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Chapter 60

Henry scowled. “Ginger, how did you get in?”

Shyla, who was hanging outside a window on the third floor, peered through the glass into the darkened room beyond. “Track the security if you’re looking for stealth. They’ve doubled their numbers, so watch your six. I’m on my way to offer you guys some assistance.”

Henry glared past the lights, and spotted the shape the ninjas had been looking for. “Ginger, is that you trying to break the lock on the third floor window?”

Shyla grinned. “Dark, I must be getting rusty if you can see me.”

Anna cut in, although Henry knew she was smiling at the exchange. “Yoda, see if you can activate Home’s ears. Help us find him.”

Henry heard the telltale click in the earpiece, and then Master Wong’s voice came through. “Shaun, if you can hear us, is there anything you can tell us?”

Thirty tense seconds passed, and then a groggy voice whispered over the line. “My head hurts like a bitch. But it’s good to hear you guys aren’t far.”

Henry kept his eye on Shyla as she attempted to break the window latch. He was relieved that Shaun was awake, but Shyla wasn’t finished. That thought was suddenly validated; her voice came into his ear, and Henry could only watch from his position as Shyla’s arm swung down towards the window. “Home, you stay put. I’m on my way inside.”

Shyla decided to forgo subtlety for the sake of her fellow ninjas, and hit the pane of glass in front of her with the back of her knife. The glass shattered, and several security staff looked up at the sudden noise. Shyla made sure the security guards had seen her, and she heard Henry swear in a dialect she didn’t recognise.

He had predicted her plan, and it wasn’t what he had wanted. It was too late to go back, since the guards had begun to yell and sprint to her position. The alarm went out to security, and many of the guards abandoned their positions.

“I’ve given you an in. Give me thirty seconds to make this place go dark.”

A barrage of colourful language hit her ears, and Shyla winced. It appeared Anthony and Henry were both swearing, one in Arabic, the other in Mandarin. She grinned and slipped inside the darkened room. From the window, she could see security scrabbling to reach her location. There was no time to waste.

Shyla glanced around her, taking in the modern beige décor at a glance. The desk in the corner was empty except for a large white vase, and so Shyla moved on. She was here as a distraction, not to gather intelligence on Liborio Fragale. The door was unlocked, and so she headed out into the hallway.

It was deserted, and so Shyla made her way to the stairwell at the end. She listened as Master Wong co-ordinated the attack, and picked up speed. She couldn’t afford to dawdle when the team were counting on her disabling the lights in order to make it safely into the compound. The stairwell was easy to navigate, and soon she was on the ground floor, in a vast space she quickly identified as an entrance hall and living room, with tasteful sofas scattered around the large space. That was where she hit a snag.

Security was swarming the ground floor, and she clung to the shadows. Ahead of her, she could see the power box in the kitchen with the breakers in it. It was in her direct line of sight, but she had no way to get to it without being seen.

She pulled out her gun, and checked the bullets. Two. Shyla scowled. Anna would be able to make the shot blindfolded. Shyla had no problem with target practice, but she only had one shot at this. The sound of the bullet would alert everybody to her presence.

Shyla braced herself, and took aim. Security swarmed around her, Henry and Steven chattered in her ear, but she blocked it all out. And squeezed.

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