Vampire Protection Program

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Ortho looked at me as I stood next to Deric, who was gathering things up that Ortho had told him that he would need for me, and then looked at Deric. He clenched his jaw as Deric looked at me and then at Ortho. I wasn’t sure how much I trusted the warlock, but he had saved my life and had said that he wanted to protect me, so that was a plus I guess. Deric touched my shoulder and I looked back at him.

“You don’t have to be scared of him Sam.” I glanced back at Ortho and then back at Deric. “You have less of a reason to fear him than you do me, and I would never hurt you.”

“But you don’t trust him.” I whispered and he sighed. “So why should I?”

“Sadly,” he touched my cheek and smiled softly. “I only don’t trust him because I know that he just might take you away from me. He won’t hurt you, but he might just take me away from me.” I looked at Ortho and moved closer to Deric. I didn’t want this man to take me away from Deric. I was scared enough as it was, I didn’t want another reason to be scared.

“Thanks Deric.” Muttered Ortho. “Like I need more reasons for her not to trust me.” I swallowed as Deric sighed again. He made me look at him and he leaned down and gently kissed me. His thumb ran over my cheek as he pulled away to look at me. I kept my eyes closed as I breathed shakily. Even just a small kiss was enough to give me weak knees and cause my heart to flutter with excitement.

“You have every reason to trust him Sam. I promise.” I sighed and looked down. I didn’t want to, but number one: he had saved me—even if I didn’t remember how—and number two: Deric said that I could trust him. Deric cupped my face in his hands and kissed my forehead softly. I leaned into him and lay my head against his chest tiredly. I hadn’t slept very well last night in the uncomfortable bed that I had been told I could sleep in. I just wanted the night to end so I could go home and be with my brother. I wanted to be able to go to Scotland and be with my dad and Tanya. I was tired of all of the stuff going on, of getting hurt and pushed around by things I didn’t even understand. I just wanted to leave all of this and forget it when I did.

I wanted to be with Deric—though I knew that as soon as we got there, Deric and I couldn’t be open about it… seeming as my father and step-mother were hunters and might kill my vampire boyfriend—and run my bookstore and be what I wanted to be before all of this drama—whatever that was, I still didn’t know—and finish my schooling, maybe go to college…

I wanted my normal life back and I knew that I never would again. I was going to stuck in this never ending cycle of pain…

I just knew it.

Deric ran his hand over my back and hugged me gently, as if he might break me, before he let go and pulled back to continue gathering the things that I—apparently—needed and half of it, I didn’t even know what it was. It was a bunch of herbs and random trinkets and I think a page out of a spell book—well a copy of it—in some language I was sure that I didn’t know.

I sighed and went over to the couch. I sat down and leaned my head back against the back of the couch. My head was starting to hurt and I felt a little sick.

Ortho had made me take something, some liquid, that looked, smelled and tasted like herbal tea, but I knew it wasn’t. I mean, it was probably herbal tea, just probably not the herbal tea that I was used to drinking when I had a cold.

A hand touched my cheek and then forehead. Slowly, I opened my eyes, knowing it would be Ortho—he was the only one that didn’t feel cold when he touched me—and I tried to just look at him and not flinch away. I really didn’t want to have a warlock touching me, but I also felt a little comfort from his touch, like I did when Dad he hugged me after a long day or when Sebastian just sat with me and ate lunch. I breathed a shaky breath before I closed my eyes again and just sat there.

His hand finally fell away and I ran my hand over my face before I sat up and leaned over and put my elbows on my knees and placing my face in my hands.

Ortho stood a moment later and walked out of the room. I watched the doorway as Deric zipped up the backpack up and looked at me. He came over and sat next to me. I smiled weakly as he placed his hand on my back. He rubbed it soothingly and then made me sit up. He turned me around and I scowled back at him over my shoulder. He smiled a little as he moved my hair out of the way and placed his hands on my shoulders. He started massaging them. I moaned as I bowed my head so he could get at them better. He rubbed his thumbs over the base of my neck and top of my spine. It felt so good as he rubbed out the tension in my muscles. He chuckled and rubbed his hands down my arms and back up before he continued massaging my shoulders.

