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Deric could hear them in the house, telling her to put the knife down. He could hear her whimper and cry for them to leave her alone. He could hear her telling them that she would kill them if she had to, and Deric was sure, with how scared she was right now, that she would. They weren’t helping her understand that she was okay now, that she was safe, just cornering her like she was prey and they were predators.

Deric heard them all move at once and that’s when he knew for sure that he needed to get into the room. She was either going to die of her fear or kill one of them and really regret it later.

Deric opened the door just in time to watch Sam, even in her weak and “drugged” state, evade Terry and put the knife through the back of his right shoulder. Deric was amazed she’d done it, but at the same time, not surprised as Sebastian and Andy grabbed her. She screamed and struggled to get away, but she was just too weak.

The very bad thing about her struggling and fighting to get away, was that the Euphoric still in her system would reach her heart too quick and would paralyze her. He had to make sure that she calmed down.

She managed to finally get out of Sebastian’s and Andy’s holds, and then she crawled away and grabbed the knife, still in Terry’s shoulder, and curled up in the corner across the room. She shook as she cried and he was really worried about her, because he knew, just by how pail she was, that she was close to losing consciousness, and that wasn’t really a good thing either. It was better than her being paralyzed, but not by much. Deric knew that he needed to calm her down and calm her down fast.

What didn’t help was that she realized that her hand was burning when she touched the silver blade. She cried and shook her head. “N-no.” she sobbed. “I’m not one of you… I’m not a monster.” She looked up and looked at Deric as he came over and just simply sat cross-legged in front of her. She cowered away and he sighed. He was afraid of him, but she wasn’t just afraid of him.

She was scared of her brothers and her friends. The people that would never hurt her at all…

Unless it was a really pissed of Andy.

“P-please don’t hurt me.” She whimpered.

“I would never hurt you Sam.” He said softly.

“B-but you’re-“

“Just because I am a vampire, doesn’t mean I am a monster.” He sighed and looked at her sadly. “The people who hurt you are the monsters.”

“I kissed you!” she cried and Andy growled. Her eyes shot to him and she cried. Deric noticed that her hand tightened on the blade and that it was starting to bleed. He needed to find a way to get the knife away from her.

“Hey.” He reached up and tried to touch her cheek, but she came at him with the knife. He had anticipated that, and he caught her wrist before the blade touched his face. How she had turned it around so fast, he had no clue, but she had and now he was looking at her fear filled eyes. “Let go of the knife Sam.” He murmured. She shook her head and he sighed. “What are you so afraid of Sam?” he touched her cheek softly with his free hand. She tried to pull her hand away and turn away from him.

“You’ll kill… me.” More tears ran down her cheeks.

“I don’t need a knife to kill you if I wanted to.” He said with a small smile and she looked at him. She looked into his eyes and shuddered as he searched her eyes for anything that would help settle her down, if only a little bit. “You know that.”

“C-can… can I see?” she asked quietly after a moment. He looked at her a few seconds and then let his fangs slide out. She breathed hard and shuddered as she looked at them and then into his eyes. “Your eyes.” She breathed and he looked away. She reached up and touched his cheek, though he was sure she was questioning her actions by the look on her face as he looked back at her. “W-why do they do that?” she asked.

“I don’t know.” He said quietly. She gave a shaky breath as she looked back at his fangs. He still held her wrist that held the knife and he let out a small sigh when her hand loosened on it and it fell to the floor. She choked on a sob and then moved closer to him. He pulled her into his arms and she buried her face in his chest and cried. “It’s okay Sam.” He murmured. He held her tightly. She gripped tightly to his shirt as he let his fangs slide back in. “Sebastian, wrap her hand please.” She curled up tighter and shook her head. “He’s human Sam. I promise. He is human.” She slowly looked up at him and then at her brother as he knelt down beside them. He ripped part of his shirt and then slowly reached for her hand that was still clamped onto Deric’s shirt with a death grip. “No matter what, even if he was something else Sam, he would still be your brother. Do you understand me? He is your brother, and that is what matters.” Slowly, she nodded and let him take her hand. He started to wrap it up. She buried her face in his chest again and cried again.

“Listen Sam.” He pushed her back some so that he could look into her eyes when Sebastian was done with her hand. “I... I need you to listen to me very closely. I need you to please settle down. The bite of that vampire… it wasn’t like what normally would have happened when a vampire bites a human or even another vampire at that. What she did was she didn’t drink and that put a… sedative type thing into your blood system, called Euphoric. In the normal doses, it would wear off pretty quick, and you would be fine later, but the amount she put into you is actually lethal at worst. At best, it will paralyze you. You freaking out like that, it will speed your blood flow up, therefore it speeds the Euphoric up, and when it reaches your heart… it won’t be good… so I need you to do me this and settle down as best you can. We are going to take you to someone and I will pay whatever price I have to for him to help you. He will heal you, get the rest of the Euphoric out of your blood and you will be okay… but until then, I really need you to stay as calm as you possibly can, okay?” she let out a shaky breath, but nodded and then lay her head against his chest again. “Okay.” He hugged her gently and kissed the top of her head.

