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I knew I shouldn’t be running, not only was I fully aware of my wounds because they burned and I could barely breathe, but I was sure that they were bleeding as well. I couldn’t stop though. I didn’t want to face my new reality (because, lets face it, I knew they weren’t lying. They had no reason to lie, especially not about that. That was just a sick joke that I couldn’t take right now, with everything else that had happened.) and I was so scared.

I gasped as I rounded a corner and nearly hit a parked car. I held my hands out and braced myself for it and then pushed myself around the car. Panting, I ran down the street, not exactly sure where I was going at the moment, because I wasn’t really paying attention. I ran around another corner and a horn honked as I passed in front of it. I hit something, and stumbled back into the road, directly in another cars path. I hit the ground and looked up at the thing I had hit and saw nothing, which scared me, but reality hit once again as I heard the car honk again and I looked at the lights shining in my eyes. I braced myself for the impact...

That never came.

I breathed hard as I found myself backed against a wall, and someone breathing hard with their arms around me. He pulled back and started checking me for more injuries and slowly, I looked up at Deric. He grabbed my face in his hands and looked into my eyes.

“Are you hurt?” he questioned and I just started at him. “Sam. Are you hurt?” slowly, I shook my head and tears filled my eyes as he looked at my wounds. “You’re bleeding badly Sam. We need to get you-” suddenly he was pulled away from me and slammed against the wall by his neck beside me. I screamed in both shock and fear as someone else grabbed me and pulled me away from where I was, further away from Deric.

“Deric!” I struggled to get away and he struggled to get to me. “Deric!” I managed to break free of the cold hands against me and ran toward him, but there was suddenly a woman in my way and I ran completely into her. She laughed and wrapped her arms around me. It was playful, not mean, but it scared me.

“Such a clumsy little thing.” she pushed me back some and stroked my hair out of my face. I flinched away and her smile faltered a little bit before it came back. She didn’t let me go, but her grip wasn’t tight enough to hurt me. “Tell me Little Princess, what are you running from?” I whimpered as she ran her finger over my bleeding neck and then put the bloody tip of it against her tongue. Her blue eyes flashed and she smiled a little more. “O negative.” she murmured. “I love O negative.” I pulled at my arm weakly as she said my blood type. She pulled me closer and Deric yelled for her to stop. “Hush Deric.” she waved him off with her free hand and wrapped it around my waist. “Relax Baby.” she let go of my arm and slid her fingers over the curves of my cheek and jaw. “Pretty thing. Such a pity that your beauty will fade.” she smiled a little more and I saw her fangs. I struggled and she shushed me.

“Shh.” she ran her fingers over my face again and I felt an almost calm spread over me. I let out a shaky breath and shook my head and she did it again, being so gentle that I almost believed that I would be okay when she said I would. “She’s a fighter Deric, have you done this to her before?” this startled me back out of my “trance” and I looked at him. “Have you lured her to give you her blood before? To get her to do what you wanted? She’s fighting more than any other human I have ever tried to enthrall.” I started breathing hard again and looked between them as Deric glared and growled at the woman holding me.

“H-have you?” despite my situation, and his, I had to know. He looked at me startled and then started shaking his head. “Earlier? W-was that you?”

“No.” he breathed and I shook. “I would never do that to you Sam, never.” tears slid down my face as I looked back at the woman. “Sam. Look at me.” he said and I just looked at the woman as she slid her hand over my hair. “S-Sam, look at me, not her.” she smiled softly at me and I breathed shakily as my fears started to slip away. “Sammie. Look at me.” my eyes started to close as she continued to stroke my hair. “Sammie, please.” he was starting to sound desperate, and that was what drew me out of my “trance” once more. I looked at him and then the person holding him pulled him away from the wall and slammed him on the ground. I instantly started to try and go to him as I screamed for him. The woman pulled me against her body, my back to her chest, and leaned down and sniffed my neck. I tensed and whimpered as everything seemed to slow down.

“Shh.” she breathed against my skin and it seemed to have more affect now that she was running her hand over my stomach and her lips were so close to my skin.

“Sam!” I breathed hard and whimpered as Deric’s voice started to fade out once more. “No! Sam!” I breathed shakily and closed my eyes. I let out a small moan as she pressed her lips to my neck fully and then licked the blood. She laughed a little bit sucked on my neck some.

