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Liborio Fragale

Vinnie pulled out his handgun and nodded at the man next to him. They were on a hit, and it all had to go to plan. Joe was getting nervous, because these ninjas were affecting the business. And the business relied partly on the reputation for ruthlessness that had prevailed for the last fifteen years.

They stepped towards the small corner store. It was closed for the evening, but that wouldn’t stop the hit from happening. This block in the CBD had banded together against the business, and Joe wouldn’t stand for it.

Vinnie lifted the gun, and began to fire into the plate glass front of the store. His partner joined him with the machine gun. The glass shattered, but they kept firing. Vinnie emptied two magazines of bullets, and his partner emptied a full clip, before they got back into their car and drove away, leaving the carnage in their wake.

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