Yearly Village

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Once a upon a time a powerful sorceress had foretold of sixteen children that would one day protect the seasonal gates and be known as the months and seasons of the year this is their story.

Action / Adventure
Kyra Mackenzie
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Chapter 1: The Unlikely team up

The Village was small most of it was farm land as far as the eye could see orchards and rivers,lakes creeks with high mountains and very quiet humble people they did not ask for much just hope that their food would survive the harvest.

Inside the village however were sixteen couples that have no clue that they would be woven together like cloth the inevitable red string that connected their future children together. Their odd names would be looked a upon as a reminder of their honor and duty towards their village.

The village was named after their founder as most villagers have been in the past .

Jennifer Yearly was her name and she wanted to make a village that showed all months and seasons together in harmony as such there were some parts of Yearly that was always sunny and some parts that rained and some parts were unsafe to train on foot because of the blizzards.

So, naturally it was never one specific season. It was more like all the seasons all year hence Yearly village. Jennifer Yearly had said to be a mystically soothsayer she predicted that Sixteen teenagers with great power would be the future guardians protectors of the valley.

Of course that was seven hundred years ago and now the prophecy had become nothing more than a myth and bed story told to children.

According to the Prophecy the children would be named after each month and season they would be born from separate families and separate moral codes and beliefs free to lead their own element and own path within reason of course.

There must be balance one sprinkle of snow in summer or one hot flesh in winter can throw off the whole year it is Yearly Village’s job to maintain balance of time just like Color Palette must maintain morals.

Carriey Rain is very dedicated master or so people say the temple of time has been locked away from the public for centuries now no one has seen the inside of it since the big battle of 84. 1584 to be exact.

The year that Jennifer Yearly passed away from the plague. She had left Carriey in charge how could she still be alive after these years? No one quite knows how she has legends says that she still looks as young and youthful as the year she got the temple even though she is roughly over eight hundred years old.

Carriey did not dwell on the past. She only looked forward to being able to eat and sleep again, stuck in mediation for the past five hundred years looking into a void of darkness her eyelids only flickering side to side.

Carriey was stuck at the age of twenty two. Her hair was tied in a long french braid in the back the front her head shaved her eyes had black rings around them from lack of sleep. She would be able to feel the chi of the children and sense when they would arrive.

She had closed the temple after so much women had come thinking their child could be one of the fourteen.

Suddenly her concentration was broken by the sound of rain, this was any old rain this was the spirit of April looking for the chosen child. Carriey sat up and smirked and said, “Finally the time has come”.

Carriey was told by her master Jennifer to take a vow of isolation until the children were born she could leave the temple, the chi surrounding the walls would keep her young and healthy and if she stepped out she would become mortal again

“Mistress May I speak”.

Carriey turned around and said, “Very well what is it”?

“The child or January has been found abandoned her parents must have freaked out when chi glowed and left her to die in the rain”.Said a monk as he held a bundle in his arms.

Carriey went from emotionless master to a protective concerned motherly figure within seconds. As she held the child in her arms the white hair was a little odd for a newborn child to have. But, Carriey did not question it, she just rocked the baby back and forth as it cried from the loud banging from the storm. The aura of October no doubt. The balance in Yearly could not be normal until all children are found.

“Where can we keep her we did not make rooms for the children yet”. The man asked his hood up covering his head, it was tradition for the nobel monks of Yearly to keep their hoods up in the presence of the master Carriey thought it was silly.

Carriey frowned and said, “Make the rooms, it could take years for the others to be found remember Brawn that times are changing so it is important to keep an open mind about this”.

Brawn was nothing like his name he was rather skinny and small but do not let his size fool you he was very strong, just not in the muscle department He had shaved his head after going to the temple all of them did, monks were supposed to shave their heads.

Brawn had sharp red eyes with yellow rims around them a lot of people born in the summer gate and the autumn gate had golden red eyes like his. Brawn did not know how to feel about these children and this pro but if the master believed then so should he.

“Okay ma’am its just this is called the lost generation for a reason, all these kids today with their technology. Sometimes I wonder why we keep on defending people that do not feel the joy of nature anymore”.

