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Chapter 11 Vanishing Light

Aldrich limped from the Trioscepter headquarters and held on to his arm. His clothes were shredded, and cuts were on his arms and legs. He stumbled over bodies and debris rolled in the wind. Piles of rubble laid and the embers burned.

A car came and parked at the Trioscepter headquarters. Donovan ran out of his vehicle and put Aldrich’s arm over him. They walked toward his car, and Donovan said, “Where are the others?”

Aldrich wiped the blood and sweat from his face with a handkerchief. He said, “Look around. Do you see the fire, the shattered glass, and the bullet holes in the wall?” He squeezed the handkerchief, and his knuckles popped as they stretched the skin. “We couldn’t stop them.”

On the ground laid the Trioscepter symbol broken in pieces with corpses surrounding it. Donovan said, “Why did the Scarlets come here?”

Aldrich said, “They were not Scarlets. They don’t have the strength to do this.”

A survivor came to greet them, and Donovan stood toward the building. Shatter glass laid on the floor and bullet shell covered the ground. The survivor talked with Aldrich and Donovan opened his car door, entering it. He said to the survivor, “Take Aldrich, to the hospital now. I’ve got to go right away.”

Aldrich said, “Where are you going?”

The engine rumbled, and Donovan said, “Home.” The car dashed out, and his phone buzzed. It was Barry. “Hello.”

“Donovan, listen to me carefully. Don’t go to your home. They’re waiting for you there,” said Barry.

“What, what are you saying? No, this ... this can’t be.”

“Donovan, they’re ...” The phone cut off.


The phone buzzed again. The contact name was Cassidy, and he answered as a cold chill went up to his spine.

Paul said, “Hello.”

Donovan said, “Who is this?”

“I’m the man you’ve plagued for the last six months. We now know who’s been behind the Trioscepter’s success. Didn’t I tell you never to interfere with Scarlet affairs.”

“You’re the man from the alley.”

“And you’re one of Astronon’s traitors. I remember you from the news in the past.”

“Those were lies. I never did those things.”

Paul laughed and said, “Sure they were.”

“What do you want?”

“Don’t be an idiot Donovan, you know what I want. Your technology is very impressive, and with your knowledge, Astronon will fall into our hands quickly. If it weren’t for this, I would’ve killed her and you slowly.”

Donovan received a picture. Wrapped duct tape covered Cassidy’s mouth, and a rope tied her arms and legs. Donovan’s fist tightened, and he said, “If you harm her, I’ll hunt you down.”

Paul laughed and said, “I doubt that, but I won’t hurt her if you provide us with your technology. Now, I expect you to come in thirty minutes holding no weapons. If a gun is found, I’ll kill her.” Paul hanged up.

Donovan ground his teeth and tapped his fingers. He yelled inside of the car and punched his seat.

Donovan’s car drove up to a building, and a couple of Scarlet men were outside. Two tall men with leather jackets and red shirts stood with their arms folded in front of the entrance. The car door opened and Donovan stepped out of the car.

“You there. Put your hands up in the air and face the other direction,” said a guard. They grabbed him and pat his body down from top to bottom. A guard pulled out a mic and said, “He’s clear, sir. Ok, we’ll bring him inside.” The guard pushed Donovan with his gun and said, “Move it.”

The shrubs rustled and a branch fell from the trees. A stick cracked around the shrubs and guard put his hand on his chest. Blood leaked on his hands. The guards outside grabbed their guns and their heart beat accelerated.

The bullets flew out of the bushes, and it ripped the flesh of the Scarlet guards. Some dived and hid behind concrete cover. Pieces of concrete flew, and bullets clashed against metal as sparks flew from it. They were the rebel Velojins from Velodise, but the Scarlet called the mysterious people who attacked them the Necros.

Near the entrance, Donovan dived behind cover and grabbed a gun from a bloody hand.

The Scarlets fired from the windows of the building and the Scarlets outside shot too. A guard talked on his mic, “Paul, you mustn’t come here. We’re under attack. It’s the Necros that attacked Location ...” Blood flowed from the middle of his forehead, and his mic dropped as he fell on his back.

Donovan rushed through the Scarlet entrance in the midst of the chaos. Scarlet men sneaked up and grabbed him as they held their weapons, dragging him by his arms. Donovan’s gun fell to the floor, and they threw him into a room.

In the room, the windows shattered and men in black clothing dived inside. They punched and stabbed the Scarlet men, and they screamed as the knife punctured their bodies.

Donovan rushed from the room, and gunshots fired from inside the building. Scarlet men crawled on the floor, leaving a trail of blood and dead Necros in black ski masks laid on the floor with their eyes open.

