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Chapter 37

Shyla folded her arms and stared back into the flat brown eyes of the man across the table from her. His blonde hair was cut short. He looked at her. Shyla stared back. This man wasn’t familiar to her. The interview was initially supposed to be conducted by Vinnie, but he had been called away at the last minute because of a fire. She had a feeling the ninjas were behind the disruption.

This was running in the back of her mind as the man sat back in his chair. “Who are you?”

Shyla knew Protocol Seven was in place. Created and named by Master Wong himself, Protocol Seven was the set of guidelines in place should a ninja ever end up being interrogated. The first step was an identity switch. Every ninja had one they used. “Clara. Clara O’Brian.”

The man nodded. “Okay, Clara. Why did you shoot the tyres on Joe’s car?”

Shyla shook her head. “That wasn’t me.”

The man stood up. “You sure? Because Vinnie was quite adamant it was you.”

Shyla shook her head. “You have the wrong person.”

The man scowled. “We saw you fire.”

Shyla didn’t react. “No you didn’t.”

The man stalked to the far wall in the small room, and turned to face her. “We know it was you. Why?”

Shyla met his eyes, and raised an eyebrow. “It wasn’t me.”

Protocol Seven was frustrating this man, and Shyla thanked the master internally. Protocol Seven was simple, but highly effective.

Deny your identity.

Deny anything you are accused of.

Maintain your temper when confronted.

Do not retaliate if you are physically assaulted.

At all costs, avoid any situation where your identity may be discovered.

If you are discovered, deny everything. You cannot betray what you don’t know.

This ran constantly through Shyla’s mind as the man continued to question her. After two hours of fruitless stonewalling, the man escorted her back to the cell. The door slammed shut behind her, and she turned to face Essie. “We need to get out of here, and soon.”

Master Wong handed several tools to Henry. “I know you haven’t been home, Dark Ninja,” he said. “Your uncle called to find out where you were.”

Henry nodded. “We need to get Shyla out soon. Protocol Seven will only last so long.”

Master Wong nodded. “I am inclined to agree with you. But the plan will go ahead tonight. Your Shyla will be retrieved.”

Henry smiled. “I know she will be doing everything she can to get herself and Esther out alive.”

The master smiled, and bowed to Henry. He looked to the clock in the corner, and picked up the keys to his purple 53’ Chevy pickup truck. “It’s time to go, Dark Ninja.”

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