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Pegasus Problem

The students were on a trip to Pegasus Ochard. Sensei Rikomura was driving the students to the farm while his father, "Isao Rikomura" was calming them down. He had short gray hair and mustache and wore a dark green kimono. He told all of the kids to behave on this field trip. They were going there to have fun and to learn about farm life. When they got to the farm, it had a large barn, a stable, and a 2 story house. Suzuko thought it was cute. Aiya explained that it's the school's first time here, normally they go to different farms in the country. Sensei Rikomura thought we would do something different. As they got off the bus, a 10-year-old boy came out. He had short spiky black hair, green eyes and was wearing a t-shirt, green overalls and red sneakers. He was, "Horiuchi Kawano". He explained that his great-grandparents got the name of the place from Greek Mythology. Then a man with black hair, he was wearing a black shirt, grey overalls and cowboy boots came out of the stables. He yelled, "Nē, koreha shiyū zaisandearimasu!"(Hey, this is private property!)" Horiuchi explained, "Mr. Kamiya, their visitors from The Rikomura school, last week my parents made deals with the headmaster to let the students learn farm life. Mr. Kamiya said, "Sorry, I get crazy when I see new people." Suzuko asked, "Are wa dare?(Who's that?)"

Horiuchi awensered, "Sore wa, watashi no ryōshin no yūjindesu(That's a friend of my parents,) "Gekko Kamiya" he runs the stables. My parents are out of the farm for a while leaving Mr. Kamiya in charge. I'm supposed to give you the tour because I'm the oldest of 3. My brothers, "Koetsu" and "Senzo" are playing in their rooms." During the trip Horiuchi taught them how to milk cows, feed animals, grow plants, and gather animals. Suzuko took pictures of their trip. Later they went to the stables to learn about the horses. The place was best known for their horse back riding lessons. "Karera no kawaīdesu.(Their cute.)" Suzuko said. A horse turned away. Suzuko knew horses loved being petted because she took horse riding lessons when she was 6. Horiuchi explained that for the last 2 weeks, horses have acted weird.

They hatted being petted, they don't move much, Their eyes turned red, and they said, "No" to apples and hay. They grow many apple trees here, that's the 2nd thing Pegasus Orchard best known for. The team decided to investigate tonight. After dinner, the team sneaked into the stables in their superhero form and it was a good thing their spending the night at the farm so the student's wouldn't get tired by the time they got back. Later, the team was in their Flockurai outfits, sneaking around the farm. They found an open window in the barn, Ladydove used her supersonic jumping and went through the window. The landed safely on the ground and let the other members in. They saw the horses awake and Aiya decided to feed one an apple. It refused to eat it. Aiya realized something, he tapped the horse revealing their robots. They didn't know where the real horses went.

Swanerfly said, "During the trip, Horiuchi told us that Mr. Kamiya lives in a cabin not far from here. He lives alone and he hates getting married because he thinks women waste money and that's just rude." They flew off to find Mr. Kamiya's cabin. His cabin was old and inside were real mounted animal heads, a real bear rug, old furniture, robotic equipment and horse riding trophies. Swanerfly accidentally leaned against, revealing a secret passage way. They went inside to find a room filled with the missing horses powering machines up. Swanerfly said, "Great Cygnus, those poor horses their being turned into power machines." "A good way to use electricity sweetheart." said a voice. Mr. Kamiya came in wearing a black jockey suit with a dark green short cape and goggles. They asked, "Mr. Kamiya?" Moonsable said, "Please, when I'm in this mode, call me, "Moonsable". My parents use to own an equestrian center, until it got torn down to make a candy factory. Luckily I majored in robotics at Techno University. Plus when their tired their skin make good wallpaper!"

The horses looked scared and the team looked disgusted on what he said. Then Moonsable left locking them in the room. They couldn't let him get away with his poaching crime, people need horses to plow fields and for horse riding lessons. Luckily, Owloceros has super strength. He punched the door to let the horses out.

Eagonfly said, "Good work Owloceros, now we need a way to tell if someone is in danger or not." Toshiko came in and said, "Wareware wa tasukeru koto ga dekimasu."(We can help.)" The Yamakawa sprits came in. Izanagi explained that they can sense danger near. He told them that they have to go back to the stables, because Moonsable is going after the only horse he didn't kidnap, "Arata" he's the youngest horse in the stables. Eagonfly told Owloceros and Swanerfly to go to the stables while he and Ladydove free the real horses. Swanerfly, Owloceros, Clara, Odette, Star-Child and Michael flew to the stables to stop Moonsable. As they barged in, Moonsable threw a tree at them luckily Owloceros used his super strength to make the tree fly away. Moonsable said, "My gloves can have super strength and shoot energy beams." He grabbed Arata. Swanerfly shouted, "Great Cygnus! Don't hurt that small foal." He shooted an energy bolt and he missed. Swanerly got out her Fans of Flight and knocked down Moonsable, Arata went up to Swanerfly and snuggled her. Swanerfly said, "Kare wa watashi o aishiteimasu.(He loves me.)" Everyone inside the farmhouse came outside to see what's going on. One student said," "Karera wa daredesu ka?(Who are they?)" another said,"Sono subarashīdesu!(Their awesome!)" Owloceros explained, "I'm, "Owloceros" and this is "Swanerfly" we protect Tokyo from harm like Moonsable."

Eagonfly and Ladydove were flying while the real horses were charging against Moonsable. "Sutanpīdo!(Stampede!)" yelled one of the students. Owloceros flew up and rescued everyone in front of the stables, except Moonsable. Swanerfly helped Arata away from the stables while the horses take down Moonsable. The students thanked them for saving them and the horses. Eagonfly said, "Sure thing, I'm "Eagonfly", this is, "Ladydove" and we're "The Flockurais"." Moonsable came out injured. Horiuchi went up to him in a furious look. He removed Mooonsabel's goggles. Horiuchi got mad at Mr. Kamiya for kidnapping the horses.

The next morning Mr. Kamiya got fired for kidnapping the animals. Horiuchi father, "Teika" and his mother, "Ichino" were serving Tamagoyaki with steamed rice. Teika had short black hair, brown eyes, thick eyebrows, a green t-shirt, light blue overalls, and loafers and Ichino had grey eyes, straight black hair, and was wearing a red farmer's dress and high heels. Ichino asked, "Wareware wa attaga dakara anata ga iru koto o itte, autoobu machi ichi ni yūjin o hōmon?"(So your saying that while we were out-of-town visiting a friend in the city?) One of the sudents said, "Hai, karera wa hontōni kūruna sūpāhīrōdesu."(Yes, they're really cool superheroes.)" another said, "Karera wa uma ni hi ka shutoku kara watashitachi o sukuimashita!"(They saved us from getting run over by the horses!)"Sensei pretended to be surprised and he winked at the team. Horiuchi asked them what they were doing, Aiya told him that they went exploring the woods at night. Later on the bus ride to the school, the 4 kids were talking about their adventure. Aiya liked the history of the orchard, Suzuko liked the flowers and she took pictures of the farm with her camera, Bairei thought the farm was okay. )

The End.

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