Donovan ran through a hallway and opened doors as he passed.

A Scarlet grabbed Donovan’s shoulder, but a Necro flew through the window, jabbing his knife into the Scarlet. The Necro walked toward Donovan but a gunshot fired at him. The Necro dropped to the floor, and a Scarlet held a gun at the doorway. The Scarlet turned and stopped a knife from hitting him. A Necro fought the Scarlet, and they moved to the left no longer visible from the doorway.

Donovan ran and broke through a door. In the room, there were no windows. Duct tape and rope laid on the floor and a Scarlet ran into the room, pushing him against the wall.

Four more Scarlets rushed in and shut the door. One backed up to the darkest part of the corner. Black gloves covered his mouth, and a blade went through his backside.

A Necro in a chrome masks rushed out and fired at three Scarlets. The last Scarlet tackled him, and they wrestled on the floor in front of the entrance.

The Necro took his knife out and pointed it in the direction of the Scarlet’s chest.

The Scarlet held the Necro’s wrist and pushed him to the side. They rolled, and the Scarlet snatched his knife. The Scarlet was on top of the Necro, pointing the blade close to his torso.

A gun was on the floor, and Donovan crawled toward it.

The Scarlet punctured the Necro’s flesh, and a bullet fired into the head of the Scarlet. The blood splattered on the chrome masks.

Donovan’s hand trembled as he held the gun.

The Necro leaned against the wall and blood flowed on the floor.

Donovan’s hands shook as he pointed the gun at him.

The Necro coughed and his bloody hand laid on his wound. He leaned over and died.

Donovan’s mouth hung as the gunfire continued outside. He ran into the hallway, and someone stood at the doorway. It was Cassidy.

They drowned out the violence outside, and their hearts raced. Heat rushed to their bodies, and their eyes sparkled.

“It’s good to see you,” said Cassidy.

Donovan swallowed, and his legs shook. He said, “I’m happy you’re ok.”

The door slammed, and a muscular man in a red leather jacket walked in the room, blocking the door and holding a gun. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, “The two of you’ve brought trouble on us. I’ve got you both now, and I won’t allow you to escape.”

Donovan pulled out his gun, and it clicked.

The man frowned.

Donovan ground his teeth and ran toward the man. He punched the man multiple times, but the man was unaffected.

The man launched his heavy fist into Donovan’s stomach.

Donovan gasped for air and knelt to the floor, holding his stomach. The man grabbed him by his collar and lifted him up with one arm.

Cassidy’s eyes watered, and she said, “Please, no, don’t hurt him.”The man threw Donovan against the wall and Cassidy ran toward him.

Donovan stood and stumbled. He lunged forward toward the Scarlet, but Cassidy stopped him. “Please, don’t. You’re going to get yourself killed. My heart can’t take anymore,” said Cassidy.

The man’s phone rang. He said, “Yes, I have them both with me. What? But Paul, I don’t understand. Fine, I’ll obey orders.” He hung up and said to Donovan, “If we can’t use you, then no one can. We won’t let another organization like the Trioscepter have an advantage over us.”

From another building, someone held a sniper rifle. Crosshairs aimed and the person breathed heavily. Through the window, Donovan stood beside Cassidy and in front of them was the Scarlet.

The man said, “Your ideas will go with you to the ground.” He lifted his gun and pointed at Donovan. The bullet flew from the barrel and left behind a spark as it distorted the air around it. It echoed and soared toward Donovan as he shuts his eyes.

Cassidy pushed him to the floor.

Donovan’s eyes widened and said, “Noooooooo!”

Cassidy held her stomach and laid on the floor.

The man laid on the floor with a gunshot in his head and glass from the window scattered across his body. Donovan ran to Cassidy and lifted her up. Tears rushed down his face as he held her in his arms.

Cassidy’s eyes drooped, and her hands trembled. “I couldn’t lose you.”

“No, it wasn’t meant for you. No, please, oh god, please. Stay with me. Don’t leave me.”

Cassidy caressed his hand and whispered, “I’ll always be there. I love you, always and forever. Always and forever.” Her eyes closed and the caressing stopped.

Donovan held Cassidy, and a gush of tears left his eyes. He took deep breaths, and a sharp pain struck his heart. He shut his eyes tight, and his hands balled up into a fist, cracking his knuckles.

Outside of the building, Scarlets shot back and covered the others as they dumped gasoline on the building.

A great cry echoed from the building and send shivers up the spines of everyone. A coolness spread throughout everyone’s bodies, and their hearts raced for some strange reason.

The Scarlets lit the match and threw it. The building went ablaze and collapsed into a pile of rubble. Smoke and fire rose to the sky, and on the wall, a shadow held a body, running from the area.

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