Deja Vu

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Becoming a mum seemed hard enough for she is learning secrets she never knew before. Join her on an adventure where she is living the same moment forever. "...David Akinbode's work is exceptional he really know how to create development, He is a very Idiosyncratic person. " A Friend

Action / Thriller
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The Start

The wind slapped me as the momentum of the car lifted my stomach like a plane taking off. The ever so slight kick in my womb bought warmness to my soul. I checked my watch the time glared at me. “It's 9:34 pm he isn't supposed to be up this late!” I said panic growing inside of me.

“Don’t worry, just because he didn’t fit the schedule doesn’t mean anything is wrong!” The driver or the so called man of my dreams said.

“But Matthew I don’t want anything to happen to him was not even married I can’t have anything else dramatic happen in my life,” I explained to Matthew causing him to frown. But that frown soon turned into a grin.

“You know I’ve been thinking we have been dating for way too long.” He afflicted

“By long you only mean 5 months, Matthew I really don’t see what you are trying to say.” I pleaded hoping he wouldn’t say what I think he was going to say. He took a very deep breath and he glanced at me.

“Elizabeth Jane Smith will you marry me?” He rushed staring back on the road.

“Don’t you think we are going way to fast like it feels like we just met yesterday and you want to marry me!”I said panicking

“You know you may be right but, you said it yourself you are 6 and a half months pregnant and that baby needs a father.” He shoved in my face

“I don’t even remember 8 months of my pregnancy and my life and no one will tell me why!” I screamed tears forming in my eyes.

“So is that it Elizabeth, are you saying no!” Mathew yelled causing guilt to build in my stomach.

“No, no I just saying I need time to think,” I said calming down. Matthew looked at me again but this time he grasped my hand firmly.

“Honey I lo-“Suddenly my heart and my breath were knocked out of me. The world spun out of my control, as I gasped for air. Pain shrieked all around my body. My tribulation soon ended and I was lying on my side pieces of my life scattered everywhere. Noises range in every direction as blood ran down my body like a river. Fighting the pain I reached for my womb as felt no movement. Tears started to form in my eyes. A very Bright and unexpected light flashed in my eyes making it hard to keep them open. I slowly closed my eyes letting go of life itself. I was dragged into the darkness and chained away far from freedom. Another bright light over surfaced me. I tried to move my head away from this light but it pulled me in. I heard whispering and murmuring around me but could not open my eyes long enough to see who it was. The wind rushed over me as I fought the war of trying to stay awake. There were at least 5 people around me pushing the bed around me that much I knew. My mind struggled but lost I quickly shut my eyes hoping the pain would go away. Only ages later a beaming light blazed over my tired eyes. My gut twisted and dizziness fell upon me. It was like a roller coaster. Suddenly a bright glowing man appeared open in front of me, I tried to wake up but couldn’t I was trapped like always. The man turned away from me and started to walk away. I rushed to follow him before the darkness swallowed me. We then were faced with a light tunnel, so bright I had to cover my eyes as I walked through. Once my eyes adjusted to my surroundings I also adjusted to the low whispering around me. The air was very stiff and full of bleach that irritated my nose. The walls were white and were scrapped in hundreds of places. The pictures on the wall were cheap print of uplifting scenes and above the double door were large blue plastic signs with areas of the hospital that lied ahead. I looked at what I was wearing now noticing it was something different. It was a very expensive looking white silk dress, something you would not find at Wal-Mart.

“When did I change?” I asked myself. There only a few people around me walking when I began to notice them. Many were sitting down just waiting. The constant sound of coughing sprang in the air. I walked to the main front desk a few inches away from me. I was then confronted with a young lady wearing a suit doing paperwork that was stacked next to her. The almost invisible tag on her shirt read “Grace”. “Excuse me, Grace is it?” I let out wait for a response but was soon denied. I rose my voice a little higher, “Um excuse me.” I said still being rejected a response, she just kept working. “Is she deaf or something?” I asked myself. I slowly backed away just as a tall man walked to the desk, and with a small alert, the man got the woman’s attention. “What is going on here?” I questioned. I collided with the wall l behind me and slid to the ground, now being in the middle of a long hallway. Panic and confusion filled my stomach. All a sudden an elevator down the hallway opened and out came 2 ladies speedingly pushing a man on a bed. The women were so focused on the assignment that it was ok if they didn’t see me. The closer they got towards me the more I hoped they would hit me. My body was ready for impact when they came in contact with me but was quickly denied as they drove right through me. My heart began beating rapidly. I closed my eyes hoping it was all a dream. The old images of my family, my friends, and my life began forming in my mind. The mood soon changed and so did the setting. The wind slapped me as the momentum of the car lifted my stomach like an airplane taking off. “This felt so real, like I’ve been here before.” I whispered to myself.

“You know I’ve been thinking.” The man next to me excitedly said. He kept talking and I checked my watch”9:34pm.” Matthew reached for my hand and grasped it firmly. “Honey I lov-“

“The baby!” I yelled but I was too late…

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