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Liborio Fragale

Unaware the compound was about to be attacked, Joe put his feet up on his desk and shut his eyes. His second had returned with a hostage, and he planned to use the boy as leverage against the ninjas. Joe didn’t seem concerned that he had lost nearly his entire assault team; there were always people willing to work for him. Liborio Fragale paid its people well to protect the compound.

The door rattled, and Joe opened his eyes to see Vinnie enter and sit down opposite him. The younger man’s arm was strapped, and he grimaced as he rested it against the arm of the chair. “I still can’t believe that bitch nailed me.”

Joe shook his head. So hard, Vinnie was. He knew the damage Vinnie had suffered, since he had been there when Jordan had finally removed the knife. It was a nasty looking gash, and Joe suspected Vinnie was in a lot more pain that he appeared to be. He put his feet back down onto the ground. “Any news on the hostage?”

Vinnie shook his head. “Kid’s been in and out of consciousness. We won’t get anything from him for another few days at least. But we know he is with the ninjas. So he is valuable to us.”

Joe nodded in agreement. “When he’s awake, get Emmett to speak to him.”

As Vinnie opened his mouth to reply, the phone on the desk rang. Joe answered it. After a curt conversation, he put the receiver back into the cradle. “It appears we have a broken spotlight, southern wall. A stray golf ball hit it.”

Vinnie frowned. Nobody that lived on the south side of the compound played golf, not with enough accuracy to hit a single spotlight at that distance. “How did they manage to hit that light?”

Joe shrugged. “I don’t know. These rich people, they do the strangest things. Just make sure we have no issues while they replace the bulb.”

As Vinnie left, Joe contemplated their hostage again. The boy would be very useful to the business. If they could break him.

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