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Chapter 29

At exactly ten o’clock, the two ninjas appeared at the newspaper office. There, they met up with the three other ninjas; all five were currently unmasked. Henry examined the other ninjas. He knew Anna, whose full name was Anneline King. The blonde went under the name Silent Ninja. They other two males – Henry knew – were Anthony Collins and Steven White. Anthony was Green Ninja, being the one with dark hair and emerald eyes. That left Steven as Polka Ninja. He wore his faded bandana over his cherry hair. His blue eyes sparkled in the streetlight as he looked over the four ninjas with him. Henry decided to bite the bullet and introduce himself. If he was expected to trust these people, he liked to know who they were. Once introductions were complete, the five ninjas headed inside the news agency.

Justin was waiting for them with the rest of his men. The half hour drive to the dock was a tense one, with the group spread out over two cars. Shyla sat watching the lights flash backwards into the distance. Parts of Rutherford bordered on the coast, and it was a fairly busy – if small – harbour. The docks came into view, and everyone began shifting nervously in their seats. The cars pulled to a stop, and the five ninjas spent a moment checking their weapons.

Shyla and Henry took up their positions on top of two containers; the snipers were at a higher vantage point, looking down on the scene. The three other ninjas were positioned around the lot. The field agents were stationed at the entrance and all exit points. Shyla pulled out a small photo of her mother from the back of her black shoe and stared at it, worried about her. If Liborio Fragale finds out who I am, Shyla thought. Mom’s in serious danger. Even more if I don’t get out of this alive.

The thought made Shyla shudder, and she focused on the task at hand. The knife was strapped to her ankle, and the gun to her waist. She glanced at her watch. Quarter past eleven. The sound of an approaching car drew her attention to the gate.

The sleek, black car pulled up, and Joe Fragale himself stepped out onto the concrete. The four bodyguards surrounding him emitted an aura of menace as Vinnie stood next to him. “Boss,” he said. “When are the drugs getting here?”

“Half past.” The raspy voice of Fragale replied.

Shyla glanced over to Henry, who was intently watching the men below him. Shyla counted four rifles and three visible handguns between the four bodyguards. She could see the three other ninjas, but only because she knew what to look for.

The relative silence was broken by a boat engine pulling up to the nearby dock. A scrawny man sprang onto the concrete and walked briskly up to Fragale. “One hundred kilos of coke, as you requested.” The man stated, keeping their business transaction as brief as possible.

“Your payment.” Vinnie said, handing the man a large briefcase.

As the man took the case, one of the bodyguards toppled over sideways and hit the concrete with an audible thump. As the second bodyguard fell, Shyla shot out the back tyres of the car. The field agents surrounded the group, guns drawn. Henry front-flipped onto the concrete, followed closely by Shyla. Anna, Anthony and Steven stuck to the shadows, covering the visible agents.

Shyla’s gun was drawn and pointing at Fragale’s heart. Red dots on one of the bodyguards, Vinnie and the unidentified man indicated the presence of the snipers. Vinnie slowly raised his hands and opened them. A metal canister dropped to the floor, bounced and rolled to a stop at Shyla’s feet.

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