Carriey smiled as she put her hand on Brawn’s shoulder and said,

“There must be balance, with every kid that picks up a phone there’s a kid that picks up a skateboard ready to swore through the wind. Trust me on this Brawn”. She patted his shoulder before stepping outside for the first time in eight hundred years she was finally free.

She looked around in awe the village was much larger now, with many tents, travels, civilians and atmosphere. The village had grown with the course of time. The small village was filled with life. Ever since Jennifer had stepped in this land forcing her chi into the air mixing Yearly into a perfect mixture of all forces of nature by dividing them into four gates.

The Summer gate, the Spring Gate, The autumn Gate and the Winter gate somewhere among all these children were the chosen sixteen teenagers that will watch over them.

Her sixteen successors were going to be a handful she knew this. But, was eager to finally start using her eight hundred year old mind to guide them through life.

Sixteen years and three months later, the village was asleep in their beds for the night was still young, everyone had their eyes shut and their lips closed all for except January her mother and a couple of odd monks as they trained.

The others were chosen but no one knows where they are and who they are the monks were too busy maintaining the balance of all the gates to go on a long dangerous search through their village to find the others.

Carriey had to hold on to the hope that the others would discover their powers and seek her out.

January had blossomed into a beautiful young lady she had long white hair with little streaks of red and white in them she wore the traditional monk robes and held her sword of revolution to slice through the dummies sweat dripping down her face.

“How was that”? she asked

Carriey nodded “Good, but you need to focus on your form, you need to relax and hold them sword more loosely remember power does not always equal-”

“Strength I know, how long have we been doing this”? January asked impatiently

Carriey taped on her staff forcing a strong breeze to surround the temple as she looked at January and said, “Do not interrupt me, a person can hear something a thousand times and still be ignorant and blind to one’s decisions. You may have been raised here but you are still young and naive”.

“I do not care, I’m going to bed I tried my best but I guess I need to take a load off”. January said nonchalantly but before she could leave Carriey appeared in front of the door.

January looked back to where Carriey was before and saw nothing. It still amazed her at how fast Carriey was even after all these years of training.

“You still do not get how important you are after all these years of training and preparing you for this you still act like a immature selfish brat the world needs you the world needs balance”.

“Well, you know what I quit. Every single time I train you always say the same thing. January work on your form its a bit sloppy- January do not get so mad it could ruin the flow of your chi, January wake up its time to train. Well guess what? I had enough! All we ever do is train. I’m sixteen years old and I have never rode a bike, never learned to read, never got my first kiss never really lived”. January said

“January I”- Carriey realized her mistake she remembered how difficult it was to be sixteen. She was an wandering traveller in search of food,to get chased by vendors and shop owners until she bumped into Jenifer and discovered material arts and her entire life changed.

She loved martial arts so much she wanted to share her passion with someone and when Brawn found January she was so excited. Carriey had always wanted a daughter but because of her duties at the temple she couldn’t. But, then January came into her life and she had never been happier.

She had neglected her Emotions. Neglected everything about her and only focused on her training she was a fool an old washed up fool for not giving January the proper guidance.

Suddenly Carriey felt three. chi signatures coming towards Yearly one of them was like a raging lightning storm October. A calm soothing rain April.

a scorching fire August.

August, October and April together? Odd they must have met in a neighboring village the prophecy did say that the children did not have to be native to Yearly.

January had to wait. She had to find them.

“Ouch for the last time stop it”. October whined as August made annoying popping noises with her mouth as she walked down the dirt road her orange hair yellow, and red streaks.

“Or what”? she challenged her body engulfed in flames. August was born in the summer gate, her eyes were red with golden rims around them she wore a tank top with a sun design on it with a jungle styled swimsuit cover that only covered the bikini bottom that she wore all year long.

Since August had the ability to control anything that had to do with august, she could make herself as cool or as hot as she wants, her month was in-between fall and summer meaning she was more powerful than most of the gifted kids that were chosen.

