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Chapter 61

Henry heard the shot, and the compound went black. “That’s her cue! Go!”

He and Anna ran for the front door. Henry was her cover while she attempted to locate Shaun. Anna didn’t really need the cover, but no ninja would be left alone. Steven and Anthony were to hold off the security until they could break out Shaun. Anna took one of the security guards down with a hard right, and picked up his gun.

Henry followed her lead, and took out two more as she fired the gun at the front door lock. It didn’t budge. Anna scowled, and glanced once at Henry. A movement out of the corner of her eye had her swinging the butt of the gun around to connect with the jaw of the man who had just tried to attack her. He dropped like a sack of bricks.

Henry grinned, and swung his fist at the security guard’s partner. Anna took the opportunity to face the door again. She swung at the door lock with the butt of the gun, and managed to break the lock off.

Henry shoved the door open, and the two ninjas entered the melee.

Shyla’s voice came into their ears. “I’m going to find Fragale. We need to end this.”

Henry felt his blood turn cold. “Shyla, no!”

Anna fought off two men single-handedly, and turned to face him, ducking as Henry swung over her head. “Henry, she needs to do this.”

Henry nodded. The girl he loved, she was a fighter. And he knew she needed to do this for her father. Henry nodded once at Anna, and then they both waded into the carnage. They needed to find Shaun soon.

Anthony was on the ground on the west of the house, where the cell windows were situated. He had just knocked out one of the guards, and was looking for Shaun. Steven was close behind, fighting off the security guards who managed to spot them in the dark. Lights still hadn’t returned to the compound, and Anthony was grateful. Ninjas weren’t meant for the light.

After Shyla shot out the lights, the security guards had employed powerful flashlights to aid in the search for the ninjas. While they did make a difference, there were some obvious limitations. One of those being that the flashlights created inky black shadows, perfect for ninjas to hide in.

Steven found the first window. “Shaun!” he yelled. “Shaun, are you in there?”


Anthony went to the second window, and Steven covered him as he bent down to the window. “Shaun, we need to get you out of here.”

A low moan caught his ears, magnified by the fact that it came through his earpiece. Anthony grinned. “Yoda, we have located Home.”

The master’s voice came through the speakers, calm and collected as always. “Silent, Dark, stick to your directive. Polka, Green, assist Ginger. Let’s end this.”

In the van outside, Master Wong handed Essie a headset. “They have found Shaun. I know you worry about his safety, and knowing is better than being in the dark. Especially in this case.”

Essie nodded, and put the headset on. Master Wong flipped a switch, and glanced at a monitor. It was backlit in dark blue, with several large green dots moving around on it. “Green, keep the perimeter with Polka. Let’s head these bastards off before they escape again.”

When Master Wong sat back, he glanced at Essie. “You’re live, Birdie. Your job is to make sure Henry and Anna get to Shaun.”

Essie nodded, a little confused. She hadn’t expected to take part in the actual rescue. “I don’t know how to do that.”

Master Wong reached over and tapped a screen. It lit up, showing a blueprint of the mansion in front of them. Each ninja was a red dot on the 3D printout, and their locations were pin pointed on the diagram. It appeared each earpiece was GPS chipped. Even Shaun showed up as a red dot somewhere in the lower half of the map.

Essie raised an eyebrow. “Even Shaun is on here.”

The master nodded. “The trackers only work if the earpiece is online and within range of the signal centre,” he gestured briefly at the van that surrounded them. “Our techs are working on long-range devices. But for now, you can see where they are.”

Essie grinned. “This is Birdie. Silent, Dark, what are your stats?”

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