“I just might make you my pet.” she murmured and I tensed as things started to come back. I let out a whine and then tried to get away, but I gasped as I felt a her fangs pierce my skin. I cried in pain and then the pain was instantly gone as a euphoric feeling washed over me. She moaned and I could feel a tug on my neck, but that stopped quickly. I breathed in shaky pants and smiled weakly as she did something (I couldn’t really tell what) to my neck. I felt her bit deeper and take another drag on my blood, but stopped again. That euphoric feeling deepened, spreading further throughout my body...

Until it started to hurt.

I didn’t understand how something so good feeling could start to hurt so much.

I cried in pain.

“Stop!” Deric’s voice made it to my ears as I grabbed at the back of my attackers neck and cried in pain again. “Please! Stop! You’re giving her too much! Dad, m-make her stop! Please! Make her stop!” she bit deeper into my neck. “Dad! If she kills her... you’ll have to kill me too.” I was starting to grow very weak. My hand that had been clawing at the back of her neck slipped away and it fell at my side limply. “You’ll have to kill me too Dad.”


“Because I will die without her anyway.” Deric breathed. “P-please... don’t hurt her anymore. I am begging you to let her go... I need her.” I cried in pain again and then was on the ground. I just lay there quietly, shaking and whimpering in pain. “Sammie?” I was suddenly in his arms and he stroked my hair out of my face. “S-Sammie?”

“D-Der... Deric?” I breathed out. He wiped away a tear from my cheek with a shaky hand. I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t even move I was so weak and I was so scared that I was going to die. “I-I don’t... want to d-die.” it sounded almost gargled and it hurt to talk.

“Hey.” his voice was so soft as he spoke to me. I groaned in pain as it pulsed through me. “Hey, shh.” he murmured and kissed my forehead softly. “You aren’t going to die. We are going to see if Gracie can fix you up okay.”

“Gr-Gracie t-too?” he sighed.

“She’s a witch.” he stroked my cheek softly. He took my hand as I whimpered as more pain pulsed through me and as fear settled in me as well. Gracie was a witch? Why her too? Why couldn’t she be normal too, like me? Why couldn’t she be normal? “Shh, you can’t get worked up. It will make it worse okay. Settle down.” he lased his fingers through mine.

“Master.” the woman whined. “I wanted her-”

“I told you to kill her, not make her your personal, zombified blood bag.” came an almost familiar voice and I whined in both pain and fear as another wave ran through me. Deric held me tighter as I started to writhe in pain.

“S-Sam?” he breathed. “No!” he sounded so scared. “Sammie, no...” I breathed hard. “She gave her too much!”

“Master!” she screamed. “Master, please! I thought-”

“You should have listened to what I told you instead of thinking.” hiss that familiar voice. “Now she will be better off dead.” I cried in pain once more as there was a scream and then the sound of cracking bones...

And then nothing.

The only sound there was, was the sound of my pain filled, labored breathing and Deric’s worried pleas for me to stay with him and not give in to the unbearable pain.

“Get her to the witch.” came that familiar voice as my body started to numb a little. The pain was by no means gone, but I was getting used to it a little and I wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing. I didn’t like it at all, but that was just me. “If she can’t save her, then I will take her to Ortho and see what he can do. If he can’t do anything to save her, I truly am sorry. Not for her of course, but for you.”

“D-Deric?” I gripped a little tighter to his hand and he held tighter to mine, but it wasn’t enough. I was too scared.

“Shh.” he let go of my hand and stroked my hair. “Shh. Your heart is pumping the euphoric through your body and right now we can’t let it get to your heart okay. We can’t let it get to your heart or it will be very bad. I need you to breathe slowly and try to calm down as best you can. I am going to get you to Gracie and we will figure out a way to get the euphoric out or slow it down so we can get you to Ortho okay. I need you to be brave okay.” He sounded so calm, but I could hear the fear in his voice. I knew that he was trying to be calm and collective for me, but it didn’t really help.

“D-do what s-s-she did.” I breathed and then another wave of pain crashed over me, this one worse than the others. I cried in pain and he held me tighter once more to keep me from landing on the ground.

