I did look good.

“Black heels or white?” I questioned.

“Black, it goes with your black purse.” He answered.

I slipped on my heels and grabbed my purse and phone.

“You look smoking Ava. I’d totally shag you if...you know.” Ryan noted, raising a brow.

I felt my face flush at his comment.

“You should see your face right now.” He laughed making the color drain from face.

“Whatever.” I mutter.

“You know you love me.” He boasted.

I turned to look at him and he wagged his eyebrows which made me roll my eyes once more.

“Yes I do. I love you so much.” A grin spreading across my face, I sauntered over to where he sat and placed a sloppy wet kiss on his face.

“Eeeeww okay stop! You have your saliva all over my face now!” He whined.
I cackled even louder while watching him wipe the wetness off his face.

“Hey it’s 7:00 now, where is your boyfriend?” Ryan questioned, his brows coming together.

I checked my phone for any messages but there weren’t any. “He’s probably running late. You know how he is.”

“Okay ma’am.” He replied, pressing his lips together.

“Stop calling me that.” I whined, looking heavenward.

Ryan laughed at me. He was about to say something but his phone started to ring.

He held a finger up to me and walked out my room for privacy. What’s there to hide Ryan.
I walked over and pressed my ear against the door in an attempt to eavesdrop.

“Hold on a minute.” I heard him mutter. “Ava stop listening in to my conversation!” He called.

My face reddened from embarrassment. How did he even know I was eavesdropping. I could be listening for termites within the door frame for all he knows.
I sighed heavily, suddenly feeling alone without Ryan in the room.

I walked over to my computer desk and logged onto my social media account using Ryan’s name. My fingers made their way at typing in Jason’s name. It’s something I do ever so oftenly. Not to spy but just to admire him. After four years of being together I still feel warm inside whenever he looks at me or I look at him.
I saw a couple of pictures with him and myself snuggled together. One with him planting a sloppy kiss on my face and another with him at my highschool graduation. He had dark brown hair, emerald green eyes and a chiseled jaw line.
I checked the time again.


Where the hell is he? He’s never been this late before.

“Ryan!” I called just as he opened the door.

“You should call him.” He stated, folding his arms.

I sighed and dialed his number. Pressing the phone to my ear, I waited for an answer.
None came.

“Try again.” Ryan urged.

I did as told and this time someone answered but it wasn’t Jason. It was a more feminine voice.

“Umm where’s Jason who is this?” I questioned a bit baffled as to who the girl on the phone was.

“Oh umm Jason’s not feeling well right now. He’s in the bathroom.” The girl told me. Her voice sounded a bit familiar but I couldn’t quite point out who it was for.

“Who is this?” I questioned her.
I heard Jason’s voice in the background and then a beeping sound signifying the call had been ended.

I sat there dumbfounded with my mouth hanging open.

“What is it?” Ryan inquired.

“I-umm..” I stuttered.

“Spit it out Ava.” Ryan urged.

“Some girl answered the phone saying that Jason’s sick and he’s in the bathroom?” I frowned.

“Who is she?” Ryan questioned.

“I don’t know. It’s probably his sister.” I faked a smile. “I should go check up on him.” I added, grabbing my purse and car keys.

Ryan held both his hands out to stop me. “Whoa there Missy. I’m coming with.”

“No you aren’t.” I started, stepping around him.

I knew he wouldn’t take a no for an answer but I couldn’t bother arguing with him right now.

Turning the key in the ignition, my car came to life. I quickly backed out of my driveway and started the short journey to Jason’s house.

“Ava, what if he-” Ryan started but I cut him off.

“He’s feeling sick and his sister is taking care of him.” I stated turning to look at him.

I gave the road my attention and ignored whatever Ryan was trying to tell me.

“But-” he started again.

“Shut it Ryan!” I belted. “He’s not like Vincent or-or Robbie. He doesn’t cheat.”
Vincent dated me in high school and had me convinced I was the only girl in his life but I wasn’t. He was with three other girls. Robbie on the other hand, cheated on me with my best friend in junior year at high school.

“Okay.” Ryan muttered, turning his gaze away from me and to the road.

“He doesn’t cheat.” I whispered to myself.
“But what if-” he insisted once more.

“I swear on my grandmother’s grave if you utter one more word out of your mouth, i’m pushing you out the car and I don’t give a damn if you break your leg or any other body parts!” I screamed at him.

Ryan mumbled something but I ignored him.

We came to a stop at Jason’s house and I quickly got out the car before grabbing the spare key he gave me.

“Wait in the car.” I called to Ryan.

I heard him grumble something before turning on the car radio.

I quickly opened the door and took my heels off. They are such a pain. I don’t even know why girls wear them. All they do is cause blisters.

