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Liborio Fragale

Joe stood at the window of his office, watching as the security detail examined every inch of the fences around his base of operations. It was almost four o’clock in the morning, but the boss could not sleep. Something was bugging him, but he couldn’t seem to figure out what it was.

Two minutes later, Vinnie burst through the office door. “Boss, we have a problem.”

Joe turned to face him. “I don’t like hearing those words, Vince.”

Vinnie’s face wore a look of disbelief. “Boss, both of them are gone. The girls. They’re gone.”

Joe felt his blood run cold. “The whole thing was a diversion.”

Vinnie nodded. Jordan entered behind him. “A breech was detected in the inner perimeter, north-west corner. Looks like the wire was cut. Was a professional hit, boss. These guys knew what they were doing.”

Joe scowled and sank into his chair. “One or both of those girls is involved with the ninjas. That’s the only reason that hit happened.”

Vinnie scowled. “What do we do now, Joe?”

Joe looked both men in the eye. “We hit back, hard.”

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