“No.” he breathed. “I will never do that to you. I will never control what you feel, ever.” slowly, I managed to open my eyes and look up at him. It took too much effort, but I managed to look up at his beautiful, blue eyes. I breathed shakily and slowly, reached up to touch his cheek. He took my hand and turned his heat to kiss my palm. I shivered as tingles ran down my arm. He lased our fingers together and looked at me again. “I couldn’t handle it if you hated me forever because I did. I’d never forgive myself.”

“O-okay.” my eyes fluttered closed and his breath caught. He held tighter to my hand again as I let out another shaky breath. “Der... Deric?” it was so hard to get out his full name right now, let alone anything at all.

“Sammie?” he asked softly.

“Wh-what’s going t-to happ-ppen to me?” he was quiet a moment and then he gathered me closer to him and stood up with me in his arms. I was starting to really feel the numbness and I didn’t like it.

“We are going to get you to Gracie, and we are going to figure this out okay. That is what is going to happen.” he whispered as I hung limply in his arms. I was freezing cold, and even though he was a vampire, strangely, he felt warm against my exposed arms and skin. “Get in touch with Ortho in case we need him please.” Deric whispered. “I’ll pay whatever cost he asks for. I cannot lose her.” he was answered in silence, but I knew that his father had nodded to him. Even if the man hated me (and I was almost positive that he was the one who through me out the window of my own room) I knew that he would do anything for his son, no matter what it was. His son’s life and happiness was more important than my life and I wasn’t sure why Deric would even try so hard to protect me when I was going to just get hurt no matter what.

I was accident prone. I always had been and always would be.

Even if he managed to save me tonight, I was going to be dead somewhere down the road.


“Hurry. Lay her on the couch.” Gracie instructed as Deric carried Sam into her home once again. He lay her down where Gracie told him to and backed up so that she could get to Sam. She knelt down and started right away with trying to help her.

Sam was barely breathing and that scared Deric. The euphoric was too close to her heart, he knew that. In normal circumstances, at a normal feeding, it wouldn’t be like this.

Euphoric was used to calm the human, make them more willing to give blood after bitten, because it hurt to get bitten. It wasn’t generally toxic to humans. The effects wore off a few hours later and they didn’t remember anything or much of it, but in doses like this, a bite purely used to initially zombify a human to make them a human “blood bag” or mindless to were all they could do was lay there and have no choice but to give blood because they couldn’t fight back, let alone move, was a fate worse than death.

The human never recovered and often times, died shortly after becoming like such. There are some that a vampire might make immortal and they are able to gain some parts of their mind and mobility back over many years, but most vampires just get bored or wouldn’t have the patience and kill them because they didn’t want to put up with having to retrain them to be what they would never be again.

He couldn’t stand it if Sam ended up like that.

It truly was a fate worse than death, to not be able to more or to do anything. Only see or hear the things going on around her. He couldn’t handle it if she was like that for the rest of her life. He would never leave her side, but he couldn’t handle it.

“C-can you do anything for her?” Deric breathed and looked at Gracie. She knelt beside Sam, her hands placed over Sam’s stomach and neck. Sam gave a sharp cry of pain and Deric watched as fear filled him.

“I might be able to get enough out of her to make it less painful. I can slow it down and give her a few days, maybe a few weeks, tops before it gets to her heart, but I am not as strong as I’d like to be. As strong as I am, I’m not strong enough to cure her.”

“Do what you can.” Deric turned around to face his father and then watched as he shoved a struggling Sebastian and Terry forward and one of his men shoved Andy forward. “I have curing her covered. I didn’t expect you to be able to do it anyway.”

Deric looked at him a moment and then was shoved against a will with such force that it shocked him when he found that it was Sebastian who was holding him there. Granted, he wasn’t even trying to move or get away, but it still surprised him that Sebastian had been the one that did it.

“What did you do?!” he demanded. Deric just looked at him. He wasn’t sure if Sebastian was questioning if he had done this to her or why he hadn’t stopped it from happening, all he knew was that Sebastian was angry and wasn’t going to take silence as an answer. “What... did you do?” he questioned.

