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Deric held me close as he carried me into a large (and I mean like mansion size) house as someone (who I assumed was Ortho’s butler or something, because he couldn’t be that old I was sure) held the door open for us. I breathed shakily as I tried to remain calm like Deric had told me to. I was terrified right now, but I knew that I needed to stay calm. If I didn’t, who knew what would really happen to me because I really didn’t understand any of this. I shook a little as a voice called out to lay me on the couch and back away. That voice was very commanding, yet gentle.

Slowly, Deric set me on the couch and I caught his hand before he backed away and whimpered.

“Shh.” He knelt down beside me and stroked my hair. “You’re okay. You will get better. He will help you.” A tear slid down the side of my face and he wiped it away. “You will get better Sammie.” He kissed my forehead and I felt a small bit of calm spread through me from where he kissed my head. I closed my eyes and let out another shaky breath. “Woah!” someone pulled Deric up and away from me and I opened my eyes as that calm (now a bit angry) voice spoke.

“Don’t you touch her again Vampire.” He ordered and Deric pushed himself away. “Don’t you touch her… again.”

“You can’t tell me what to do Ortho. I am the only one who isn’t scared of what you will do to me. You will not ever keep me from her, no matter what you do to me-“

“You will not touch my daughter again you Pathetic excuse-“ gasped om both shock and pain as it caught in my chest. I grabbed it and Ortho threw Deric to the ground and knelt beside me. He touched my cheek and I groaned in pain. My back arched off of the couch and I clawed at my chest. I knew then, that this wasn’t going to be good. I knew then… that this just might be my end…

Sam writhed in pain and Deric sat on the floor looking between her and (who claimed to be) her father and strangely, he could see the resemblance. He knew that her father wasn’t her father, but Ortho? That was just absurd and unheard of. Ortho had never been known to have a child…

But Deric saw the resemblance and he was actually a little worried that things just got worse. She was scared enough as it is. She didn’t even know that her father wasn’t her father, and now here was her real father and she would be even more terrified if she remembered the last five minutes when Ortho was done.

She was scared of being one of them before, but this was different. She wasn’t what everyone else thought she was. The silver was bad for her, but not for the reason they thought it was. They thought she was a half-breed werewolf…

But she wasn’t.

No, Samantha was not a half-breed werewolf. Samantha was a half-breed witch… which really meant that her powers could be anything. And then there was a possibility that she didn’t have any powers at all.

Deric looked at her again and then back at Ortho as he started mumbling stuff that even Deric didn’t understand. He trembled as he felt the energy around him start to fade out and Sam gasped hard. Ortho grabbed a knife and cut a part in her neck and then rubbed his hands together and then put one against her neck. She grabbed his wrist and his other hand took hers’.

“It will be over soon.” He murmured and ran his thumb over her wrist. “You will be better and I will help you.” She looked up into his eyes and shook her head. “I know that you don’t believe that I am your father, or want to, and I know that it is a lot to take in so fast, but I am and I have been watching over you from a distance. Your mother and I…” he sighed. “It should never have happened, but it did and I wouldn’t change her having you even if I could.” She closed her eyes again and her face contorted in pain.

“Dolo hic tibi filiam meam hostibus mentis et veritas pateat. Samantha filia princeps mea, et prteget te in sempiternum. Docebo vos docebit vos et opus patris.” Ortho said softly and she breathed shakily as she relaxed again and Deric understood what he was saying this time. He was speaking Latin; a language he knew well. He was telling her to, “let this pain ease for you my daughter and let your mind be open to the truth. Samantha, my daughter, my princess, I will protect you forever. I will teach you, guide you and be the father you need.”

She breathed shakily and settled into an almost calm. She was still twitching slightly and Deric knew that she was in pain, but he knew that it was better now that Ortho was taking care of the Euphoric in her blood. Her hand loosened on Ortho’s and he squeezed it before he let it go and moved both of them away from her neck.

“She will be fine now.” He sighed. “I will need to give her a small dose of Angel’s Blood…” which wasn’t really angels blood, it was just a bright red color and the older witches and warlocks used to say that the liquid used to be blessed by the angels, hence the name, Angel’s Blood. “…but after she wakes up from that, she will be fine.” He looked back at Deric. “I mean it Deric. Don’t you touch her-“

“I would do anything for her Ortho.” Deric breathed. “You don’t understand my need for her protection. The constant desire for her touch. I need her just as much as you need air… and no matter what you do to me or where you take her, it won’t change that both of us will find a way to be together.” Ortho glared at him.

“Yeah, I wasn’t too happy when I found out either.” Muttered Deric’s father. Ortho turned an even angrier glare on him.

“I can only imagen why since you tried to murder her.” Deric’s father tensed. “I should kill you both, but sadly, I need you and I can’t use you if you are dead.” He turned back to Sam and sighed. “I hate you Deric, I am just saying.” Deric knew he did. “I know that there will be no use in trying to keep you apart, but I will not tolerate her getting hurt, do you understand me? If she comes to me, or goes to her father or her brother or any of the others, because you hurt her in some way, form or fashion, I will burry you underground and wait for you to crawl back up and then I will rip you limb from limb. Understood.”

“Uh… y-yeah.” He breathed out, because Deric really knew that he really would do everything that he just said if Deric hurt her. He didn’t ever want to hurt her. He understood the possibility of her not wanting anything to do with him at first, but sooner or later, she would want to be with him. He understood that she might even go back to Andy, though she might just stay away from both of them, even all of them. She was that scared right now, and Deric knew that all he could do was wait and try to help her understand what he could about her new life. He would do anything to make sure that she was safe and he would do anything to help her feel what he was feeling right now.

“So… you’re her father, which makes her a half-breed witch… right?” Deric’s father asked slowly. “Her mother was a human, a huntress at that, but somehow you found your way to her?”

“She wasn’t human.” Ortho sighed. “Which is what attracted me to her. She did try and kill me after, but I managed to get away.”

“What… was she?” Deric asked.

“A shifter.” Ortho looked at him. “I could see through her glamour and she found that out pretty quick. She wasn’t too happy that I knew her true identity. Not even her husband knew her true identity. Have you ever seen a shifter’s true form?” he laughed a little. “It’s a weird beauty. They are sort of human like, but have their fey traits as well. Fey and humans are the reason they exist. Most don’t know that, but it’s true. Not through natural birth obviously because they don’t mix blood… well like that anyway. The first shifters were originally science projects. The fey took a human baby and a fey baby and combine their blood in one another. The human baby died shortly after because it could not handle the magical blood, but the fey baby survived and became the first shifter. He was rejected as he grew up, and cast out, but he found a way on his own and found a family. He had children and such was the beginning of the shifters.” Deric looked at Sam.

“She will start to shift soon…” he continued. “…because I used magic on her to save her, her powers have been unlocked. She will start to shift and her powers will start to show themselves. On her twenty-first birthday, which luckily isn’t for another year, she will ascend to great power, so for now, we will have to help her understand and use her powers. She will need you.” Deric nodded at Ortho looked back at him. “I know… that what I have told you, will make you wonder, but never forget that you were made for her for a reason, as was she made for you. I don’t know why and I would rather you weren’t but you were, so don’t ever question it. She is half shifter and she is half witch. You are a vampire. With her fey blood, things are bound to get bad sometimes, but just keep in mind that she can’t help what happens right now. Do not get angry at her, try and help her understand.” Deric nodded again. He would do anything and everything he could to help her, no matter what it was. She was too important to lose or have her angry at him, or anything bad. He would do everything for her.


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