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Liborio Fragale

Vinnie eased the car around the corner, and drove up the darkened block. It was about half past three, and Vinnie could feel himself growing tense. There was something about this situation he didn’t like.

Jordan followed behind him in a black SUV, and Emmett was behind them in an identical SUV. The address Joe had given them was to their left, and the three men got out of their cars to converge on the sidewalk in front of the black house. Their instructions were clear and simple. Get in, get the girl, get out. Once the ninjas came for her again, the business would destroy them forever.

Jordan hadn’t questioned the need for a full assault team; not after seeing the scale of the attack on the compound the first time around.

The black clad men that had been passengers in the three cars got out and took up defensive positions around the house, as well as around the neighbouring houses. The three in charge were going in hot, and the rest of the team were acting as backup. Vinnie walked up to the front door, and knocked twice.


He knocked again, louder.

More nothing.

A thump inside had the three men reaching for their guns. The door opened a crack, and a large green eye peeked out at them. “What do you want?”

Vinnie flashed his gun, and the eye widened. “Let us in. We don’t want no trouble.”

The door shut, and then opened again fully. A tall teenager stood in front of them. Vinnie gauged he was about eighteen, with short, straight, dark hair and sparkling green eyes. The teenager wore low-slung, ripped, black jeans, and a black dress shirt. The shirt was unbuttoned, leaving his muscular chest bare. A sprawling tribal tattoo peeked out from under the shirt on the left hand side of his chest, the design black against his tanned skin. Vinnie didn’t care much for the fashion statement combination as he pushed into the front hallway and motioned for Jordan and Emmett to join him.

The door snicked shut behind them, and Vinnie felt a prickling sensation on the back of his neck. He swung around, and came face to face with a petite blonde girl, her deep sapphire eyes wide as she took them in. She was fully dressed in a dark blue shirt and equally dark jeans, but seemed a little flustered to Vinnie. He didn’t want to think about what he and his men had interrupted, not with the protective way the guy in front of him pulled the girl behind him. Her wary blue eyes travelled over the invading trio as she stared past her boyfriend’s shoulder. “Edd? Who are these people?”

The teenager, obviously Edd, turned to the girl, placing his hand briefly on her waist. “Don’t worry, Nes. Just go back to bed. I won’t be long down here."

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