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Raven is a cold-hearted killer.She destroy things that destroy her.Along time ago she watch her parents get killed.Now she is up for revenge.She will do what every it takes to revenge her parents

Action / Drama
Nya Chandler
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I got ice in my veins,blood in my eyes.Hate in my heart,love in my mind.

I used to be the sweetest little girl that every parent wanted to have.I used to get bullied at school and hide behind the walls scared and alone.But everything change when I saw my parents get murdered they were laying in a pool of there own blood.Now that I’m 16 years old and have my Grandma I can start my revenge to find the killers that killed my parents.I been on killing springs I just kill random people.What I learned from my experience is to never let someone destroy you,you destroy them that’s how I survive.Oh did I mention I have a gang,Yup I’m a gang leader .All the people in my gang are loyal to me.Well that’s enough chit-chat its time to start the real story.

“Its time to get up Raven”Jack said and I was too tried to move.

“No go away”I said then he grabbed my legs and pulled me off the bed.

“We need to go we have a meeting with our teachers”He said and I got off the floor.

“Fine give me 20 minutes”I said and he nodded you might be wondering who is jack he is my cousin he works for me anyways lets get dressed.I got up and did my morning routines then I went down stairs to eat.

" Kids did ya’ll eat?“Grandma asked and we nodded.

“OK its time to go”Grandma said then we went to the car and started heading to the school the teacher wanted us to meet her at.

“Please be on your best behavior especially you Raven.“Grandma said when we were walking in the school..

“I will try”I said and she gave me the death stare.

“I said I will try I’m telling the truth.“I said then I walked in and they followed.When I walked in I saw a cute boy he had on all black and a leather jacket which is kinda similar to me because I have on a black dress and a leather jacket.I saw him looking at me so I winked at him then I went to catch up with James and my grandma.My grandma went into talked to the teachers then I heard a gun shoot.

“Did you here that?I asked James and he nodded so I got my gun and held it in my pocket.

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