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Chapter 14

Henry sat across the grimy table from a petite blonde girl with startlingly blue eyes. She had introduced herself simply as Anna, and was currently showing him how to dismantle part of an engine. Henry recognised her as one of the batters from the local minor league baseball team that played in Kennebunk, not far from where they were.

To Henry, Anna seemed far too timid to be a ninja, but Master Wong knew what he was doing when he picked those he knew he could train.

Anna had barely looked at him, but the seventeen year old knew exactly what she was doing with the engine parts. When Henry questioned her on it, she just shrugged. “I learnt all I needed from my dad. Master Wong made me take a course in mechanical engineering to compliment my skills.”

Henry nodded. The master was known to do that to prospective ninjas. Henry’s course had been Advanced Oriental Languages after Master Wong had discovered Henry’s almost photographic memory concerning language. Shyla’s was Forensic Accounting, the feisty redhead having a solid grasp of numbers.

Henry managed to pick up enough from Anna in a few days to pass as – at least – a fairly competent mechanic. Any other questions, he would need to phone her for advice.

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