The OutCasts

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When a mysterious new threat emerge from depth of the unknown, and start unleashing dangerous enemy after enemy, a small group of new heroes calling themselves "The OutCast" is task with the responsible of protecting the city. However, can a telekinesis archer, a speedster knight, a mechanical elf, and a simple, shield-bearing woman really band together to save an entire city!?! Or is the entire city due to fall because of "The OutCast" really just begin nothing but outcasts?

Action / Humor
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IronWall Break-In

Prison Guard Captain:

The guards and I run through the hallway as fast as we can. The siren is going on, its ringing echoing throughout. The alarm is flashing red, and one guard behind a window shoots us a thumb-up as he pushes the gate control. The massive iron gate in front of us opens, and we all squeeze through before the guard shuts it again.

“Everyone get into position,” I order, dropping onto a knee. Half the guards drop to their knees while the other half stand behind us. On cue, we all raise our blasters and aim down the iron sights.

All of us aiming at IronWall’s outer gate, we focus every bit of our attention on it. It isn’t too long before there is a deafening roar in the cold night air, and the ground starts to shake.

“Get ready,” I scream, “Fire on my mark!”

My finger on the trigger, ready for anything, I then see the gate comes off its hinges and fly toward us.

“Everyone get out of the way!”

Screaming and yelling as we scatter to get out of the way of the flying gate, it barely misses us and instead hits the prison itself.

Moaning as I pick myself up, I look at where the gate was. Now a smoke cloud in its place, I see a massive shadow moving in it.

“Fire,” I yell, getting up and shooting my blaster at the shadow.

What guards are able to get back up in time grab their blasters and fire. All of us shoot at the smoke cloud, the shadow then erupts from it, revealing itself to be Unstoppable.

A wanted villain, Unstoppable is a massive giant, with muscles bigger than boulders. Dressed in shining, brown armor, he roars as he crosses his arms. Now charging toward us, we are nothing more than cardboard dummies for him to run over. Running right through us, he then slams through the iron gate and into IronWall.


We watch for a bit as Unstoppable rams his way through the prison’s hallways, only stopping when he reaches an intersection. Five different hallways going in five different directions, Unstoppable picks one and is about to go down it but before he can, I shoot off three arrows.

My arrows hit the ground in front of him and explode, stopping him.

“Uhh,” he mutters before looking up to see us.

“Stop right there,” I say, grabbing another arrow and putting it in my bow.

“You know,” SpeedBlade starts, pulling out his sword from his sheath. “Despite being from a different time, I know that people normally break out of prison, not into prison.”

“I’m telling you,” JumpStart chuckles, spinning his pair of stun batons. “It’s all that charging and ramming he does. It’s messing his head.”

“No need to worry,” Ms. Justice adds, her blue, red, and white, star-covered shield shining. “After the four of us knock him out, the doctors here can help him.”

“You,” Unstoppable groans, apparently recognizing us. Stomping on the ground, he then reaches down and pulls out a giant piece of concrete, pieces of rebars sticking out.

“Oh no,” JumpStart says.

“Oh boy,” Ms. Justice comments.

“Watch out,” SpeedBlade screams, all of us running out of the way as Unstoppable tosses the piece of concrete. The concrete hitting the railing we were standing on breaks into two pieces and the four of us drop down onto the ground floor.

“Outcasts,” I shout, pulling back the bowstring. “Onward!”

Not wasting another second, we all attack Unstoppable.

SpeedBlade uses his super-speed to dodge underneath Unstoppable’s swing and attack his armored legs. Sparks fly as SpeedBlade hits his legs over and over again, forcing him back.

Stomping his leg once more, Unstoppable crosses his arms and blocks SpeedBlade’s swing. Screaming and uncrossing his arm, he knocks Speed back a little. Trying to hit Speed while he is stumbling, I let loose an arrow.

“Incoming,” I say, the arrow hitting Unstoppable in his helmet. Bouncing off it, it explodes a second later and blinds Unstoppable.


