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Ice Bird

The team was at Watanhara Ice-Rink. People ice skated and participates were watching. Aiya, Bairei and Anni were in their regular clothes, while Suzuko was wearing a pink long sleeve shirt, a pink skirt and ice skates. Suzuko was going to teach them how to ice skate, she took a lot of lessons. She took ballroom dancing, ballet, English Language, Spanish, French, Chinese, British slang, Hawaiian, horseback riding, cooking, acting, swimming, gymnastics and surfing lessons A boy came in looking proper. He was, "Yugoro Aoyama". He had black hair dyed red, a black uniform, a jade necklace and boots.

Yugoro said, "Yugoro Aoyama". Probably familiar with my parents video game company, "Aoyama Games"?

Anni said, "I know them, their best known for their Comets games."

Yugoro explained that he decided to to return to Tokyo from his old boarding school, "The Martha Boarding School" He's attending The Samba Muramoto School. Aiya said that he attends The Rikomura Academy. Yugoro said, "Sore o kiita koto wa arimasen.". Then he left, Aiya explained that no one hears of it much since the 1950s. They put ads on newspapers, hand out flyers, make radio announcements and put posters on buildings.

Bairei said, "Wow, talk about old fashion."

Then a Villaness came in, she had long black hair dyed white, a small nose in a white jumpsuit with a snowflake, platinum bracelets on it and short light blue boots. she spoke in her French accent., "Hello skaters, I'm, "Ice Starling" and your ruining my practice." Yugoro went up to her and complained about her disturbing the skaters.

Ice Starling yelled, "Watashi wa kinishinaide kudasai.(I don't care.)"

(She froze Yugoro's body.)

Yugoro screamed,"Tasukete!(Help!)"

(The four hid in the locker rooms of their respective genders. No one was there and they turned into The Flockurais. Owloceros came to Yugoro and used his super strength to free him. Yugoro made a run for it. Then a skater got knocked out by a muscular man. He had shoulder length hair dyed orange, a black unitard with a Jack-O-Lanterns on it and ice skates.)

Ice Starling: This is my husband, "Glacier" we're going to attend in the competition and you better love us!

She made an ice road and escaped. Glacier almost hit them, but they flew up and took down Glacier. He ran out of the rink. The person whom glacier knocked out was unconscious and no one was looking. They transformed back to normal and thought about Ice Starling and Glacier. Suzuko recognized her as, "Heliette Obara" formerly, "Heliette Yamagata". She was a French woman with a Japanese Descent. Her parents were silk makers in Paris. One day she saw some ice skaters who wanted to teach her. That's when she got into Ice-Skating. During her competition days, she was a solo artist until she got kicked out for getting onto the rink during a showing of Cinderella. They looked at each other. Later that day, competitors and Ice skating fans were complaining about what Ice Starling. As the team was looking around, Aiya found a flier for, "The Nutcracker Youth Skating Competition." The flier also said that it's for a mixed gender duet. Winning will get 250,000 yen and a decade coupon book. They figured school could use some money. Inside, they met the judges who were rapper and music producer, "Rei Obara", actress, "Rui Nishikawa" and TV producer/writer, "Sofu Taguchi". Suzuko recognized Mr. Taguchi as a family friend and warned her friends that he's a perfectionist.

Mr. Taguchi instantly recognized Suzuko. After she introduced her friends to him, Mr. Taguchi told Aiya that they don't allow hats in the building. Aiya removed his hat. Anni removed hers for precaution. Mr. Taguchi noticed Bairei's hair. He combed it and put hairspray on it. Afterwards, both of Bairei's eyes were showing. After Mr. Taguchi left, Aiya thought that the only way they can stop Ice Starling and Glacier is for 2 of them to enter the competition. Suzuko decided to enter because she has experience, Bairei didn't want to be in the contest with Mr. Taguchi, and Anni would look silly in the ice skating outfits. So it's up to Aiya and Suzuko to stop them. Suzuko went up to the sign up sheet to sign them in while Aiya, Anni and Bairei talked. Aiya explained that he doesn't know how to figure skate. Suzuko decided to teach him. For the rest of the day, they worked on Aiya's skating, until he got it. Afterwards, Suzuko signed up explained that their going to do, "A Mid Summer's Night Dream".

A few days later, Suzuko was wearing a long pink wig, A pink sleeveless dress with sparkles on it, white stockings and ice skates and Aiya was a blue shoulder length wig, and was wearing a blue sleeveless unitard that with ice skates. The outfit he wore was the only male ice outfit Suzuko brought. During the competition they saw Ice skaters do a samurai act, a ninja act, a heavy metal act, a spy act and a superhero act. Anni loved the superhero act and Bairei liked the heavy metal act.

The Announcer said, "Tsugi wa, `suzuko Matsuda' to `Aiya Yamakawa" ya~tsu te, `manatsunoyorunoyume'(Next up, "Suzuko Matsuda" and "Aiya Yamakawa" reenacting, "A Mid Summer's Night Dream.")"

Aiya said, "Kōun.(Good luck.)"

Suzuko replied, "Anata mo Aiya.(You too Aiya.)"

They reenact the scenes where Lysander and Hermia eloped, where he went missing and where they found each other and kissed. Bairei got jealous. Then Ice Starling and Glacier came in. Mr. TAguchi said that it's for people from ages 8-18. Ice Starling is 28 and her husband is 32.

Mr. Taguchi said, "Shikkaku.(Disqualified.)"

Aiya and Suzuko skated out of the rink and turned into Eagonfly and Swanerfly. As Swanerfly was about to stop Ice Starling, she slipped and before Glacier was about to hit her, Swanerfly screamed, knocking out Glacier unconsciously. She decided to name it, "The Swanerfly Scream". Ice Starling was about to freeze the judges.

Swanerfly yelled, "Swanerfly Scream!"(She did a supersonic scream and knocked out Ice Starling. After the security arrested them, Yugoro was the last person to come up. His act was, "Yugoro's First Place performance". He did a lunge, a figure 8, a quadruple spin, and a jump. The judges disqualify him because he didn't have an opposed gender partner. Yugoro got really furious he wanted to call his lawyers about this, but the security came and dragged him out of the ice rink, leaving the 4 heroes laughing at him. Eagonfly and Swanerfly quickly hid behind the stands and changed back. Then Mr. Taguchi announced that Suzuko and Aiya were the winners because he was an ice skater until he sprang his right ankle that required surgery in 1959 where he carried his partner, "Koko Kobashigawa" who is now a talk show host. Plus he was Lysander in high school.

Later that day at Velino's Pizza. It was a treat from Mr. Taguchi for giving him his memories back. They were having an extra cheese pizza. It was the first time Aiya ever had pizza. Mr. Taguchi told them if they need any entertainment advice, they should give him a call. He gave the team copies of his card. Aiya said that they will call him.

The End.

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