“I suggest you remove your hands from my son, hunter before I remove them for you.” Sebastian glared at him but complied and moved away. He glared at Deric once more and then went to his sister’s side. Gracie continued to try and do what she could for Sam, but she started writhing in pain again.

“Andy, grab her shoulders.” Gracie ordered and Andy moved forward, but Deric’s father grabbed him and pinned him to the wall by his neck. Andy was strong, but even he wasn’t strong enough to get away from Deric’s father.

“Touch her again mutt and I will kill you.” he dropped Andy to the floor as Terry growled and went to his brothers’ side as he couched and gasped for air. “She doesn’t belong to you, she will never belong to you and you should know that. You’ll find your mate and she will get over you very quickly.”

“Dad-” he cut Deric off.

“You will not touch her again do you understand me mutt?” Andy growled and Deric’s father grabbed and threw him into a bookshelf. He hit the ground and lay there a moment as Gracie stood up and looked at them.

“Knock it off!” she yelled as Deric’s father grabbed Andy once more. “Deric.” Gracie warned and he knew that things were going to get bad if he didn’t stop his father, so he went over and grabbed his dad’s wrist as he was about to punch Andy. Deric’s father looked at him angrily, but Deric just looked at him.

“This is not the time, nor the place.” he said. “Besides, I don’t want her heart broken, as much as it would make her have so much more reason to come to me. She’s hurt enough. Let him go.” his father clenched his jaw and then once again dropped Andy to the floor and walked away. Terry once again went to his brother. He glared up at Deric who just sighed and walked over to Sam still writhing in pain on the couch. Sebastian was trying to hold her down, but he was having too much trouble. “Don’t force her. It only makes it worse Sebastian.” he knelt down and took Sam’s hand. Her hand instantly tightened on his. She knew it was him.

“Sam, remember what I told you.” he said softly, but loud enough for her to hear over her heavy breathing and whimpering. “You have to settle down or it will reach your heart faster. We can’t let that happen, okay.”

“H-hurts... so m-much.” she cried and he kissed the back of her hand.

“I know.” he murmured. “But that will be over soon. I just need you to settle down.” he could tell that she was trying but she was going to need more than just that to help her to settle down.

“Der...” she breathed and he watched her a moment.

“Sam?” he answered.

“Wh-what do... I-I do?” she asked.

“Try and breathe normally.” he said softly. “I know it will be hard, but don’t think about the pain. Focus on something around you, but not the pain okay. Think about something that made you happy.” his thumb stroked her cheek softly and wiped away a tear. He could tell that she was already trying it, because she visibly stopped shaking so much and was starting to breathe just a little better. If he were human, he’d have never been able to tell that it had helped at all, but he wasn’t and it had.

Eventually, she settled enough that Gracie was able to perform whatever spell she would use to help her out. To slow down the process and take away the pain and after a while, Sam just lay there breathing shakily.

Rick was called in and that’s when tension grew even more.

Mortal enemies in one room was not the best of ideas when there was someone that needed their attention more laying on the couch, bleeding and scared already.

“Just because I am a witch, doesn’t mean I want to redecorate my home. Please set aside your differences long enough to fix her up and them go outside and kill each other all you want.” Gracie said. Rick glared at Deric’s father a moment and then went over to Sam. Deric sighed tiredly and then looked at his father. The smell of Sam’s blood was driving him crazy inside and he needed to go feed, but he wanted to stay with her in case she woke up and asked for him again. She was scared enough as it was and she was bound to forget some stuff that had happened because of the euphoric still in her, so someone would have to explain, but he didn’t want to hurt her.

“Come on.” Deric’s father grabbed Deric’s arm and started pulling him out of the house. He wanted to resist, be he knew that he needed to get out of there and feed before he couldn’t handle the smell of her blood anymore. He would never forgive himself if he lost control and hurt her. “When is the last time you fed? You were extremely weak today.”

“A few days ago.” he sighed.

“You can’t protect her properly if you don’t feed regularly.” muttered his father. “I hate her, so you had to be the one that would be the only reason that I can’t kill her.”

“Why do you want her dead?” Deric asked.

“For many more reasons than just her being Rick’s niece, I can assure you that.” his father stated, but did not elaborate, so, even though Deric wanted to know why his father was hunting the one person that he could never live without, he didn’t press it. He was just too tired and worried about her to care why his father wanted her dead, when he knew that now his father wouldn’t touch or harm her again, because it would hurt Deric.

