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I remained curled up on the couch, as far away from everyone that I could be, but as close as I could be to Deric without it being noticeable. I was terrified and I felt like crap. I was freezing and feeling sick. My skin was clammy and pale and I was shaking. Every now and then, my heart felt like it was fluttering and I knew that Deric could hear it, because each time it happened, his looked even more worried. I held my knees tightly to my chest and rested my chin on top of them.

Everything was quiet as Ortho looked at me quietly. I didn’t remember anything from last night. I didn’t remember what happened that made me run away last night. I didn’t remember getting attacked. I didn’t remember being brought here or what happened before I fell asleep. I didn’t remember really even waking up. All I knew was that I found myself in a place I did not know and that scared me a lot. The only thing that I knew was that Deric was there and that he would protect me.

I remembered finding out that everyone I ever cared about was either a werewolf, vampire, witch or hunter—maybe that was why I ran—and that I was scared of them, though I knew that I should not be. I remembered that Andy had said some very mean thing that I knew he didn’t mean, because he caught Deric and I kissing. I remembered getting hurt and Andy freaking out because he had hurt me. I remembered Rick showing up and say that if either one of them hurt “his niece” again, then he would not hesitate to kill them. I remembered being so scared, as I was now, but nothing after that.

All I knew was that I was here now and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be.

Ortho reached over to me and I flinched away with a gasp. I breathed hard as I watched it before I a glass of water formed in his hand. He offered it to me, but I shook my head. I didn’t want anything that had anything to do with magic. I didn’t care how thirsty I was right now; I didn’t want anything to do with it. It was something that I could not explain, though I was not someone into science or anything trying to prove something that existed or did, it was just something I could not explain or understand right now and I didn’t want to be near it.

Deric stood and I lifted my head as he started walking away. More fear filled me as he disappeared from the room through the doorway. I looked at the others and then back where he had gone before he showed back up a moment later with a glass of water. He came back over and knelt down beside me. He held out the glass and I met his eyes. He nodded some and slowly, with shaky hands, I reached up and took the glass. I glanced over at the one still in Ortho’s hand and breathed shakily. My hands were shaking so bad that some of the water spilled out onto my shirt as I lifted it to my lips. Deric’s hands covered mine, steadying them, and I met his eyes once more as he helped me drink some of the water. His thumb ran over my fingers and though they were cold, they felt warmer than my skin, making me feel warmer.

“You are so cold.” He murmured as he took the glass from me again and set it aside. He took my hands in his and rubbed them together. “Dad, can you start a fire.” I glanced over at his father as he stood and gave another shudder as I remembered the pain that came from landing on the ground after a two story fall. “He’s not going to hurt you.” Deric made me look at him. “I promise.”

“H-how can you be sure?” I breathed.

“I just… know.” He said softly. “I will protect you no matter what Sam. I promise.” He said that a lot. He promised me a lot of things, but would he be able to keep those promises? I didn’t know that he would, or even that he could. Something was bound to happen and I wasn’t sure he would be able to protect me like he claimed.

When his father had the fire going, Deric slowly stood and gathered me into his arms, blanket and all, and carried me over to the chair that was close to the fireplace and set me down in it. It was rather large for an arm chair in my opinion, but the leather was already warm from the fire, so I snuggled into it. Deric moved the chair so that it was facing the fire instead of sideways, making sure that I had more warmth. I sighed shakily as I closed my eyes. It felt good to have the fire close. I was starting to doze off when Ortho finally spoke.

“I am glad you two can come into my home, rearrange things and do whatever you please as you wish.” He said bitterly.

“I am only trying to make her comfortable and to keep her warm. She was freezing.” Deric sighed. “Get some more sleep Sam. You will feel better when you wake up.” I felt his fingers move some hair out of my face and I caught his hand.

“Sit… with me.” I mumbled and he looked at me a moment. Slowly, I opened my eyes and looked at him. His thumb traced my cheek and jaw and then he stood and pulled his hand away. He gathered me into his arms once more and then turned and sat in the chair. I curled up against him as he brought his legs up into the chair. It was a big chair and he was a very tall man. I was amazed that he could fit both of us in the chair like this and still have a little room to stretch out.

I lay my head against his chest and yawned, he ran his hand over my arm and I caught it again. I shivered again, though this time it didn’t really have anything to do with being cold as much as it was the feeling that his hand in mine gave. It felt different. With Andy, it always felt nice, comforting even, but holding Deric’s hand, felt, not only nice and comforting, but it also felt like it belonged there, like I belonged there.