While October could only control fall, August could control fall and summer without breaking a sweat. She does not let it get to her head though, she was hot-headed, smart and kept to herself for the most part.

August never spoke out, or said harsh words. She was loyal to her friends and kind to those who deserved it. However she was also short-tempered, closed off, incense and was very secretive.

“Or I will destroy your soul”! October said demonically as his orange eyes turned red, and he let out a ghoulish laugh.

October had messy black hair with orange eyes he wore all black and listened to heavy metal, screamo bands, and liked to break things for fun. He was loud, naive, and energetic. He loved pulling pranks and getting a rise out of August. Just to see how she would react.

Almost everyone knew about April’s crush on October.But October himself he was clueless.

He spend most of his time with headphones on his ears his music blasting as loud as possible disrupting the natural beauty of nature with the loud banging of the drums, and the shredding guitar solos, and demonic voices of the band.

October was a goth, but a kind-hearted goth he was not trenched in despair or talk about how life was pointless in fact, he did just the opposite he embraced life with open arms and believed a life was a precious thing that should not be wasted.

“Oh Yea sure she was going to feel real intimated now”. April said sarcastically as she watched October look in her direction pouting childishly she giggled and shook her head a warm gentle smile on her face.

April was a dark skinned girl with round glasses she had freckles on her cheeks and had small round eyes and big pouty lips, with thick eyelashes she had her hair dyed navy blue in the front and purple in the back, she wore her hair in pinktails, she wore a jester hat that she got as a joke once for April fool’s day.

But she wears it on her head everyday now, she liked the playfulness of the hat and decided to wear it all the time.Her friends thought it was clever so she kept wearing the hat. She also wore a purple sleeveless hoodie with a teardrop design on the front, with a light green shirt and a blue studded belt with purple sneakers.

April was claim, shy, supportive, creative and had a spark of wisdom behind her purple eyes that she kept hidden underneath her quiet exterior, was a tricker, a girl that seeked trouble. But because of how quiet and kind she is most people forget she is a natural at catching people by surprise she once started a pranking war with October that ended up with him pinned on top her.

It was also the day that she started to fall head over heels for him. It was then that she noticed what pretty color October’s orange eyes that was where she started to find October attractive.

She did not really like October when they first met, she despised him to the point where whenever he walked into a room she would stop talking and wonder off not wanting to be near him; because he seemed idiotic, and did not think things through then she overheard a conversation October had with August about the reason he acts impulsively.

Because he does not want to worry about wondering, if he is saying the right thing, at the right time, or what others think of him, but rather enjoy living his life the way he wants to live it, and act the way he wants regardless of what other people think of him.

He had gained her respect that day, his words had struck a chord in her that made her love him deeply no matter how idiotic he appeared to be.

It was just October, August and April against the world they were together for five years now they were all lonely travels that seeked refuge in an old abandoned cabin during a harsh rain storm thunder boomed, lighting crashing and the rain fell hard.

August and April had jackets but October only had his short sleeve Orange shirt and his black jeans that day he was soaking wet, cold and desperate to find shelter only to find the a old abandoned cabin where August and April were arguing over who had to stay and who had to go.

when October told them that no one had to leave, they could travel together and none of us would never know the pain of loneliness again. The two girls desperate for friendship that would fill the holes in their hearts agreed to October’s terms and they have been friends ever since.

October was the youngest of the group he was fifteen,he was also the only boy and was the tallest followed by August who was the second tallest with April being the shortest.

Meaning October had to lift a lot of stuff off the shelfs for the girls when they first went to get jobs, and went to the store together the sales clerk at the grocery store that he did such a good job they hired him. Later he was fired for pranking someone by making a paint bomb and having it set off on his boss.

It was a simple mistake! The clerk in charge of the register was supposed to be the one to be tricked not his boss not like he really wanted to job in the first place.

" So did anyone bother to ask directions on how to get to Yearly Village?” April asked as she held onto her backpack handles, they were walking through the woods on the way to the place that they left behind six years ago abandon and torn away from their families at a young age they set out to learn martial arts.