“You are really good with those hands.” I breathed and then thought about how that sounded. He hands stopped and I could feel my cheeks getting hot as I bit my lip and hesitantly looked back at him. “That’s not what I mean-“ I gushed, but he chuckled and pulled me back some so that he could reach up and touch my cheek and pull my lips to his. When he pulled back to look at me, I looked down and bit my lip again. I looked up thought my eyelashes. He chuckled again and kissed my forehead then pushed me back and started massaging again as Ortho came back in the room. He walked over to me and I looked at him a moment as he held out a little vial of something a kind of blue-green color. I looked at it and then back at him.

“Don’t take it right now, but before you go to bed, just a drop, just one, in a glass of whatever you choose, will help you sleep a full eight hours.” He said and slowly, I took it.

“And what happens if I take more than a drop?” I asked quietly.

“That is very powerful stuff right there and just might put you in a coma if it doesn’t kill you first.” I breathed shakily and looked at the vial in my hand. That really was powerful…

And very deadly.

I didn’t see myself using that very often, if at all, but I would take it just in case. It might come in handy one day. I glanced up at Deric’s father and he caught the action. I smirked a little and he looked at me wide eyed. Would I really do it, probably not, I wasn’t him, but it was fun to see him really think that I would do it. It was very satisfying to know that he was scared that I was thinking about doing it. He looked at Deric and then Ortho and then finally back at me. Ortho chuckled and then looked at Deric.

“Make sure your follow those directions carefully and don’t mess up on them.” He told Deric. “I don’t want to have to follow you just to make sure that you don’t call her. I have things I need to do here before I come out there and check on her.” Deric nodded behind me and then I thought of something.

“Wh-what do I owe you for helping me?” I asked quietly and he looked at me. I pulled away from Deric’s hands and looked up at Ortho fully. He looked at me a moment and then sighed as he looked down. “Nothing comes free.” I whispered.

“You’re right.” He said softly and looked back up at me. “All I want from you is your trust.” I looked at him. There has to be something more that he wanted, and he looked conflicted on whether he was going to say it or not, but must have decided that he wouldn’t ask that of me—whatever it was—and just said, “All I want is for you to trust me and know that I will be there whenever you call. Just say my name and I will know that you need me, do you understand?” slowly, I nodded and he did too. Those green eyes watched me carefully a moment before he looked at Deric again. “You best get her to her father.” Deric looked at me as I looked down and then nodded and stood. He took my hand. “We will be in touch.” Deric pulled me to my feet and pulled me close.

“Come on.” He said and I looked up at him. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back but then something else occurred to me and I grew very worried as I thought about it. “What?” his smile fell as I breathed shakily. “Hey, Sam, what’s wrong?” he grabbed my face and made me look at him. “What is it?”

“Andy.” I mumbled and I pulled away. I bowed my head and wrapped my arms around myself as I turned away. “Damnit Deric. What am I supposed to tell him? I don’t think, ‘oh I’m sorry Andy, I want to be with a vampire instead of a werewolf. It just won’t work out between us because you will find your mate one day anyway’ will work.” He sighed and touched my arms as he walked up behind me. He kissed the back of my neck and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“He most certainly won’t like it.” Deric’s father said and I nodded. “In fact, he might hurt you again-“

“What?” Ortho demanded and I looked up and glared at Deric’s father. He may have hurt me, but I most definitely didn’t want to see my best friend dead. “A werewolf hurt you?” his voice had taken on a “protective father” tone and that seemed very weird for me.

“My father is just trying to start things Ortho.” Deric sighed and kissed the back of my head again before he pulled away and looked at Ortho. “Andy and I got into a… little argument and Sam tried to break us up.” I glanced over at Ortho, who was fuming, and he looked at me.

“Show me.” He ordered. I glanced at Deric, who sighed, but nodded and slowly, helped me out of my jacket. I didn’t look at Ortho, but I heard the angry intake of breath as he saw the markings on my neck. I lifted part of my shirt, not intending to take it off, and Deric caught my wrist. I looked at him and smiled sadly, then looked back down. “They are already scars, when did this happen?”

“About an hour and a half before she was attacked.” I dropped my shirt.

“And she healed that fast?” he questioned. “They had to have been healed long before she got here.”

