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The Thaumaturgy

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They never tell you how much it hurts to be a hero; they never tell you that while you lie on the ground bleeding you are not overwhelmed with righteous glory, you are just simply bleeding. Her name is a whisper, a curse, a laugh, and a prayer. She has walked through fire without burning. She has climbed walls without faltering and fought armies and won. Her voice is silent yet her words are infamous. You never know who she is, you never know which fights she has fought and if anyone has ever met her and lived to tell the tale. You only know two things about her; her name is The Thaumaturgy, and she cannot be real. (Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash)

Action / Adventure
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You never realise how much you've lived until its time to die.

I remember everything from the moment before I fell; I remember the wind whipping my back and the smell of salt water; I remember the warmth of the hands holding me and the flicker of torchlight; I remember my heart beating hard and my clenched fists shaking.

But the thing I remember most of all is her face, shining like a beacon in the well lit darkness. I remember the tears tracking down her face and the smile she gave me which spoke a thousand words she had never uttered.

I remember my lips stretching to form her name as they pushed me.

I remember everything that happened the moment before I died.

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