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Chapter 49

Anthony was just nearing the end of his twenty hour rotation, in the early hours of that Saturday morning, when he heard a faint rumble. Anna had returned to the roof about three hours before, but hadn’t said a word to Anthony since her response to his scathing comment.

Steven heard the rumble from his post in the front garden at the same time, and flipped open his phone. “Master Wong,” he said into it. “Tell Justin to man the battle stations. They’re on the way.”

Anthony looked behind him at the unmasked Anna, and took a deep breath. Nobody like her should have become a ninja, but the master knew what he was doing when he selected his students. Anna glanced over her shoulder at Anthony, and then turned back out into the night. She was clearly still hurt by what he had said. Even in the dark of the early hours of the morning, that much was apparent.

Anthony jumped down onto the grass, and Steven turned to him. His face was hidden behind his mask, but there was no mistaking the mix of anger and pity in his eyes. That vanished quickly, to be replaced with almost feral determination. “You ready to divert attention?”

Anthony grinned, feeling the adrenaline begin to race. “Of course, Polka Ninja.”

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