“Well you did say-“

“If you don’t shut up Dad, I will stake you myself.” I looked at Deric wide eyed as he glared at his father. Deric’s father put up his hands and Deric looked back at me. “What? I’m getting annoyed with my father.” I laughed a little and then looked at Ortho. He looked rather annoyed and angry as well. He sighed and ran his hand through his hair.

“Get her to her father.” Ortho muttered. “I suggest that you keep your distance Lance. I am sure that if you showed up with them, her father would not be very happy and would kill you.” Lance muttered something and walked off somewhere as Deric took my hand. Ortho nodded and then walked off himself. Deric pulled me close and I looked up at him.

“Thought we would never be alone.” He whispered with a small smile as he wrapped his arms around me and dipped his head low and kissed me. I breathed a laugh against his lips and slid one arm around his neck and slid my other hand into his hair. I pushed myself up on my tippy toes and kissed him back as he slid one hand behind my neck. He smiled against my lips and then suddenly, I was on his back.

“Woah!” I gasped and he laughed. He held my thighs and looked back at me. He grinned and I rolled my eyes as he kissed me, then handed me back my jacket. He held me up as I put it on and then I wrapped my arms around his neck. He walked over to the backpack and skillfully grabbed it without even bending down. He handed it back to me and I put it on my back.

“Ready?” he asked and I raised a brow at him. “Whatever happens Sam, I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to protect you.” I smiled sadly now and rested my head on the back of his shoulder. “It’s going to be okay.”

I didn’t know if it would be, but I nodded and he gave a sigh.

“Alright.” He said softly. “Let’s get going.” I nodded again. “Hold on.” I wrapped my legs around his waist, though I knew that he could hold me up and closed my eyes. Suddenly, wind blew around me as he started running.

I clung to Deric as he stood on the front porch of my house and breathed shakily. He held my thighs, waiting for me to be ready to climb off, but I wasn’t really sure I wanted to even try right now.

It wasn’t that I thought it was weird that he moved that fast or that it felt weird that I had been on his back as he did run…

I was just waiting for my body to catch up to where we were.

I might be here a while.

“Sam?” Deric chuckled.

“I’m okay.” I breathed and it made him laugh. I smiled at the sound against in my ear. I still had my head against his shoulder and it made me happy to hear him laugh. It vibrated though me and made me shudder. He stopped I lifted my head off his shoulder.

“You okay?” he asked me softly as the door opened up. We looked up at who came out and saw Terry leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest. He looked at us and then behind him at Andy.

“Yeah.” I sighed and slowly, Deric helped me to the ground.

“You just couldn’t help yourself could you Vampire?” Andy growled as I kept my eyes on the ground. I wrapped my arms around myself and shuddered as the cold started to seep through my jacket. “What did you do? Persuade her to sleep with you?” I looked at Andy startled and he looked at me in disgust. “She reeks of you.”

“Andy.” Terry sighed. “Let it go. You know she didn’t sleep with him. Stop being an ass.”

“How do you know she didn’t sleep with him?” Andy questioned and I flinched.

“I didn’t sleep with him.” I whispered as anger started to well up in me. If Andy was going to act like this, then I was just going to ignore him. I walked in the house and shoved past Andy, but he grabbed my arm. “Let go.” I muttered, giving him the chance to remove his hand willingly. Andy growled and I knew that he wasn’t going to do it. “I said ‘let go’!” I snatched my arm from him and backed away before I turned my back on him and stormed off up the stairs to my room—which I hadn’t been in since the night that I was attacked—I slammed the door and looked around the now clean room and found Lance laying on my bed. “Get out!” I yelled at him. He looked at me with amusement and I started walking toward him as I grabbed the already broken lamp that they had kept—for what, I didn’t know and at this point, didn’t care—and he looked at me as if he weren’t worried. His mistake.

I threw it at him and it hit him in the side. He looked at it and then at me with a venom that I matched with my hatred toward him. He got up and started toward me. He grabbed my neck and slammed me against the wall. He didn’t squeeze, but I grabbed his wrist and glared at him. His fangs slid out and his eyes turned black as he looked at me.

“What are you going to do now?” he hissed at me. “No one is here to protect you now that you are alone.

