The Elite Justice Force Squad Series, Episode 1: Vritra's Rebirth

By Michael James Beasley All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Scifi


A covert network of superhuman superagents posing as taxi drivers in a nongovernmental entity formed a league of intellectual elite justice seekers with supernatural powers acting as an agency trained to stop terrorism, corruption, and liberate people from oppressive dictatorships called the Elite Justice Force Squad. Episode 1: Vritra's Rebirth: The undercover secret agency are on borrowed time as they race against the clock to prevent the resurrection of an eons-old ancient dragon monster triggering a worldwide cataclysmic event all while training a new recruit from an Atlanta local looking for a new adventure in his life while gaining superhuman strength and supernatural abilities to manipulate the weather while living a split identity in a heart-stopping action-packed political cyber surveillance sci-fi apocalyptic thriller in the Elite Justice Force Squad Series.


All persons in the following document are fictitious, all events that occur in the book are based on the writer’s imagination and the following events are fictional but are based on events and scenarios that may or may not have occurred and are solely ideas of the writer to provoke creative thinking and are not intended to disrespect, offend, or misrepresent any race, creed, religion, or culture in any way, shape, or form.
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