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Liborio Fragale

Jordan tapped his ear, and then frowned. He leant towards Emmett. “I’m not picking up the men outside. You sure this thing is working?”

Emmett tapped his own ear, and then scowled. “Bill told me they would stay on and the men would be in range the whole time.”

Edd, the teenager Vinnie was still talking to, didn’t seem to hear what they were saying. As Edd turned his head, Jordan spotted something that caught his attention. “Edd, why do you have an earpiece?”

Edd raised his hand and tapped the device in his ear. “Got too close to a firecracker about five years ago. I’m deaf in that ear unless I have this in.”

Jordan wasn’t convinced. “Vinnie, I’m not getting anything from the men outside.”

Vinnie swung around to face Edd, and took out his gun. “Who the hell are you?”

Anthony raised his hands. “I’m Edd. I’m using this house…”

Before he could continue, a shout came from outside. It was cut off abruptly, but it was enough. Jordan pulled out his gun and yanked the front door open. He and Emmett ran outside, and Vinnie stepped up to Anthony. “You know what I’m going to do if you pull anything with me, don’t you?”

Anthony let Vinnie grab his arm, and interlaced his hands behind his head. He walked ahead of Vinnie, and was marched out onto the sidewalk.

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