“Deric!” I yelled and he smirked as I just looked at him. He didn’t think I had anything other than having Deric “come save me” but I did. He laughed and in his distraction, I kneed him where the sun don’t shine. He groaned and fell to his knees, his hand leaving my neck, and I just grabbed his head and twisted. He fell to the floor with a thump as the door opened and Deric looked at me, then his father with horror.

Really, it should have upset me that I just snapped Deric’s father’s neck, but right now, I was just too angry. Besides, he would be back later.

I sighed and looked down.

“Sorry.” I mumbled. He just looked at me and then his father and then back at me as Terry and Andy rushed up.

“What’s going on?” Sebastian pushed his way through the men as Andy just started laughing at what I had just done. “Sam!” I flinched at my name. He rushed over to me and grabbed my face in my face in his hands. “Are you okay?” I nodded “Are you sure? Did he hurt you?” I shook my head and he scowled. I pulled away and went over to my bed. I started picking up the glass pieces of the lamp and then took them to my trashcan. I grabbed the blanket and tore it off of the bed and shook it out so that there wasn’t any more glass in it, then went to my closet and grabbed the broom that I kept in my closet so that I wouldn’t have to go downstairs and get one and them come back up and clean. I swept up the glass and then dumped it in the trash can. When I was done with that, with the boys still watching, I grabbed my trashcan and moved toward my door. The boys, with somber looks now, let me pass as I went into the hall and downstairs again then outside to dump the glass into the dumpster. I walked back into the house, closed and locked the door and stopped as I saw someone sitting in the chair by the burning fire—that hadn’t been there when we got here—in the fireplace.

“Who are you?” I questioned and he looked up at me from the paper that he was looking at. His green eyes glowed with humor as he smiled at me.

“Be a dear and fetch Deric for me.” He told me in an accent, maybe Scottish, and I raised my brow at him. “Tell him that it is his friend Drew that wishes to see him.” I just looked at him. He sighed. He stood up and set the paper down, then swept a bow at me. “Drew Greyson.” He said.

“And what are you Drew Greyson?” I asked, knowing that he was too… perfect to be human.

“Shifter.” I nodded.

“How do I know that you are the real Drew Greyson if I have not met you?” I questioned. He laughed a little and smiled at me. He pulled something out of his pocket and tossed it to me. I caught it and looked at him a moment and then at the thing he threw at me. I scowled and turned the silver pocket watch over in my hand. “He gave me that. He’ll know it.” I looked at him a moment and then nodded.

“Come.” I told him and started back up the steps. He followed me up to my room where the boys were all still standing there. I walked over to Deric and gave him the watch. He looked at it and then at Drew Greyson.

“Did… I come at a bad time?” Drew questioned as he looked down at Deric’s father still laying on the floor. “I mean… I’m sure he deserved it somehow, but still…”

“Does throwing me out a window count?” I muttered and placed my trashcan back where it was. I looked at my bed, which Andy was laying on now, and found that he had made it up. I sighed and sat down. He touched my arm, but I pulled away, still a little annoyed with him too. He sighed as I took off my jacket, and then I was suddenly under him. He hovered over me with a smirk as I stared, wide eyed, up at him.

“I’m sorry.” He murmured and I sighed. His smirk fell as he looked at me. “Full moon is tomorrow night and it’s hard right now. I don’t want to hurt you…” I sighed now and closed my eyes. He placed his forehead against mine.

“If you let that mutt kiss your girlfriend Deric, you are sure to have problems in your relationship.” Andy growled and pulled away as I groaned at Lance’s voice. I really hated him.

“What do I have to do to get that piece of shit to shut up!” I growled myself.

“Kill me instead of paralyze me.” I clenched my jaw and looked up at Andy, who looked very angry now as he looked down at me. I clenched my jaw and pushed him off. Andy grabbed me and before I could do anything, pulled me into his lap and kissed me. He was angry, very angry, and I was almost afraid to, but I pushed myself away with a cry.

“Stop it!” I yelled, not even really sure who I was telling to stop. I just wanted them all to stop. “Damnit!” I turned around and ran my hand through my hair. I was so tired right now. “I need a shower.” I mumbled and walked toward my bathroom door. I walked in and closed the door behind me, then put my back to it. I sighed shakily and then just slid down the door. Tears filled my eyes and then I just started to sob.

I just wanted to go back to my dad.

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