A bright light blinding me, I quickly put up my hand to shield myself.

“What the?”

My vision slowly returning to normal, I can see Unstoppable swinging his arms around wildly. About to punch me, Ms. Justice yells from behind him, Unstoppable stopping to turn around.

“Head up,” she says, running to Unstoppable. Unstoppable swinging his arm, Justice drops to her knees and slides right under his swing. Immediately after, she jumps up and hits Unstoppable in his head with her shield.

Moaning as Justice flips over him, he places his giant hand on his head.

“I got this,” JumpStart says, running to Unstoppable as he stumbles around.

Spinning his stun batons in his hands, he leaps into the air and slams them down onto Unstoppable. Roaring so loud, the whole prison shakes, Unstoppable claps his hands together and squeezes JumpStart.

The attack knocks JumpStart out and he drops his batons. About to fall to the floor, Unstoppable instead catches him. Pulling his arm back, he then throws JumpStart like he is a sack of potatoes.

Seeing this, I slam my sword into my sheath and run to catch JumpStart. Jumping into the air, I prepare to catch him but Unstoppable threw him harder than I thought. Instead of catching him, JumpStart slams into me, and the two of us fly into one of the prison’s hallways.

Ms. Justice:

“There goes half of the team,” I say, watching as Unstoppable turns around to face QuickShot and me. Wasting no time, he pulls his arms to his sides and lowers his head. Now charging toward us, QuickShot and I jump out of the way, Unstoppable shooting right past.

Skidding to a stop after missing us, he jumps into the air and tries to slam his hands onto me. Bringing up my shield in time, I manage to block the attack, but because of Unstoppable’s strength, I’m forced onto one of my knees.

“Hold on Justice,” QuickShot yells, running around Unstoppable. Now right behind him, she pulls two arrows from her quiver.

“Time for a combat attack. You ready?”

“I was ready five seconds ago before he started to crush me,” I answer, Unstoppable still pushing down on my shield. Sinking down further, I have to use one hand to hold up the shield while using my other to keep me up.


Pulling back the bowstring, I fire two arrows at Ms. Justice’s shield. The arrows hit Ms. Justice’s shield, landing in the center. They immediately start to blink, small lights on them going on and off.

The arrows going off simultaneously, an explosive and sonic arrow, they both blind and deafen Unstoppable. The giant turning away from Ms. Justice yells slams his hands onto his face.

“Justice,” I shout, backing away as Unstoppable blindly stomps his way toward me. “Falling Stars!”

Nodding her head, we then run toward each other. Running as fast as we can, I then lace my fingers together and put them on my knee. Jumping into the air, Justice lands on my hands and I toss her high into the air.

Pulling her shield behind her, she then slams it down onto Unstoppable’s head, the sound of Unstoppable falling over echoing throughout the prison.

“Oh yeah,” Justice says, smiling and raising her arms into the air. “Girls’ power!”

Walking up to me, she then gives me a high-five.

“See,” I say, smiling back. “I told you all that practicing we did wasn’t a waste of time.”

“I guess,” Justice laughs, “But still. Did we have to get up so early in the morning to practice?”

“Oh please. When I was training to be a pilot, I used to get up at 4 in the morning every day.”

“That sounds horrible.”

I reply with a shrug of my shoulders.

“Come on,” I say. “We should get out of here before any guards see us.”

Nodding her head, Justice runs after me as we reach the hallway where JumpStart and SpeedBlade disappeared. SpeedBlade runs out, his sword in his hand, stops when he sees us.

“Where is Unstoppable,” he says, looking around, his head snapping left and right.

“He’s down,” Justice replies, “And we’re out of here.”

“Wait up,” JumpStart yells, also running out from the hallway. “Unlike you, I don’t have super speed.”

The four of us altogether now, we quickly leave IronWall Prison.


As I follow the others out of the prison, I stop and look back at Unstoppable. He is defeated and laying on the ground.

Clutching the handle to my sword, I look down and shake my head.

“I can’t believe I couldn’t do anything.”

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