“I am here to protect you Sam. No matter what I have to do, I will do everything I have to… just so that I can protect you.” She let out another shaky breath and curled up some. “You can’t go to sleep yet.” He said when she yawned. “I know that you want to, but you can’t just yet. We need to get you to Ortho before you can, and we can’t get you to Ortho until my father gets ahold of him.

“Well, about that.” Deric turned and looked back at his father’s voice. “See, Ortho is not very happy about the fact that I contacted him so late… or for any reason at all. He is not very pleasant to talk to when he is angry.” Deric sighed. “But because it is her, he expects us to be there before tomorrow.”

“Good.” Deric stood and gathered Sam into his arms.

Sam breathed shakily as Deric turned around and to face his father. Her hand tightened on Deric’s shirt again as she buried her face in his shoulder. His father just looked at her with a disapproving scowl, then he just turned around and walked out of the room. He sighed and started carrying her out. The others started to follow, but Deric’s father stuck his head back into the room and everyone stopped.

“You three aren’t coming.” He stated and they started to protest. “As much as I don’t want you to come in the first place, I don’t want Ortho to have more of a reason to be angry at me. If anyone that he didn’t say could be there, was there, then he’d kill us all and probably just take her away forever. Apparently she is very important to him. ”

“Which means that if he were to find out that you attacked her-”

“I would probably be served a fate worse than death.” He sighed.

Sam shook some in Deric’s arms and he tightened them around her. He looked down at her and he wished so badly that he could do something to comfort her.

“Remember what I said Sam. You need to stay as calm as you possibly can.” She nodded in his shoulder and then drew in a deep, shaky breath, trying to calm herself down some. He understood that she was scared, but he needed her to calm down so that it would be easier to take the Euphoric out of her system.

“Come on. Let’s get her to Ortho.” Deric’s father gave another sigh as he looked at her once more and then turned around and walked back out the door. He really wanted nothing to do with saving her and Deric understood that he wanted her dead, he even understood why he wanted her dead, but Deric wouldn’t let him kill her, apparently Ortho didn’t want her dead and they needed to save her.

Deric looked at Sebastian as he walked up to them. He touched her cheek and she flinched away, but when she looked at him and realized who he was, she reached out for him. He took her into his arms and knelt down holding her close. She buried her face in his chest and curled up tightly. She hugged his neck and he hugged her tightly. She choked on a sob, but Deric could tell that she was trying to contain it.

“Everything will be okay Sam.” He breathed into her hair as he kissed her head. “I love you Sammie. Always remember that.” She nodded and hugged him tighter. “I love you. Deric is going to take care of you okay. He is going to take good care of you and you will get better and then we are going to go be with Mom and your dad. We are going to get away from all this, and if you want, I can train you and everything to make you more comfortable.” She looked up at him and then at Deric.

“W-would I have to... b-become a-a hunter?” she looked back at Sebastian and Deric felt so bad for her.

“No.” Sebastian shook his head and Deric looked at her.

“Sebastian, she knows-”

“I will make sure that they don’t find out about you knowing.” He looked at him and then back at his sister. She sobbed and he took her face in his hands. “Listen to me. They won’t find out that you know and you will not become a hunter. Do you understand me. I don’t care what I have to do to make sure they don’t find out. I will make sure that Mom doesn’t tell. I know that you could do it... you just couldn’t kill. I wouldn’t let you. I have grown up with this, but you... Sammie, you are too innocent.” She looked at him helplessly and Deric knew that she didn’t believe it. She was thinking that they would find out and that she would be forced to be a hunter.

If she had to kill someone, even someone who was already dead, because that person was alive looking or whatever, it would destroy every part of her. She wouldn’t be the same. It would make her someone that she wasn’t and Deric wouldn’t be able to handle it. He was very sure that she wouldn’t be able to handle it either. Like Sebastian had said, she was just too innocent.

“Come on!” Deric’s father came back in again. “Enough of the annoying good-byes. We have to be there before morning and it is already ten. We need to go now, so HURRY IT UP!” Sam whimpered and Deric sighed as he slowly reached over and took her into his arms. She shook and he held her close as he stood and started out the door.

“Take care of her Deric.” Sebastian said and he looked back at her brother. “If anything happens to her, I will kill you.”

“I wouldn’t stop you.” He whispered. He looked over at Andy and Terry. Andy was angry, but said nothing. Terry looked sad and annoyed. “Take care of that shoulder Andy. You don’t want to have permanent problems with it.” He clenched his jaw, but nodded. “You ready Sam?” Deric looked down at her and she shook her head. “Sorry.” He said and carried her out of the room. He followed his father out of the house and to where they would meet up with the warlock that none of them really trusted.

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