His father would never do anything to hurt Deric. The man may be irrational and hateful to everyone he came in contact with, he had a heart of stone, but he would do anything and everything that he could to protect and make his family is safe and happy. There wasn’t anything the man wouldn’t do to make sure of it.

They used to have a big family, and to most, they still do, but it was dwindling.

Deric had one sister and three brothers left. He used to have four sisters and three more brothers before the hunters came and destroyed their home. Deric’s father hadn’t always been the man he was now. He used to be kind and loved everyone. He went out of his way to help humans and vampires alike, but then the hunters killed three of his sisters and three of his brothers. The rest of them managed to escape but their losses destroyed them all. For a while, Deric went on a hunt of his own to take down every hunter that had murdered his siblings, but even then, his father hadn’t turned against humanity.

It wasn’t until a female hunter sent werewolves out to track his parents and killed his mother, that his father said that it was enough and sought revenge...

“Dad...” Deric breathed as he stopped and his father stopped and looked at him. “Y-you have only ever gone after one person... since mom passed.” he whispered. “The one that killed mom... and you found her and killed her.” Deric’s father clenched his jaw and looked away. “Why Sam? What does she have to do with anything that you want? Why my Sam?”

“Your mother wanted to take revenge like you did.” he sighed. “She wanted to take what was most precious to those hunters... to that huntress that lead the attack on us. She wanted to take, not her life, but the life of her child, so that she could feel what it felt like to have a child ripped away from her... but when it came down to it, the night that we were going to do it, the night when that child was alone in her room, asleep in her bed, a baby then, your mother couldn’t do it and neither could I. She was a baby, small, innocent. She had no choice what family she was born into. She had no control over her mother, and watching her laying in that bed, smiling at us, neither of us could dare lay a harmful hand on that baby, so we left...

“Looking back now though, it never would have fazed the woman that gave birth to that child. She killed one at age three, drowned him in a fountain, and made herself miscarry two others. She hated children, and this one wasn’t her fathers. The woman was evil, and it was glad when I killed her... but watching the girl grow up... it angered me. Your mother and I couldn’t kill her when she was a baby, but watching her become something that I could never see my children be, it hurt and I wanted it to end. The only way for my pain to end was to watch her die... and now this.” he laughed humorlessly. “You are making it impossible to do the one thing that could bring me peace.”

“It wouldn’t.” Deric whispered and he wasn’t just saying it because he didn’t want Sam to die, which he didn’t, he just knew that revenge didn’t help ease the pain. “The pain will always be there, no matter what you do, and eventually, those deaths that you caused will hurt you as well. It isn’t worth it to feel more pain than before.” he sighed. “Trust me, I know.”

“When did you become so wise?” he laughed humorlessly and then sighed as he looked at his son. “Come on. Let’s go feed. It will help take the edge off and I am sure that she will want you when she wakes up. I am serious though, if that mutt touches her again, I will rip his head off.”

“As much as I would love to let you sometimes, I still stand by what I said.” Deric’s father grumbled but they continued walking and Deric quietly thought about what his father had just told him. It was a lot to take in. Sam was the daughter of the woman that was responsible for killing his family and his father wanted her dead for that. Apparently, Sam had an older brother who was killed by his mother and she would have had two more older siblings, but her mother made sure that she would have them. Deric knew that Sam wasn’t Daniel’s child, they had been talking about it in the kitchen before they left. She didn’t know that, but Deric was sure that was one of the many things that Sam would be told when she got to her father...

Deric’s phone started to ring and he stopped and pulled it out of his pocket. He answered it, but never got a word out before Andy was growling at him.

“You had better hurry up and feed so that you can get back her Deric.” he growled. “She’s terrified and she has a knife and she isn’t listening to any of us. She wants you and she won’t listen so you had better hurry up.”

“I’ll be there soon.” he sighed and hung up.


“Well, she’s awake.”

“That’s good.” his father said.

“She has a knife and they can’t control her.”

“That isn’t good.” he sighed. “Well, let’s hurry then. We don’t want her hurting anyone or herself now do we?” No. No they didn’t.

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