I have always loved Andy, and though it wasn’t like he loved me, I allowed more than I should have, used him even, and I felt bad for it each time, but still, I did not stop, because I loved him. He had always been kind and never pushed more than making out and even sometimes he didn’t even push that far. It made me love him even more, but sitting in Deric’s arms like this, with his hand in mine, I felt like I belonged somewhere for the first time and not like I just fell somewhere I acclimated or grew accustomed to.

“Do you think Andy really meant what he said about me?” I whispered suddenly, though I didn’t really mean to ask. I had been thinking it, but I didn’t mean to ask it.

“Andy is a werewolf.” He said softly as his thumb traced my chin. “They are hotheaded and sometimes irrational, but Andy loves you. He was angry and you can’t blame him for being, but no, he did not mean what he said.

“Do vampires and werewolves hate each other?” I asked.

“Not as much as they used to.” He said softly, his thumb still tracing my jaw. It was very comforting to have him do that. Even if he was starting to slowly feel colder than me, it felt good. “Some still go by the old ways. They refuse to work together and hate each other, but these days, generally, vampires can at least sit in the same place as a werewolf and have a nice conversation. Not always, but it is better than things used to be. Many humans and supernaturals got hurt when things broke loose back in the old days.” I breathed a small laugh.

“That makes you sound old. ‘The old days’.” He chuckled and I really liked the sound of it against my ear.

“I am a good few years older than you Sam.” He said to me.

“How old are you?” I asked and he was quiet then. Slowly, I opened my eyes and lifted my head. I looked up at him and he looked at me with a raised brow. “What?” I mumbled, feeling my cheeks start to burn. I looked down.

“Curiosity killed the cat.” He ran the back of his finger over my cheek and I closed my eyes again. He pulled me back to him and I lay my head back against his chest. “I am almost three hundred and twenty-seven years older than you.” He said and I lifted my head and stared at him wide eyed. He chuckled again and I just looked at him. “I told you that you were too young for me.” My blush deepened and I bit my lip. That didn’t stop me from wanting to kiss him again.

Can you blame yourself? Lana asked and I almost smiled at her voice. I was worried about that when they told me that I had been attacked. I needed my other me to talk to me. After all, who better to go to for advice than the one person that will always have my back? Me…

Well Lana.

Vampire or not, older, way the hell older or younger, the man is still freaking gorges and he knows how to kiss. That made the small smile fall. How many women had he kissed in his lifetime? Probably a lot. Like Lana said, he was gorges. He probably could have any woman he wanted, and not feel guilty about it.

I breathed shakily as my heart fluttered and Deric touched my cheek.

“You need rest.” He whispered. “That won’t get better if you don’t rest, and I really don’t want you passing out or getting hurt because of that.” He looked at me and I nodded. I lay my head back against his chest and closed my eyes. I didn’t want to either. I shivered as a chill started to spread over me again, and just like that, I felt like death might take me any second.

“When will… I get to go home to my dad?” I asked quietly as Deric’s thumb started stoking my chin again.

“It depends on how well you are in the next day or two.” He answered. “If all goes well, you should be able to head out there to him by the end of Thursday.”

“Um… when is Thursday?” I asked, embarrassed, but at the same time, I knew he would understand, because of the things I had been through the last few weeks.

“The day after tomorrow.” I nodded and curled up again in his lap. He continued to stoke my chin with his thumb and I started to warm up once again. “Get some sleep Sammie.” I nodded, but I didn’t really want to sleep now. I just wanted to lay curled up in his arms like this and enjoy the warmth for a while longer. I didn’t want this moment to go away, because as much as I wanted to go home right now, I knew that as soon as I was, things would be tense and I would not be able to be like this with him. He was my body guard and even if he didn’t feel the same way as I did toward him, this weird attraction toward him, toward me, I could not be like this with him later.

“What am I going to do when I get back?” I asked him.

“The same thing you were doing before we met I suppose.” He said and lased our fingers together. “Studying and running your very own book store.” I smiled at that, but it quickly faded as I thought about Gracie.

“How did I not know about Gracie?” I whispered.

“She didn’t want you to know.” Was his simple reply. He rested his cheek against the top of my head and I sighed tiredly. I guess he was right. If she didn’t want me to know, though I knew she had some really good, hidden secrets, until the right time, which I guess was the other day, I wouldn’t know anything. “Now, Sam, please go to sleep.” I nodded again, and this time, I let the sleepiness take me.