April, August and October had set out on a long tedious journey to get to Yearly village which was in the very center of calendar field. Calendar field was the land that ran through all four of the seasonal gates. It was a small trail that led to Yearly village all the way to the grand temple

“No not really we do not need directions we can follow the road signs they will guide us to Yearly plus October is very good at looking doing mindsight meaning he can see ahead of us we should be there in no time” said August nonchalantly as she put her arms behind her back.

October, April and August not only have abilities over their months but each and every member of the sixteen teenagers of legend have one other unique ability that is they, and theirs alone.

October as the ability to see ahead of him, all he had to do was close his eyes and he could visualize the position of any location he wanted to. The only draw back is it can not transport him there it can only tell him how far away the target is he can not get to there himself.

“Aww come on I have been doing that non stop since we left can’t we stop and ask directions it is less exhausting” said October whined

"Are you sure"? August asked

“Yes”! He said in a very demonic tone, this time he actually was trying to scare August before he was just joking around now he was serious, his teeth sharper and his eyes turned blood red his teeth had blood on them it was as if his slava was made of blood. He had angel wings made of bones with blood armor.

“October please calm down now look what you did August you brought out Blood breath again”. April said

August rolled her eyes and said, “I did not do anything, he was the one who freaked out I was just asking him a question”.

Blood breath was October’s demonic side, he was the manifestation of fear and darkness. October usually does not turn into Blood breath until Halloween or tiredness Blood breath was October’s final form. The most powerful he can get without being consumed by evil.

“October stop’! April said as she rushed to his side begging him to not draw attention to them, she just wanted to walk through the town without a half dead angel looking creature scaring the locals otherwise they would be kicked out and they would never get to the temple.

“Fine, for you April I will stop”. October said softly trying to cover up his blush he had liked April for a long time but she was spring and he was fall they were just too different she was warm he was cold.

“Honestly why don’t you guys just make out and get it over with”. August said making April and October blush a deep shade of red.

They made their way through the spring gate the grassy plains seemed endless, they crossed the wet grass lands filled with clovers and all kinds of plants. They were so busy trying to get through the gate they did not notice a red haired boy with freckles sneak behind them.

The boy was tall and muscular he had a light green shirt with a clover on it he had a green cap that he wore backwards, a sweatshirt tied around his waist and big boots made for getting a tight grip through the long wet grass.

“What ya doing here, you are going to mess the grass up”! The boy hollered with impatience he had a thick irish accent and looked no older than seventeen his bright green eyes glaring at the other three.

“What does it matter, the grass will grow back besides we are just passing through”. October said calmly as he put his hands in his pockets trying not to let on he felt bad about the grass but it was the only way through the gate.

“Really, that’s strange we don’t get much visitors around these parts you are the first I have seen in months actually”. The red haired boy had a deeper voice than any of them would have expected his boyish looks and youthful eyes must have made him a double threat to the ladies that have met his gaze.

“That is strange, how long has this been happening how many months? April said as she stroked her chin with deep thought the red haired boy gazed at April’s jester hat with mild amusement.

His playful smirk seemed to make August speechless that stunned October because August hardly ever stayed quiet for this long. She normally would speak for so long that her voice would be the last thing he and April heard when they went to bed at night.

“I do know I have not clogged it. But I believe it has been two months since people became too scared to travel through these parts. They say this place is dangerous but I have lived around these plains my whole life”. The boy explained mysteriously as he whispered to them as if other people might hear.

“What would they be so scared of”? April asked

“Its probably me I have some problems controlling my temper and my powers I was born with. I do not know why but it scares people”. The boy said shamefully as he held his hands clutching them to his chest as if he was afraid he might turn into a monster.

“We have powers too we can help you my name is April Showers and these are my friends October Hollow and August Sun. What is your name April asked as she held out her hand.

The boy grabbed it and gently shook April’s hand and said, “my name is March Clover”.

August gasped and said, “Oh my gosh you are not going to believe this but you have to come with us”.

“Why?“. March said

October looked at him and said, “Ever heard of the Sixteen children Prophecy”?

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