Vampire Protection Program

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I ran my hand over my face as I started to wake up. I let out a tired sigh and then let out a loud, unladylike yawn and smacked my lips. I opened and then closed my eyes a moment before I scowled and opened my eyes again. I sat up some, finding my side to be a little soar, but that was to be expected, since I did hurt it pretty bad before, and looked around the unfamiliar room.

I mean it was familiar, but at the same time, I didn’t remember being in this room in a long time.

In fact, I was very sure that this was the guest bedroom...

The one that Deric was staying in.

I sat up some more and sure enough, there was a duffelbag sitting on the desk that had Deric’s name one it. I ran my hand through my hair and then stood up. I held my side and started toward the door, but the bathroom door opened up and I stopped, my back to it...

And he who was standing there.

Light showed out in front of me where it came from the bathroom and I felt like a deer caught in the headlights. I couldn’t move and I knew that if I didn’t then this car was going to hit me head on, but if I did, and turned around, who knows what else I was going to see.

You think by any chance he’s naked? Lana asked hopefully and I groaned. What? I can hope can’t I?

“What?” Deric ask and I jumped and spun aroundat his closeness. I looked up at him as he smirked some down at me. I breathed shakily as I (because I really couldn’t help myself) looked him over.

He was wearing a pair of sweats that hung low on his waist and he was (very) shirtless. My eyes traveled up his perfect body (abs and all) even the scars on his chest made him look beautiful and I finally made it to his beautiful, dark eyes (after pausing on his lips, that were smirking at me, a moment and wandered what it would be like to kiss them) and found myself drawn (literally) to him.

I felt like I didn’t have any control of my body as I stepped closer. His smirk faltered a little and I breathed shakily as he stood there watching me. Slowly, I lifted my hand to touch his chest, but he caught my wrist. I looked at him startled and he just watched me.

“Lana was hoping you’d be naked.” I said, sounding more sure than I felt. Why I had said it, I didn’t even know, but the look he gave me was a weird one. I couldn’t tell how to decipher it. It was just weird. I bit my lip and looked down, feeling slightly embarrassed, but he grabbed my chin between his thumb and forefinger and made me look at him. I scowled at he got a little closer and my fingers (on the hand that he was holding away from his chest) brushed his chest and I felt tingles burst through my hand as he flinched some. Slowly, he let go of my wrist and moved his hand up my arm until it was at my neck. I flattened my hand against his chest and he moved closer, cupping my cheek with his other hand. I placed my other hand against his chest as his hand at my neck moved to my back and he pulled me closer to him. Our bodies were pressed close to each other’s and I found it very comforting and distracting.

He dipped his head lower, hesitating a moment as if he was trying to make sure that this was okay, that I really wanted this, to feel his lips against mine, and I looked at them. I really did want them against mine. I had from the beginning, and I was very sure that he knew that. Slowly, I pushed up on my toes, but he pulled back some before our lips made contact and I whimpered.

I actually whimpered because he had pulled back some.

“Deric.” I whispered and bit my lip again, still on my toes, so I was leaning more into him. He looked into my eyes and then at my lips, a sort of longing in his, that mirrored my feelings. “Please?” I could hear the seduction (which I wasn’t even sure I was capable of before this and still wasn’t sure I was now. If this worked, then I guess it worked) rolling off my tongue and I felt his breath hitch in his chest. I smiled a little and tried again, but he held tighter to my waist, making it hard to move any closer to him. Our faces were so close, but so far away...

Too far away.

“Please.” I whispered and he shuddered as he closed his eyes and put his forehead to mine. I slid my hand up to the back of his neck and messed with his hair at the nape of it. I brushed my nose against his and smiled when he breathed shakily.

“What are you doing to me?” he breathed. I brushed my nose against his, this time, getting closer to his lips, so close that mine brushed against his.

“Please?” I tired one more time and this time, with a groan, he pulled my lips up to his. I closed my eyes and smiled in triumph as I slid my other arm around the back of his neck. He was gentle as if he would hurt me if he held me any tighter. He slid his fingers into my hair and...

There was a sudden growl and Deric stopped. He tensed and then slowly pulled back some. I breathed shakily, wanting him back, but as I tried to pull him back, he stepped back, unwrapping his arms from around me, and I realized just how much I was leaning into him as I started to fall. I steadied myself before I fell as Deric turned and looked at the person who was standing in the doorway. I gasped as Andy’s eyes flashed a dangerous gold when he looked at me. He was very angry.

“You want him?” he growled and it really sounded like a growl. I shuddered. It was so animalistic, and I could see him shaking. “Why? I’m not good enough for you? Is that what it is? You want someone like him?” I flinched at each word he said as tears filled my eyes. “Oh don’t you start that Sammie. You don’t deserve to cry.” I wrapped my arms around myself and stepped back. “After all the time I spent trying to make you happy. All the time that I spent trying to be everything that you wanted, you go and what? Make out with him?!”

