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At The Rikomura Academy, a boy was doing a magic act. He had black hair, was wearing a magician's outfit, and he looked like Anni, except he had curtained black hair and black eyes. He was, "Masuhiro Omori" Anni's fraternal twin brother. He was going to turn a ball into a rabbit He placed his small yellow ball inside his hat. Instead of showing a rabbit, his stuffed rabbit, "Marvin" was missing. Anni suggested that he should prepare more often, but he refused. He left to go find Marvin. He forgot to get from his room. Bairei thinks that Masuhiro is nuts and Anni gets that a lot. She even explained to them that he messes every time he does something. Plus he thinks aliens are real. She remembers when they were 5 and the prime minister came to the school, and Masuhiro ruined the visit by preforming a magic trick and spilling hot tea on his kimono. Then Odette and Clara came in saying that there's trouble at Tokyo Zoo.)

Aiya said, "Ikou!(Let's go!)"

They quickly rushed outside the school and transformed into The Flockurais. No one was looking. They followed Odette and Clara to Tokyo Zoo, animals went into crates a by a hypnotist. He had a black urban suit, a long dark orange cape Your costume looks like urban wear designed in pastel orange, green, and white. It also includes a long cape, a visor and a wrist communicator. As they try to knock him down, he hypnotized Eagonfly, Ladydove and Owloceros into placing the animals in his truck. Swanerfly felt fine. She turned invisible while the 3 hypnotized supers placed all the animals in the truck and went off. Swanerfly powered down. She got confused. Back at the temple she was thinking about the villain who kidnapped the animals while practicing her ballet. Masuhiro came in. He asked where his sister is. Suzuko didn't want him to know their secret, so she exaggerated that she took a ride. She also told him that The Flockurais, except Swanerfly were hypnotized into kidnapping animals. Masuhiro remembered who would do that.

Masuhiro said, "Then your thinking of, "Keisuke Obi". He was a hypnotist from the 1960s, until he got fired for hypnotizing his boss's wife into falling in love with him. That's where he went into a poaching career. I read his article in Hocus Pocus Magazine, and he says that all of his furniture had real animal skin."

Suzuko remembered her sister's 13th birthday and she was volunteered to be a hypnotists assistant. As he try to hypnotize her into thinking she's a cat, she felt nothing. Her parents forgot to tell the hypnotist that their immune to hypnosis gene.

Suzuko thought to herself, "I get it. It didn't effect me because of an old Matsuda gene, immunity to hypnosis and that's terrible of him hurting those animals."

She went off in secret. Meanwhile, Masuhiro got out his magician cloak and mask. He became the new superhero, "Mutanja". Outside where everyone got distracted by a parade honoring burger joints, she transformed into Swanerfly. Then Mutanja came in. He wanted to help Swanerfly find the other hypnotized Flockurais. Swanerfly carried him on their way looking for her friends. Then they saw an old warehouse on the outskirts of Tokyo. There they found all the missing animals looking miserable. She turned invisible so she wouldn't get caught.

The Great Swirlo said, "Perfect, place those animals in the cages and by morning, I'll poach them like I did in my hunting days. They kicked my out of Kenya for illegal poaching, well I'll show them. I'm going to make fur furniture out of these filthy animals thanks to my new henchmen. The only way to turn them back to normal is a dash of mustard, which I'm allergic to."

Swanerfly had an idea. She told Mutanja to distract them. She went to the parade and found a mustard float promoting Rirokama Mustard.

Swanerfly said, "Watashi wa korera o kariru hitsuyō ga arimasu shite kudasai?"(I need to borrow these please?)

Riro the Mustard Bottle said, "Kakujitsuna misu wa, masutādo no teika de, anata wa kanpekina wusterd ga arudeshou.(Sure thing Miss, and with a drop of mustard, you'll have a perfect wusterd.)"

(She flew back to the warehouse to find Mutantja being taken down. Before The Great Swirlo could take her down, she squirted the mustard on her friends and they turned back to normal.)

Eagonfly said, "Koko wa doko?(Where are we?)

Swanerfly explained that their in a warehouse filled with zoo animals. They looked around and saw all the animals looking miserable. Suzuko them said that The Great Swirlo is not only a hypnotist, he's a poacher. The Great Swirlo came up and before he could attack, Mutantja came in and knocked him out.

Owloceros asked, "Who's the guy with the cape?"

(He put his cape around the body.)

Mutanja said, "I am the great, "Mutantja" inspired by you guys I became a superhero to help Tokyo and there needs."

Owloceroes said, "Lame and too long. Go for, "Protect Tokyo"."

Mutantja got his cape caught in a hook and try to get it out. Then they noticed something. They Imagined him without his mask and found out it was Masuhiro in a superhero form. They pretended they didn't know him. Then the animals started to take down The Great Swirlo. The elephant said, "Arigato" meaning they can understand animals. Eagonfly told the animals to go back to the zoo before the zoo keepers finds out. Owloceros and Swanerfly grabbed The Great Swirlo and flew him to Tokyo Prison. While Eagonfly and Ladydove flew back to the school with Mutantja. Mutantja started to noticed that Ladydove looked like Anni. Before he could remove her mask, she blocked him. She told Mutantja that like a magician, superheroes never tell their secrets. He got excited, he decided to tell his sister and her friends, thinking their back at the school. Mutantja ran off. Swanerfly and Owloceros told them that the animals are back at the zoo and no one got hurt. The team looked at each other. Their afraid that Masuhiro might mess everything up, so they decided to keep an eye on him so he doesn't bother anyone.

Later that night they found Marvin inside the headmaster's room, while Bairei shows them his diary. Masuhiro followed them and found Marvin. He was a white stuffed rabbit wearing magician's outfit. Masuhiro left him there while he was helping Headaster Rikomura find his wallet. Headmaster loses his wallet all the time. Then Headmaster Rikomura came in with Bairei holding his diary, and Bairei accidentally blabbed out he was going to read it. Headmaster Rikomura confiscated the diary from him and asked them to leave. " October 8th, 1984, Masuhiro Omori goofed off by becoming this superhero, "Mutantja" I read about it in the newspaper. I just hope Anni, Sato or Wazuka control him like always. He left his stuffed rabbit in my office again while looking for my wallet where it was under his desk".

The End.

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