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Liborio Fragale

Joe scanned the information as it scrolled rapidly across the screen. The bulk of it would be sifted by several of Joe’s top men when there was more time to spare. Right now, he was looking for two names, and two faces. The first one he looked for was Esther Jones. Emmett had assured Joe that there was no chance of Esther ever being listed in such a database, but Joe checked anyway. He trusted his top men, but there was no harm in making sure. After all, ninjas were not known to broadcast their numbers to the enemy, especially not to Liborio Fragale.

There was no such name listed in the database. Nor was her picture amid the several hundred listed in the database. The size of the list was a surprise; it contained both former and currently practicing ninjas. It also contained their addresses, as well as any next of kin. One picture was familiar, and Joe froze. He picked up his phone and dialled his second. Vinnie would want to see this.

The attached name didn’t correspond in any way to what they had on record, but that made little difference to the boss. This girl – Shyla Evans – might have used a different name, but she was still in the database. This meant she was a ninja. And now Joe knew everything about her. Vinnie appeared in the doorway. “I was on the stairs when you called.”

Joe leant back in his chair, and smiled at Vinnie. “You are going to be a very happy man when you see what I just found.”

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