I huddled in a corner of the burning building, my body shaking in pain from burns and pure fear. I rocked back and forth and cried as burning beams fell from the ceiling. One landed just a few feet from where I was cowering and I whimpered as I tried to draw my feet closer to me. I coughed a few times because of the smoke and I buried my face in my knees.

I was going to die in here.

I was going to die in a fire and no one will know I was here. They would never know I had been here until long after the fire was out and they found what would be left—if anything at all—of my body.

Something fell and hit me hard in the head, causing me to fall to the side and lose consciousness…

I gasped and jumped awake, causing Deric to jump awake as well. I breathed hard and shook as he looked around for what I assumed was danger, but quickly realized that it was just me freaking out over a dream.

Deric grabbed my face and made me look at him. I struggled to get away from him.

“Hey.” He breathed. “Hey. Sam, you’re okay. You’re okay. It was just a bad…” his voice trailed off as I breathed hard and looked at him. I touched his cheek as his midnight blue eyes started to glow a light blue. He grabbed my wrist and turned away, but I touched his other cheek and made him look at me. “Y-your nose is…” he breathed shakily as he looked at me again. His hand shook as it left my wrist and touched my cheek. I felt something running from my nose and he wiped something off my lip. I ran my tongue over my lips—I don’t really know why I did—and tasted the coppery taste of blood. I shuddered and cringed at the same time and watched Deric as he met my eyes again.

“D-Deric?” I asked quietly a little afraid that he might not be able to control himself. I knew that he was older, but even in the books I have read, some of the older ones can’t control themselves like others, even the new ones, and that thought scared me a little.

“I’m okay Sammie.” He looked down. “I’ve fed recently.” I wasn’t sure how much I liked that he drank blood, but I guess it really didn’t matter what I thought. Though looking at him now, he almost looked ashamed that he was telling me that, like he thought that I would hate him for it, and I felt like I had to reassure him that I didn’t mind it…

Even if I did a little.

“Deric…” I hesitated and he turned away from me.

No, no, no. Lana said and I felt a little bad that he wouldn’t look at me. We aren’t upset with you. I promise! We aren’t upset!

“Lana is right.” He hesitated, but looked at me with a scowl. “We aren’t upset with you.” I touched his cheek again and met his blue eyes. “You can’t change who you are… and I don’t want you to.” His scowl deepened and I moved, shifted, so that I was facing him. He touched my hips and had to look up at me a little as I straddled his hips. I slid my fingers into his hair and stroked it back. He closed his eyes and rested his forehead against my shoulder. It was still sore, but it was healing pretty quickly…

Too quickly…

Which brought up the question…

“Am I like you?” I whispered as I rested my cheek on the top of his head. “A… supernatural?” he sighed and I closed my eyes. “W-will they try… will they try and kill me?” his arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer, which both confused me and comforted me.

“I won’t let them anywhere near you if they do.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and breathed shakily. “No one knows that you are anything or they would have come after long ago, and your brother would never let anything happen to you. If they found out that you knew about us, about supernaturals, they would make you become a hunter, but I won’t let that happen either. Neither will your brother.” I nodded and pulled back to look at him. I made him look at me.

“Promise me…” I whispered. “Promise me… if they come after me… that you will take me away. I don’t care if I have to run the rest of my life, I cannot become a hunter… and I don’t want to die.”

“I would do anything for you.” He breathed and touched my cheek, his other arm staying around me. “I would do anything to keep you safe, no matter what it was. I would run with you forever if I had to. Yes… if they come after you, I will take you away.” I looked at him a moment before I slowly moved my face closer to his. I hesitated before I met his lips with mine, but when I did, I felt him instantly pull me closer.

His and slid behind my neck and he deepened the small kiss. I closed my eyes and slid my fingers through his hair once more. His hand on the back of my neck became a little tighter and I felt him shudder as I felt something poke my lip. Suddenly, he was gone and I was sitting on the giant chair by myself. I breathed hard as I noticed him across the room, his back to me. Even across the room, I could see how tense he was. He was breathing hard and I watched him shake a little.

“D-Deric?” I whispered and slowly stood.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” He whispered. I walked over to him and touched his shoulder. He flinched and moved away and it actually hurt. I didn’t know why it did, why it mattered so much that he looked at me, or what it was drawing me to him, even from the beginning, but I wanted to pursue those promptings, pushes, whatever you wanted to call them. I wanted to get closer and understand him. I didn’t like the feeling of him turning away from me. “I’m… I’m scared I might.”

