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Liborio Fragale

Joe put his feet up on the desk and gazed at the ceiling. He had been locked to his computer for the last three hours, trying to break the encryption on the file the FBI contact had sent through to them. The contact had said it was only referred to as the Black File Archives, and was a rumour within the FBI.

The file, however, was highly encrypted, and Joe had been running decoding software on his computer to get to the information within.

In the meantime, they were planning on interrogating their newest prisoner for information. She had shot out the tyres on Joe’s town car, and he wasn’t impressed about it. Vinnie entered the room on the heels of that thought, and sat opposite him. “Any luck on the code?”

Joe shook his head. “What about our prisoner?”

Vinnie looked at his boss. “She was searched. No weapons. We were planning on leaving her in there with the other girl.”

Joe nodded. “You’re sure they pose no threat?”

Vinnie nodded with a smile. “They’re just a pair of girls. What risk could they possibly pose to us?”

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