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Ghost bird

In the garden, Sensei Rikomura was giving his first lesson to Aiya, Suzuko, Bairei and Anni. The other students were in the training room with different teachers. Sensei said, "Okay, we organized the students by mentor and I'm teaching the 4 of you since your The Flockurais and besides the 5 of us, my wife and the faculty know about your secret. Normally my father, the headmaster assigns students by team, "Dragon", "Griffin", "Pheonix", "Pegasus", "Icarus", or "Cockatrice". We are, "The Pheonix Team Battling the expert, that's always an ancient tradition in The Rikomura Academy."

They knew it was one day since they became The Flockurais and they knew they can take him down. Sensei took out his sword and battled Aiya first, he did a good job, so did the girls, Bairei failed to do it. He threw down his bamboo sword on the ground. As Sensei turned around, Bairei thought they should sleep at Tokyo Cemetery tonight because of rumors of the ghost of, "Azami Takamoto". She was a wealthy fashion designer in the 1920s. Then one day during 1924, she became bankrupt and died in this cemetery of a broken heart. Aiya didn't know much about ghost legends, but he'll give it a shot tonight. They'll leave at 10pm, while everyone is sleeping. As they left, Sensei came in looking suspicious.

Later that night at Tokyo Cemetery, Aiya, Suzuko, Bairei, and Anni were walking in with their backpacks. Aiya's backpack was blue with a kite on it, Suzuko's was pink with a ballet slipper on it, Bairei's was red with a saxophone on it and Anni's was yellow with a superhero on it. It was the first time Anni visits Tokyo Cemetery. While they were looking around, they found Azami's Mausoleum. Her grave said, "Azami Takomoto, fashion designer, mother, wife, and lovely woman.". Bairei explained that she got married to a family friend, "Kijuro Toba" and she prefers to be called by her maiden name in her fashion line. Bairei knew because he and his brother were homeschooled. He grew up in the poor. During those days, he played the saxophone on the street while his parents work as gas station attendants, eye doctors, bicycle repairpeople and librarians. His parents have 4 jobs so they can earn extra money. Aiya said, "My parents are kite makers and caretakers for the school and my mom works with disabled students." Anni said, "My dad was a TV mogul and my mom was an actress." Suzuko said, "And we all know my parents run a dance studio and their marine biologists." Then a female voice said, "To bad, I work as a grave-digger for rich families."

Out of the shadows came a women wearing a black leotard with short leggings, white gloves, a purple belt with a white fireball on it a white mask and she had shoulder length curly black hair. She was, "Hitodama". They hid behind 4 Japanese graves and turned into The Flockurais. While they were taking down Hitodama, Anni did her supersonic jump and accidentally knocked off her mask revealing as a splitting image of Azami Takamoto. Swanerfly shouted, "Great Cygnus! You're the splitting image of Azami Takamoto. I can tell people by their related by their genetics!" Hitodama said, "That's because Azami Takamoto is my grandmother." Owloceroes said, "Now that you mention it, you do have her face, but where's your birthmark. If you were a relative of Azami Takamoto you would've had a birthmark shaped like a diamond." She removed her left glove revealing her diamond-shaped birthmark. The team was shocked learning that she's Azami's granddaughter. She put her glove back on. Hitodama said, " Granny had a baby boy before she went broke, gave him up for adoption and daddy grew up in an orphanage."

Eagonfly said, "Anata wa yoru dainashide wa arimasen!(Your not ruining the night!)" Eagonfly got out The Blade of Yamakawa, made a slash and knocked Hitodama down, but she made a fireball and aimed it at him. Owloceros shouted, "Oh Strigiformes! Look out Eagongfly." He pushed Eagonfly out-of-the-way. Eagonfly thanked Owloceros for saving him.

Hitodama was about to break into the mausoleum when an invisible Swanerfly knocked her down. She turned visible afterwards. They went inside her mausoleum to turn back to normal. Aiya told them By the time Hitodama wakes up, she'll be in jail for grave robbing. Inside the mausoleum was a coffin with jewels on it and hanging above her was her prized jewelry. A diamond necklace, a gold tiara with sapphires, an emerald bracelet, amethyst rings, and topaz earrings. Anni said, "Oh my Columbidae, look at all those jewels."

Bairei said that they should we take them, but Anni said that her ghost will be depress if they take their stuff. For example, Egyptians lay off curses to scare tomb riders. She knew that becauseI watches Egyptology movies. As they went outside, a ghost samurai came out and scared all 4 Flockurais grabbed their backpacks and ran away. As they ran out of the cemetery, the ghost samurai removed his helmet, revealed to be Sensei Rikomura. He wanted to teach the kids a lesson about sneaking out. Then a women came out with a bag of flour used for the special effects. she had her long black hair in a bun and was wearing a light green kimono. She was Sensei Rikomura's wife, "Rinako". They both kissed and left the cemetery while holding hands.

The End.

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