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Liborio Fragale

Joe looked at the newspaper in front of him, and then at Vinnie. “What’s this? Why did none of our contacts alert us?”

Vinnie sat opposite him in Joe’s office. They had just discovered a picture of ninjas in the paper. “We only found out when the paper came out. We don’t know where they come from, if they’re local or have been moved here. Trust me; the contacts are scrambling for information to give us.”

Joe nodded. “Keep pressing them for info. We can’t be behind when there are new ninjas in the area.”

Vinnie stood up and pulled out his cell phone. He had a few calls to make.

Joe stayed at his desk. The girl they had taken ten days ago, she might have heard something. He picked up the old fashioned phone on his desk and made a call. “Kev, get the girl.”

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