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Chapter 46

The next three days passed in a blur for Shyla. Clarisse and Theresa were moved to a secure location somewhere near Fort Kent, Maine the day after the information broke. The two ninjas who had been guarding them, Steven and Anthony, were now on around the clock rotation on Shaun’s house, along with Anna and Henry. The four ninjas worked on twenty hour shifts, with the ninjas trying to overlap as much as possible.

The information stored in the Black File Archives was highly sensitive, so Shyla knew every ninja who couldn’t be spared for the impending attack was getting out of town. Many had families, and were taking sudden holidays across the country until it was confirmed that the information was under control.

Any ninjas who were willing to fight against Liborio Fragale were checking in every hour with Master Wong and Anthony – who had a degree in Advanced Logistics – keeping them up to date with any developments that took place. These men and women were on call to attack at any moment.

Maria was just leaving after a final check of Essie. “You’re doing okay. Keep drinking, and small meals, and you should be fine in a week or so.”

Essie smiled and hugged the doctor. “Thanks.”

Maria left, and Anthony shadowed her up the dark street to where her car was parked. The sun had long set when he returned to his post on the roof, and scanned the dim street. The pretty blonde ninja on the peak of the house sat still, watching the back of the house. Anthony took a moment to examine her, but she turned to face him. Anthony and Anna locked gazes, and she scowled.

Inside, Essie shut her eyes as Shyla brought her a cup of tea. “Justin doesn’t think they have cracked the encryption just yet. We have a little more time.”

Essie nodded. “What information is in these Black File Archives?”

Shyla sighed. “Our locations, places of work, nearest relatives. Basically, it’s a goldmine for an organisation like Liborio Fragale.”

Essie opened her eyes and picked up the pad of paper she had been writing information onto for the FBI. She had included a general layout of the house and compound as she had seen it. Right now, she was writing any names she could remember hearing. Shyla helped with a general timetable of when the guards were around, and when they went off rotation. Justin was due to stop by later that day to fetch Essie’s statement.

That was when there was an unexpected knock on the door.

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