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Chapter 47

Shaun opened the door, and was surprised to see Harry on the other side. Harry looked upset about something, and entered the house without being invited in.

Henry had been alerted to Harry’s approach by Steven, and had moved Essie and Shyla out of the living room and into the upstairs bedroom. Henry himself was on hand if things turned heated.

Harry spun around to face Shaun. “Why did I have four different people turn up at my door, telling me not to speak?”

Shaun shut his eyes. “There’s been a huge blow-up on the part of Liborio Fragale. The ninjas, they’re running scared.”

Harry nodded. “So why did they threaten me?”

Shaun shut his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, swearing in frustration. “Because ninjas are stupid loyal! Do you know what we did four days ago? We broke into the compound where Liborio Fragale does its business, just to rescue one ninja.”

Harry paled. “Who?”

Henry stepped out from behind the edge of the wall. “It was Shyla. But we got her out.”

Harry took a deep breath. “What must I do?”

Henry glanced at the front door, and then back at Shaun. “You need to keep a low profile. As somebody who knows even a small amount about us, you are a liability to the ninja community. I suggest you try to keep what you know to a minimum, and don’t share it with anybody.”

Harry nodded, and turned to Shaun. “This is where we part ways, I guess.”

Shaun sighed, but reached over and shook Harry’s hand. “It’s been a fun ride, old friend. But you know that this world is dangerous. We might not survive.”

Harry nodded. “Keep well, and I will see you around.”

Henry watched as Harry left, and saw Steven track him to the edge of the block. He shut the blind, and turned to face Shaun. “You okay?”

Shaun nodded, and flashed Henry a tired smile. “Harry was destructive for me anyway. I will miss him, but we need to move on.”

Henry smiled at Shaun, and watched as Shyla and Essie came back down the stairs.

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