I was quiet a moment and looked at his back. He was hurting me by not looking at me right now, but I wasn’t going to tell him that.

I sighed and stepped closer to him again. Before he could move away, I wrapped my arms around his waist and pressed my cheek to his back. He tensed again and I was almost sure that he would pull my hands apart and pull away, but I think that it was my next words that stopped him.

“I trust you not to.” I whispered and he breathed shakily. I closed my eyes and felt his hands cover mine. He lased our fingers together and ran his thumbs over my hands. “So… does this mean we are together?” I asked slowly. He chuckled and I smiled as my cheeks burned. I was so glad that he was not facing me as I bit my lip. I love the sound of it. It was…

Well the only way that I could describe it was magical.

Magical? Lana questioned. That’s so corny. it might have been corny, but it was true. Being close to him and kissing him, it was very different than it had been with Andy, and I liked it. I really liked it.

“Do you want it to mean we are together?” he asked lowly. I was quiet. Did he want it to mean that? I knew I wanted it to mean we were together and I was very sure that he knew what I wanted…

But did he want it?

“D-do you want it?” I asked quietly. He was quiet a moment before he let go of my hands, made me let go of him and turned around to face me. He looked at me, watched me, quietly before he moved closer and took my face in his hands. I breathed shakily as he looked at me a moment longer before he lowered his lips to mine. I touched his chest and drew in a shaky breath filled with his minty scent. I closed my eyes as he stroked my cheeks with his thumbs, oh so gently, and then pulled back some. I bit my lip and slowly looked up at him.

“I shouldn’t.” he whispered and wrapped one of his arms around my waist. I looked down with a sigh, but he made me look back at him. “But I do want it.” My breath caught. He did? After everything he said when we met? About me being too young or everything else he said? He wanted to be with me?

I wanted to be with a vampire?

“Y-you do?” I breathed.

“Yeah.” He rested his forehead against mine, “I really shouldn’t, and it could be very dangerous. Tanya will kiss us if she finds out. Ortho… well he won’t very happy at all because of… well, I’ll let him explain that one to you. It’s best it comes from him. Your brother won’t like it at all, because I am a vampire. Andy will want to kill me every second he gets and Terry… I don’t think he is very happy that I am even allowed near you. He doesn’t hate me, but…”

“You’re a vampire.” I sighed and he nodded. I buried my face in his chest.

“Your dad won’t like it much either.” He sighed too. “No one will really like it… but I want to be with you.” He kissed the top of my head. I figured as much—that no one would like it anyway—but I was really glad that he wanted to be with me.

“You should go clean up.” I tensed as I heard Deric’s father behind me. I shook a little and squeezed my eyes shut tightly.

“H-he doesn’t like me.” I mumbled.

“Nope.” Deric’s father flopped down in a chair and I swallowed. “Sadly, I can’t kill you. My son is too attached to you, that and Ortho would not be very happy if you ended up the ground from an even higher window and maybe a knife in your heart for extra measure.” Deric growled and held me closer as I shook harder. “Relax. I won’t do it… but it is fun fanaticizing all the ways I could kill her eventually. Keep in mind boy, she is going to grow old while you live on forever. Not to mention, you will get bored of her, that or she will learn to hate you like a sane human would.”

“I’m not human.” I mumbled.

“Oh, so you have told the little witchling.”

“Not exactly.” Deric said quietly. “Her father is the one who needs to tell her. Not me or Ortho or you.”

“I see.” He said. “You haven’t told her that either.” I scowled. What were they talking about? I don’t think we really want to know right now. Not with him right there to taunt and mock us when we find out more bad news. As right as Lana was, I did want to know what they were talking about.

Still, I said nothing.

“I-I am going to go clean up.” I whispered and pulled back from Deric. I looked at him a moment, contemplating whether or not to kiss him, but decided, as much as I wanted to, I didn’t want to die or anything because Deric’s father hated me. Deric nodded and I turned and gasped when I nearly ran into his father.

“What? No goodbye kiss?” I backed up and wrapped my arms around myself before I moved to go around him. He grabbed my arm and I pulled it away quickly. I didn’t want him to touch me. He laughed humorlessly. Tears filled my eyes as I backed away and then just turned around and ran out of the room. I didn’t want to be in any room that that man was in.

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