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Chapter 27

Henry and Shyla walked to the newspaper office early the next morning, eager to receive their mission. Larry opened the door for them and ushered them into the office. Justin stood up and shook Henry’s hand. “The hit will take place tonight at Harley Dock.” Justin motioned for them to sit. “A shipment of drugs is arriving at midnight. We need to be there, undercover.”

Shyla glanced towards the two other agents in the room. “Will we have backup?”

“Yes,” Justin replied. “There will be three snipers, and five trained field agents. Master Wong has also promised as many trained ninjas as he can spare.”

He pulled out a briefcase and handed them each a cell phone and night-vision goggles. These were to go along with the knife and gun both ninjas were already armed with.

“The cell phones are completely untraceable.” Justin commented. “You will need the night-vision goggles. The gun and the knife are standard issue weapons, as you are obviously aware. I merely assumed you both knew how to use them when they were issued. I trust I was correct?” He looked at Shyla.

She nodded. “Basic ninja training.” She smiled. “Although I have a feeling your advanced course was centred around weapons, since you issued us with these specifically.”

Justin smiled. “Advanced Weaponry and War Tactics. I know yours is Forensic Accounting. And Henry’s involves Oriental Language.”

Henry nodded and stood up. “We’ll meet you here at ten o’clock tonight.”

Justin nodded, and Shyla stood up as well. “See you later.”

The two ninjas turned and left the room, tense in anticipation.

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