“What’s going on?” Terry walked up and touched his brother’s shoulder. “Andy, settle down. What is going on?”

“Ask that whore.” Terry’s eyes grew very wide at what Andy had just called me. I stumbled back, as if it were a physical blow and I couldn’t breathe. He had never once said something like that to me or about me, and it hurt so much worse that being thrown out a two story window ever could have, and that made Deric very angry.

Deric started toward Andy and Terry got in the way.

“Whoa, hold on here!” Terry yelled as Andy started to try and get to Deric. “Sam, help me out here!” he said as things started to get tight. He was having trouble holding off two grown men. I stayed where I was because I was so scared and hurt. “Sam!” when he realized that I wasn’t going to move, he called for Sebastian, which only made everything so much worse.

So here I was standing in a corner with Sebastian trying to hold Andy off, who was growling and making no sense to me as he yelled at Deric and me, and Terry trying to hold Deric off who really looked like he wanted to murder Andy just for calling me a whore.

“EVERYBODY STOP IT!” I yelled and things grew very quiet as I looked at all of them. They all turned to me and I sobbed as they all glared at me, even Deric and Sebastian. Fear settled in me as I backed further into my corner. “Please.” I cried. That didn’t stop anything.

Andy managed to get away from Sebastian and that got Deric’s attention. Andy tackled Deric to the ground, but before He could do anything, he was pushed off with a strength that I had never seen before and he hit the far wall across the room. I cried as Andy came back at Deric again, with another growl. What in the world was going on?!? I screamed as Deric hit the ground beside me and grabbed Andy’s shoulders, trying to keep him away as Andy actually started snarling like an angry dog...

“Sammie!” Sebastian yelled to me, but I didn’t look away from the fight. “Sammie, run!” Terry and Sebastian were trying to get my attention, but I was so scared and I couldn’t stop watching. Deric yelled in pain as Andy did something, and I saw the blood starting to spread from his side.

“Stop it!” I screamed as Andy pulled away and backed up from Deric. Despite the obvious pain that Deric was in, he pushed himself up and looked at Andy angrily.

“You’ll pay for that mutt.” he said lowly, but backed away slowly. Andy growled at him again. He backed toward me. “Go Sam.” he told me and I shook. He turned back to me, his eyes softening as he did, and I shook again. “Go.” I started to move, but Andy wasn’t finished. He grabbed Deric and Deric hit the ground once more. I fell to my knees in fear and started curled up. What else was I going to be able to do? I couldn’t get past them to run; they were literally right in front of me.

“Stop it!” I cried again but I knew that nothing I said or did would work. Deric tried to get him off, but noting was working with him either. “Andy please!” I said and he stopped for a split second, then continued trying to kill Deric, so I did one of the probably most stupid things I had ever done. “Andy!” I started to push on his shoulder as Deric and Sebastian and Terry started yelling at me not to, and then I was on my back, choking in pain, with Andy over me. He growled angrily and as if he realized it was me, he stopped growling and looked down at me wide eyed.

That was when he finally stopped trying to fight Deric.

“S-Sam?” he breathed and I lay there on the ground. My shoulder and neck were on fire and it was very hard to breath. “S-Sammie?!” he yelled as I closed my eyes. “No, no, no.” he pulled me into his arms. “Baby, don’t do this. Keep your eyes open.” I whimpered in pain. “Sebastian!” he placed his hand on my neck and applied pressure. “Baby... i’m so sorry. I’m so sorry Baby. I’m so sorry.” he rocked me back and forth and I just lay limp in his arms. “I love you. Please, talk to me.” is he crying? Lana asked quietly, she sounded a little weak like I felt. Andy doesn’t cry. I breathed hard and took his hand in my shaky weak one. I could feel the blood on his hand, which made me wonder why I was bleeding and how bad it was.

I was starting to feel numb.

My hand fell away from his and I heard Terry say something to someone before more total chaos started going on and then...


“Get away from her!” I head Sebastian yell to whoever was close to me. I opened my eyes and saw both Andy and Deric move away from the bed. I sighed shakily as Rick made me tilt my head so that he could look at my neck. I gasped sharply and he looked at me as I closed my eyes again. “I don’t want either one of you ever touching my sister again. You two almost killed her!”

“Well, none of this ever would have happened if Deric hadn’t been kissing her.” Growled Andy.

“How about knocking before entering my room mutt.” Deric answered angrily back.

“Now I understand.” Rick sighed. Slowly, I opened my eyes again and looked at him. He sighed and put the finishing touches on my bandages. “Hey Sam.” he looked at me fully. “Do me a favor and never try and break up a fight with your boyfriends again. It’s better that they kill each other than to kill you.”

“Thanks Rick.” I muttered and clenched my jaw. “Just the humor I need right now.”

