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Chapter 58

Right at that moment, Shyla was curled up against the edge of the inner fence, sticking to the shadows as much as she could. She had managed to get over the first fence without triggering any of the alarms, and had made a dash across the open space when the guards were switching over. Security had doubled in the area she had crossed, making it a little more difficult to get to the inner fence.

Difficult, but not impossible. With the sun just below the horizon, Shyla was likely just a flicker of shadow to them.

As the last guard rounded the corner, Shyla shuffled closer to the fence. They had kept most of the shrubbery around this line, since they had assumed nobody would breach the first layer without being seen. She huddled in the shadow, and examined the barrier in front of her.

It was still just a simple chain link fence, and Shyla pulled out the wire cutters she had stolen from the house she had broken into. It was quick to cut a hole in the fence big enough to squeeze through, but now she had a bigger problem.

The immediate area around the house was lit up with bright spotlights. There was very little cover between her current position and the house. And Shyla was about two seconds away from one of the guards noticing the breach in the fence.

Shyla needed a distraction big enough that her entry into the inner level of security wouldn’t even be noticed. She glanced around her, looking for anything that could help her, when she spied an old golf ball in the undergrowth. It might have been from the previous owner, but it was more likely that it had been hit there from one of the neighbouring houses. She had noticed a driving range at a couple of the houses she had scouted. Nobody would chance angering Liborio Fragale over one golf ball.

However, that ball gave Shyla an idea.

She picked it up, and tested her baseball arm. She hadn’t played since middle school, but she knew how to throw accurately. The master had made a point of teaching her to throw knives until she could hit a target nearly every time. It wasn’t a skill every ninja attempted to perfect; Anna could shoot any gun given her with almost perfect accuracy.

But, in the same way the master insisted his ninjas were specialised in a specific subject, he ensured the same thing with their skills.

Shyla watched for a break in the security rotation behind her, and then stood up. She pitched the ball directly towards the closest spotlight, and achieved a direct hit. The bulb shattered, raining glass and jagged bits of metal down onto the grass below.

That quadrant went dark, and Shyla bolted for the wall. As she scaled the drainpipe, she could hear yelling below her. They hadn’t seen her; the yelling was about the broken light, and what anybody would be doing playing golf at this time of night.

By the time Shyla was on the roof, security had assessed the situation and determined the busted spotlight to be a freak accident. From what she could hear, it wasn’t a strange occurrence. She took the opportunity to slip the earpiece back in. the ninjas would return soon. Shyla turned around, and saw something ahead of her that surprised her.

Jutting out of the roof was a metal platform, and on top of that platform sat a small helicopter.

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