I walked upstairs to where I know his bedroom was and opened the door.

I felt my jaw drop at what I saw.
A not so sick Jason was lying down with a girl on top of him riding his junk.

My eyes began to get wet as I approach them. They didn’t even realize that I was in the room.

I cleared my throat to alert them. The girl jumped off him dragging the sheet to cover her body. Now seeing her face, I realize it’s his best friend. Wow, and just earlier I was making a point that guys and girls could be just friends.

“What-why?” I asked, my voice breaking.

Jason got up naked, not bothering to cover up. What’s the difference. I saw him naked before already.

“What are you doing here Ava?” He asked me, his brows coming together.

“We-we have a date, remember?” I stuttered. “What are you doing with her?” I took a step backwards holding my hand to my chest as to somewhat get rid of the constricting pain that I was feeling in my chest.

“It’s not what it looks like.” He stated, scratching the back of his head.

I looked at him closely wondering who exactly was standing before me. It couldn’t be Jason. It can’t be.

“It’s not what it-what does it look like then!” I screamed. My eyes began to water and I tried to order them away but they refused.
I waited for an answer but he gave none.
“How long?” I questioned, looking away from him.

“What?” He inquired like he was deaf. My head swiftly turned back to him, my brows drawing together.

“How long has this been going on!” I screamed at him and he cringed backward.

“Oh my god, could you leave already. We were having fun here before you dropped in ” his best friend sighed, looking heavenward.

“How could you Brina? I thought we were friends.” I cried.

She rolled her eyes at me. I then notice she had a diamond necklace with the letter J on it. Well I guess that answers the question as to what he bought at the jewelry store the other day.

I turned my attention back to where Jason was standing in front of me, awkwardly shifting from foot to foot.

“How long Jason?” I asked once more.

“Does it really matter?” He screwed up his face.

“Yes Jason, it does matter!” I screamed at him, making him wince once more.

“Three years.” He muttered, his face hardened.

My eyes widened with shock and it welled up with tears. I took a step back holding my hand to chest from the pain I was feeling. How did I not see this? Was I that blind?

“How could you?” I cried.

Jason clenched his jaw and rolled his eyes. “You weren’t good in bed so I had to.”

“Oh my god!” I cried out. “Did you even love me?”

“I did but that love faded a long time ago.” He confessed, looking down at me, his expression hardened.

I threw the spare key he gave me in his face and ran out the room, tears streaming down my face. I ran outside and ran opposite to where my car was parked. I didn’t want to face Ryan’s questions just yet.

“Ava!” I heard Ryan calling.

I ignored him and focused on running. The pavement felt cold against my bare feet but I ignored it and kept pushing.

I’ve had my heart broken before but this was so intense, it’s like I could hardly breathe. For four years Jason and I have been together. I was extremely close with his family and we were even envied by other couples because of how in love we were. Now knowing the majority of the time I’ve been with him, he’d been screwing his best friend behind my back makes me feel like everything we ever shared was all a lie.
I literally felt like dying right at that moment.

I heard a car screech to a stop behind me but I continued to run.

I then heard footsteps behind me and felt a hand grabbing hold of me.

“Let me go Ryan!” I screamed.

“Please calm down.” A voice was heard that belonged to a stranger.

I stopped fidgeting and turned my head slowly to see who was holding me. It was a man.
I opened my mouth to scream but he covered it before I could.

“I’m going to explain, just please promise me that you won’t run or scream, ” he said reassuringly with a genuine smile.

I contemplated for a moment before nodding my head. If he tries to kidnap me, I’ll just use the defense training Jason gave me, to use. At the mention of his name, my heart sunk.

“Avanelle Day, you’ve just been recruited.” The man announced with a smug smile.

I scrutinized him from head to toe with my eyes and cheeks still wet from the tears that I had been shedding. Leo was a tall muscular guy. Not the kind to make you feel like running but the kind to make your knees buckle. He also had blonde hair and blue eyes. Typical. I roll my eyes inwardly.

“What do you mean recruited?” I baffled. “And how do you know my name?”

“If you come with me, my boss will explain everything to you.” He replied calmly.

“I think not.” I attempted to run away but he caught hold of me again.


“Please. If you run, I’m allowed to knock you out and carry you with me. If you come willingly, there will be no need for that.” He smirked.

I looked behind to see if Ryan had attempted to come look for me but I didn’t see him or anyone else. The road was vacated.

“Fine, I’ll come with you.” I sighed.

He retrieved a cloth from his pocket.

“You’re gonna have to wear this over your eyes. The location must be unknown to you until you accept to be apart of the agency.” He gave a lopsided grin.

I have nothing to lose so what the heck. Well, I do have my family and Ryan to lose but I really don’t care right at this point.

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