“I’m not joking.” he told me. “I would rather that they kill each other than to have this ever happen again, because if it does happen again and they aren’t dead, I will murder them.” something about it being said, sounded so honest. I had no doubt in my mind that he would kill them if it ever happened again. “Now, do me another favor and get some rest. You are going to have some nasty scars when those heal though.” I groaned and then flinched as it hurt. “Here, take these once every six hours when you feel the pain.” he handed me a bottle of pills and I nodded, which hurt. “I suggest that you take one now, and get some sleep.”

“Can I get some water?” I asked quietly, my voice a little horse and weird. It hurt to talk, which was understandable because whatever had happened cut my neck and it really made me wonder what was happening and what happened.

There is no way, humanly possible that Andy should be growling and I was sure that if where my mine was taking things right now, if I was right, (which was impossible) then it had been claws that had cut me.

Like I said, impossible.

Rick stood up as Terry brought me some water and sat down beside me. Sebastian had his arms crossed over his chest as he glared at Deric and Andy when they started arguing again.

“Will you two shut up already?” Terry growled and I flinched, wide eyed at him. He sighed and handed me the water as Rick stopped to look at him then me and then finally at Sebastian.

“I need to talk to you Sebastian.” said Rick.

“I’m not leaving her in here alone with them.” answered Sebastian.

“Fine.” Rick said and I looked at me and then back at Sebastian. “Might I suggest telling her. You can’t keep it from her forever and she is getting more curious by the second.” that I was. I didn’t understand what was going on and I was really starting to get scared.

And me being scared right now (well, more scared since I was still slightly scared from all that has happened-that I still didn’t remember all of, just little bits) was not the best thing.

“Really? You want me to tell her that?” Sebastian questioned as he pointed at me. That just seemed to make things worse, because I had a feeling before that things were being kept from me, since day one with Sebastian, but now I really knew that he was keeping secrets from me and I was a little upset. My brother was keeping things from me.

“S-Sebastian?” I breathed and he tore his eyes away from Rick. “What... what is he talking about? What are you talking about?” he clenched his jaw and looked away. Tears filled my eyes and Andy started toward me again, but Terry was suddenly standing in front of his brother. I gasped as he made it so that Andy couldn’t get to me. “Sebastian!” forget scared, I was terrified. What was going on?

“Thanks Terry.” Sebastian muttered angrily and moved toward me. He sat down at my side and took my hands in his. “This is not a good idea Rick, you do realize that?”

“What’s not a good idea was keeping her in the dark the whole time.” Rick countered and then just left the room. He wasn’t even going to stay as Sebastian told me what everyone was keeping from me.

“Sammie.” Sebastian stroked my hair out of my face. “Your dad told me that he told you to keep an open mind before he left. Slowly, I nodded and glanced at Deric, which made Andy angry and he growled, which made me look at him in slight fear. I had never been scared of Andy. I had never needed to be or had the feeling to be scared of him, but I was now and he seemed to realize that as he looked at me. “Look at me.” Sebastian made me look at him and wiped my tears away. “This is going to be hard for you to understand and you will not believe me-”

“Right now I’ll believe just about anything.” I breathed and he sighed as I glanced at Andy and then Deric again. “I can believe that this isn’t normal and strangely, I feel like I knew all along... which is scary... j-just tell me... and don’t hide anything from me again.” I looked at Sebastian again as Deric smiled a little. He knew that I was trying be to brave, but I was really scared, so that I was really hard. I did feel a little comforted in his pride? for me.

“Andy is a werewolf, as well as Terry. Deric is a vampire, and I am a hunter.” I just looked at him and then started laughing. Sebastian sighed and looked down as I just laughed. Yep. We were all insane. No way was I going to believe that at all.

“She doesn’t believe.” Terry joked and I looked at him a moment before he was sitting right in front of me. I jumped a little and he looked at me with glowing gold eyes. My smile fell as I stopped laughing and he smiled a toothy grin at me, showing off sharp k-nines. I breathed shakily and shook my head.

“N-no.” I breathed and then got up and backed away from him. “No, this is crazy.” more tears slid down my face and I looked at Andy.” he looked sad as he looked at me with those same glowing golden eyes. I grabbed my head and shook it. “No. no. no. no. no...” I just kept saying it and every time I did just sounded more and more like a lie to me. “NO!” I slid down the wall that I backed into and buried my face in my knees. I rocked back and forth and just cried. There was nothing else I could do. There was nothing more I could say, because nothing at all made sense anymore. I was so scared and I just wanted to be with my father again. I wanted all of this to go away.

There was a growl as someone knelt in front of me and by the cold hand (if what they really say is true, though how could it not now?) I knew it had to be Deric. I flinched away and looked at him.

“Breathe.” he whispered as he looked at me worriedly. “You’re okay.” I shook my head and then buried my face in my knees again. He sighed and touched my shoulder again. I got up and started running. I didn’t know where I was going, but I wasn’t staying there. It was too crazy, too much, and I was scared...

So I just ran.

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